Elon Musk mocks shirts he found in Twitter’s building. See Don Lemon’s response

Elon Musk tweeted a video mocking a Twitter closet full of "#StayWoke" apparel. In a since deleted tweet, Musk called the "hands up, don't shoot" movement "fiction." CNN's Don Lemon lays out the facts behind the social justice movement. #CNN #News


    1. In spite of all the radical leftist, woke cultist nonsense… Yes, I hope we can have a happy thanksgiving…

      At least for those of us who can still afford to do so, in spite of the DNC induced worst inflation in 40 years. Or, the normalized mob violence which has skyrocketed crime.. Can’t even escape the dystopia, as they’ve also skyrocketed gas prices…. Stock market crashing, etc. etc. etc…

      Yes… ‘Happy’ Thanksgiving.

    1. @aarqa I believe in personal liberty and freedom of thought. That is the cornerstone of tolerance. Tolerance goes hand in hand with being an American. That said, not everyone deserves to be tolerated. Murderers, pedophiles, authoritarians etc.

    2. @aarqa You don’t see tish. You don’t understand what you are fighting for, or against. Probably to you, everyone’s a bigot that must be controlled. The woke mind virus has destroyed your perception of reality. Your world view is built on straw-men and void of nuance.

    3. @CaliTXman Well as long as you’re not a policeman who treats black people different than others then you can have that liberty and freedom and not run afoul of the woke movement.

    1. @granola funk I am an electronics technician with prior military experience and I have worked for numerous major companies including Sony Manufacturing, Fairbanks Scales, and KCI. I was fired from 14 jobs for PTSD-related incidents/symptoms (from serving in Iraq) before I was approved for disability. I know how the process of getting fired works in a technical field.

  1. This reminds of the time CNN went after Joe Rogan during covid and they all got demoted 😂 hope they get fired after this trash

  2. Don Lemon can’t help himself. He still thinks he is hosting his own show. He talks over his co-hosts as if he’s still hosting his own show. This morning show is horrible.

    1. @Jack Nicolssen After all Republican party could learn from NH and Utah. Texas and Florida scored poorly on healthcare and education whole california and NY are dead last out of all states in Economy category. Lead by actions makes voters more loyal and that’s one category Democrat party are struggling on.

    2. @The Dissident Leftist it does but you have to understand, a lot of us conservatives come here to see what kind of nonsense they are spewing. We already agree with Fox News so there’s no sense in going over there.

    3. @Dead Reckoning To us a lot of conservates loves spewing nonsense as well too. Only Democrat politicans and MSM rivals far rightists.

    4. @Dead ReckoningAfter all both parties is full of idiots obsessed with the 4 states – California, Florida, NY, and Texas when the best path to victory at national stage is to get your state to the top of best states to live in. The more you meets all the basic requirements, the more loyal and dependable your voters are instead of culture wars nonsense that is destroying states.

    1. they are not lazy, they work hard shilling for the Democrat party, the narrative is more important than making more money, as long as they make money and run propaganda for the Dems that is whats is important, have you noticed the lefty media all run with the same buzz words at the same time, its like a memo goes out to repeat a certain phrase, and smash it across the media, repeating the same lines no matter which channel you watch, it makes people think if they are all saying the same thing it must be true. CNN now however have been taken over and the owners now want to make money over narrative, same as twitter, thats 2 massive losses for the left.

  3. Oh please, “stay #woke” has been used in a plethora of liberal “issues” not just anecdotal instances of police brutality. Twitter is a tech company, and can finally act like a tech company. Shoutout to Elon for firing fact checkers and hiring actual software engineers.

    Ex-contract employees are crying about not receiving severance pay well guess what – contract employees don’t get severance pay in almost any industry. Contract employees are “self-employed” for tax purposes

    1. ‘Woke’, is a divisive, intolerant, radicalized, racist, sexist, cult.

      Simple as that… Anyone who identifies with the woke cult, is all of the above.

  4. So this is just another example how we know Twitter moderators censored conservative voices.

  5. As someone who has followed Elon for over 12yrs now, I always find it a bit humorous when I read/hear how others (CNN and guests) always think they know better than Elon Musk.
    Sad to say that is what one comes to expect from Don and his guests. Sad.

    1. @Mac Mcleod, Howard Hughes had intelligence, Elon Musk’s intelligence is a fabrication, made up by Elon Musk.

    2. @Mac Mcleod, I disagree about the “clear that Musk is highly intelligent part”. If you look under the covers you find a series of self-promotion always wanting to be in the limelight and taking credit for the accomplishments of partners or subordinates. Elon Musk is an Elon Musk marketing machine, he constantly promise spectacular things and when he fails to deliver, he just moves on and promise something more spectacular, IE, the next shiny object.

      Suddenly there are no grand promises being made about the imminent success of Tesla’s FSD, he has moved on to Tesla Bot the launch of which is imminent if you listen to Elon Musk. Ever wonder why the head of Tesla’s FSD program always leaves ? The man is all “marketing” and no substance, from one grand promise to the next.

      It just goes on and on. I think there is a good chance of the whole hyped Musk pyramid crashing down, unless there is a shareholder revolt at some point forcing his removing from decision-making at Tesla.

    3. @Trevor Henriques Musk has dual bachelors from UoP which requires a 1570 SAT score for admission. He’s smart.

      The issue isn’t intelligence. It’s hubris or self rationalizing.

    4. @Mac Mcleod, You seem to think that test scores and qualifications equals smart. Smart equals not saying stupid things like, “we will make the Tesla Bot so that a less than average person could easily overpower it, so there is no danger of it causing harm”. THAT IS STUPID, a sufficiently advance android would not need to use physical force to kill. It could just put antifreeze in your coffee or your soda. Smart means not stupidly signing binding agreement to buy a company just because he was trolling for attention on social media and got out in front of his skis trying impress his fans. Smart means not moving into said company and arbitrarily firing 50% of the staff before ascertaining who among them were vital to keeping the company running, not having to beg some of them to come back less than three days later. I could go on and on.

      Elon Musk is blowing up the myth of the genius Elon Musk in full view of the entire world, a myth created by, Elon Musk.

      I am done with this, have a good night.

    1. @Comment Bellow not cnn. I’ll tell you that much. If you get your news from cnn, you’re just as misinformed as a fox viewer.

      Try getting your information from source material. If the issue is an unwinding police related matter, get your info from the police report. If it’s political, listen to the senate hearings and congressional meetings. Don’t settle for the narrative, get the actual info before making your decision about something. I promise once you do, you’ll never look at cnn the same way again.

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