Ex-CIA director reacts to Taylor Greene’s defense of alleged Pentagon leaker

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta reacts to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's defense of the national guardsman who posted classified documents online, calling the congresswoman's comments "grossly irresponsible."
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  1. Margarine Tater Green Bean having a seat in Congress, is like a Flat Earther having a job at NASA. 🙄

    1. . *If you make a sandwich because you are hungry, you must eat it to resolve that hunger.*

      I only posted that to be part of the group.

  2. Marjorie Taylor Greene is mad because every time she walks into a girl’s bathroom someone screams out, “hey, Dog the Bounty Hunter this is a ladies room dude!”.😠

    1. @The Lemon Transphobic? Not really, if you’re explaining how someone looks to you, it’s simply an observation not a trans phobic comment.

    1. America is either a nation of law and order or it is not. It is highly questionable whether a country which appears genuinely worried about the security of the lives of its children surviving a regular school day without the fear of being killed by gunshot qualifies as a nation safe under the rule of law.

    2. If Biden needed over 25,000 ARMY troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day,than it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people🤣🤣🤣💀.

  3. This case needs to be investigated further to see whether there are more people who were involved in this violation by urging him to carry out this leak.

    1. @Deborah Mulkey ah, the refreshing enlightened and inclusive liberal is a beautiful thing to behold.

  4. In 1980 when I joined the Navy, 100’s of 19 and 20 year olds had top secret and higher clearances. I worked on a “secret” base. They had all kinds of information available to them.

  5. There is no reason this kid should have access to highly sensitive documents as Leon Panetta just mentioned. The FBI needs to do some reviewing and possibly overhauling. We CANNOT afford to make mistakes like this. The American people are not going to feel safe when they hear about this. I don’t feel safe. Someone is NOT PAYING ATTENTION AND KIDS SUCH AS THIS YOUNG MAN SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT HAVE ACCESS. I WONDER HOW MANY OF THESE KIDS ARE ABLE TO GET THEIR HANDS ON THESE DOCS. HE IS 21 years old. He hasn’t lived life yet.

    1. @Brett Rudman It baffles me how many people don’t understand that it is not at all unusual for people his age to have security clearances. Background checks won’t find anything if you don’t have a past record. And a clean past doesn’t do anything to assure future compliance with the laws. It’s like people think that if only we had looked harder we could have stopped this. Sure… there are measures we could put in place, but by and large it isn’t a big problem until some little moron comes along and screws it up.

    2. ​@Soramitsu your absolutely right. The only way to completely stop incidents like this is to be able to predict 💯 what decision an individual will make in the future. And that’s impossible.
      Background checks, screening etc are necessary, but it’s definitely not foolproof. People change. An otherwise good or trustworthy person can change in the blink of an eye, for many reasons, into someone who’s not.

    3. His commander probably gave him his authorization password to print secret docs out of laziness. George Costanza wouldn’t even give his pincode to Jerry. George is a Patriot😅😊

  6. Maybe a whole lot less handing out security clearances , and a whole lot more checking of credentials and personal historys

    1. @lqr824 nope, personal integrity is key…but believe what you want, lol. It helps weed out the weak ones.

    2. Do you speak from a positive of knowledge or is this your ignorance? No one is “handing out security clearances”.

  7. Our security agencies should be able to refuse security clearances to anyone, even members of Congress and son-in-laws working in the White House.

  8. With 1.5 million people in the US currently holding the top-secret/highest level security clearance just like the leaker, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

    1. @Natividad Nolasco Rank has nothing to do with it. This is A1C Teixera’s act and not a systemic problem with the system.

  9. If someone wanted to leak info and shield themselves from responsibility, finding a dumbass entry level employee and helping him stumble across it, would be a great arrangement.

    1. @The Rock I’m aware that O sound paranoid. I’m just shocked that someone with his online presence was allowed anywhere near sensitive information.

    2. @John Mclaughlin  that is a good idea. Restrict military from certain social media while they are serving. It isn’t a 2nd Amendment violation. It is an employment violation. Meaning they can post but they will be terminated.

    3. @The Rock I’m not necessarily saying restrict them once they’re hired. I’m more so saying don’t give online dumb dumbs critical jobs in the first place. I ,for instance, should not get any type of clearance based on my YouTube comments. 🤣

  10. What 3names obviously doesn’t understand, due to repeated stupidity and complete lack of intelligence, is that the release of information like this puts people on the ground at risk and puts allied countries’ security at risk also.
    And this is a congresswoman who has access to US information? She’s already blurted stuff out before. And as an aside, she perjured herself on the stand!
    I actually do 3names a disservice….she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing!! Get her off committees, get her OUT! She took an oath twice and has disrespected that oath both times!

  11. One last thing on this case… Important Rule of Thumb: Whether it is about government secrets or your private ones, the more people know about it, the higher the risk of a leakage! The less folks know about it the better! And ofcourse the best case scenario when you are the only one who knows about a secret and you keep your mouth always shut to make your enemies and adversaries always guessing what you may know or not know. At least that’s how intelligence is supposed to work.

    1. Or don’t leak classified info. That young man’s life and career is probably done and for what , clout on discord.

  12. Trust is the greatest shortcut for getting things done. Once trust is violated, it is most difficult, if not impossible to restore.

    1. Guantanamo Bay, where individuals were held indefinitely, without charge, while simultaneously being tortured by the CIA for years.

  13. When presidents and politicians mishandle classified info and claim it is “no big deal”, this attitude filters down to all levels of the organization.

  14. When you’re a bully of the world, you have no friends, period. You have to buy friends and make believe you’re loved. If so many lies are told to the people, eventually lies fight to be exposed.

  15. Panetta said there are literally thousands of people with access to top secret info that shouldn’t have that access. Well that’s reassuring. One problem with limiting access is that some top secret stuff is about the bad stuff the military does, and that stuff is generally exposed by lower level personnel.

  16. You must ask, did the guy obtain the information himself or was he helped along, regardless of what helped along is. W/O a doubt, it’s very apparent that our national security needs a lot of revamping. This is not the only issue that is currently taking place.

  17. It’s not just the shootings that are shocking, it’s the response to this phenomenon or lack of response that is more shocking !! 🇨🇦

  18. What needs to be also “looked at very seriously” is not just who has access to classified documents but what is revealed by these documents. You cannot jail a young man but have our top officials blow up pipelines or start WW3 with full impunity. That was the subject of Ms. Taylor Greene remarks. If the US kept to what is legal, we would not be embarrassed and there would be no real damage to our credibility. We have expectations from those representing us to not act like mafia gangsters. Lead by example!

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