E. Jean Carroll asks judge to amend lawsuit to seek further damages against Trump

E. Jean Carroll has asked a judge to amend her initial defamation case against former President Donald Trump to seek additional punitive damages after he repeated his statements at a CNN town hall. CNN’s panel of experts weighs in. #CNN #News


    1. Good! Hopefully the judge agrees. This fool needs to stop lying. Adolescent in an adult body. Same goes for his supporters.

  1. Future headline : “Trump agrees to pay civil fine , but the check bounces.”

      “SEND” THEM???

  2. Trump : “Want to see me make myself liable?”

    Also Trump : “Want to see me do it again?”

    1. Good! Hopefully the judge agrees. This fool needs to stop lying. Adolescent in an adult body. Same goes for his supporters.

  3. There are very few sure things in this world, but Trump not being able to keep his pie hole shut is one of them.

    1. He should be in a mental asylum but soon he may be President again running the biggest asylum in the world… America.

    1. This’ll definitely get him taking again 😂 he can’t help himself and he is too stupid to realize what’s going on.

    2. ​@jspur22 yall?

      And clearly not since he’s in the white house… oh wait. He isn’t.

  4. ALL 26 ACCUSERS should give their testimony in this round.

    Damages needs to be $5 Million TIMES each of the women he assaulted /raped. And then the suggestion would be for E Jean to distribute the cash to victims.

  5. I love that he does not learn his lesson. She deserves to take him for what he has. Imagine how many times she can take him to court.🤣 People who interview him should mention E. Jean🤣 to keep it going.

  6. Good for her! The man is such a bully, he deserves to be held truly accountable for his lues.

    1. Oh boo hoo. I hope someone accuses you 30 years later with zero proof trying to ruin your life for clout.

    2. Agreed. I hope she will ask the judge to penalize him $US 10 million per sentence Trump had offended her with. 💰💰💰

  7. Jury needs to award punitive damages of 200M to 1B in order to make sure he does not continue to defame her. The fine must be large enough to provide sufficient disincentive. 10M is a speeding ticket as he uses his grifted money to pay the bills.

    1. @sal ortiz Different rules apply for satire in regards to public figures. Different rules do NOT apply for defamation.

  8. The judge on the prior defamation suit should just quintuple the damages awarded by the jury.

    $25,000,000. No trial required.

    1. Really then how about her getting sued for Defamation for claiming rape and then back walking it later on???!?! Swear this platform attracts insane people

  9. Rich or poor, if you are found liable, your fines should be based on a percentage of your wealth, otherwise the fines end up being insignificant to the rich.

  10. He’s his own worst enemy and his never ending lies are starting to catch up on him. Thoughts and prayers.

  11. Trump should be forced to wear a shock collar. Every time he lies he should be shocked . The way he lies , he would be getting shocked every second.

    1. Some lithium ion D-Cells and 12 gauge electrical wire and alligator clips tastefully placed where they’ll dial in the best performance.

  12. I believe to make him stop slandering her. The jury this time should reward her at least 10% of what he claims he’s worth. He feels he shouldn’t be held responsible for any crime.

    1. MrMar:
      How about ALL?
      DJT espouses HE is
      from ANY Laws in our country.
      Well, HE will soon learn the very hard lesson in
      to those laws; whether he likes it or not!
      E. Jean Carroll, keep putting more
      pressure on the ‘Creamsicle
      you’ve certainly earned that

  13. I love this woman. What a simple solution instead of going for another trial. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

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