1. He also needs to defend homosexual special rights.
      Mexicans will never forgive until he does this.

  1. lets have 10 debate matches between Tucker and Jon Stewart of course we know Jon would win every time using truth reason and intellect😊

  2. I stoped with Tucker when he står showing his support for Russian 😢😢😢😢😢 They have been and they are a Murderer of innocent people.

    1. When I started hearing classic Russian propaganda on the show, I still tuned in but put my skeptic hat on.

    2. Is it possible to be against a war with Russia while also recognizing that Putin is not Gandhi? Is it also possible that some US citizens are pathologically obsessed with an out-of-date Cold War mentality?

    3. @Zach Gates you have a cold war leader as president in Russia. It makes sense to view them this way. You also have communism alive and well in China. I’ll gladly take a neo cold war view.

    1. If it wasn’t so pathetic and sad it would almost be laughable that the left wing is now so thoroughly comprised of lemmings that when you thoroughly reverse your position on an issue you are so devoid of awareness that yoy fail to even grasp that you have and you come to it with no greater understanding than you had when you were on the other side.

      For example, I recognize that my take on foreign relations is very different today than it was 25 years ago and I can explain exactly how it has changed. I still very much believe in peace through strength so I would hardly classify myself as “anti-war,” but I am far more skeptical about the positions we are taking on these issues. I haven’t changed my view simply because some of the party’s leadership has changed their states position but because i no longer believe that most of those who hold a position of power in this country came to those positions with an unflinching desire to see this country prosper, because our country is in a different position now than it was 50 years ago and because history has proven that mindset to be wrong. It has nothing to do with becoming more or less conservative and everything to do with the success trump proved could be possible by marrying military strength and preparedness with a strong commitment to staying out of any military action that that will not leave us stronger for it after the fact. Killing solemani, quickly and decisively wiping isis off the geographical map, rebuilding all for ur branches of our military, gaining control of our borders, requiring our nato Allies to pay their fair share, and showing the we had the capacity and the will to enforce a chemical weapons ban could hardly be categorized as acts of pacifism, but because trump favored maneuvers that were effective and limited in scope, he was able to become the first president in modern history, not to take this country into any new wars. Where we saw ideological leaders like Carlson rethink their stance towards these types of issues in a careful and thoughtful way, democrats were also shifting their positions, but not based on logic or history or considered thinking, but due to a irrational hatred for all things related to Trump. If he was going to forgo war, you guys are going to embrace it. I never thought I would live to see the day when I would could have imagined any leaser trying to make the case that peace deals were somehow irrelevant or that you guys would back out r country openly targeting another nations infrastructure without a formal act of war.

    2. @Snow White Punctuation exists. If you think your thoughts are so important that you publish them, albeit anonymously, proper sentence structure will get more people to read them.

  3. It’s not the end for Tucker Carlson, but it is the end of the good times. He’s in for some lawsuits like this friend Alex Jones and the stupid pillow guy.

    1. @m jor Fox news ratings send Tucker Carlson left 🤣🤣 they’re still number one but with about 800,000 less people

    2. Can’t speak of Jones, but I admire Pillow Guy – he came from the bottom and rescued himself , found a way to lift himself and still gives back. Darns to say what he really believes whether considered wrong or right.

    1. @Pepe the Frog I’m saying it’s not possible that Trump didn’t win in 2016. About that bet ……. 🙂

    1. @Night Diecast Reviews he did not make 35 million a year he made 8 million a year. His net worth because of his trust fund fortune, etc is more than likely in the hundreds of millions!

  4. It has been leaked that Tucker is facing individual legal jeopardy for his role, and that’s why FOX canned him.

    “Tucker Carlson, he’s going to go through a few things.”

  5. Problem for Tucker would be the next time he defames someone he won’t have Fox to cover the costs.

    1. except it’s a lot harder to successfully sue an individual for defamation than a public media company hence why nobody even tries unless they have an admission of guilt

    2. @Richard Thomas  there is more then enough proof out there, mate. Wake up and stop fighting each other about this. Ignorance is NOT bliss in this situation. Don’t be so myopic.

    3. ​@Имя terrific. Just terrific my across the world neighbor. Even my friends over the Atlantic understand the quarrels of my country.

  6. When advised that it might be a really bad idea to fire Tucker Carlson, Fox News said “Hold my Bud Light”

    1. @WTI I don’t have data, but it seems that they were losing money from ‘blue chip advertisers’ that steered clear of his craziness 🤡.

    1. Tucker has nearly 25% of Fox’s ad revenue! With 25% of Fox’s ad revenue Tucker can buy CNN, MSDNC & have enough spare change for CBS! ❤️🙏

    2. @LoireValleyChateau what are you talking about? Tucker Carlson had the worst ad revenue on fox. All of the other fox shows ad revenue had to make up for the lack of them on his show. Most normal companies refused to have their ads run on his time slot because they didn’t want their company accociated with his racism. My pillow guy was his biggest advertiser lol

  7. Tucker Obi-Wan Carlson “If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”

  8. He seemed embarrassed when she said he’d worked at fox for so many years. That laugh was nervous as anything.

  9. Tucker is a real American guy, who is not afraid to tell the true. A hero! I hope the other media has someone like him.

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