1. Russian failure in Ukraine has shown once and for all that when it comes to fighting “near-peer” militaries, it’s more about having a network of strategic allies, not your own military’s strength.

    1. @masakiton guba  Comrade, NATO countries has pledged about 0.3% of their defense budgets to Ukraine. The given aid is mostly old gear, easily 10 to 20 years old equipment on average. And still, ruZZia is taking a beating. The credit goes to Ukrainian defense for bravely resisisting the ruZZian onslaught.

      We are approaching day 365 of your 3 day speZial Operation. How on earth you think things are going well for you? To the rest of the world, ruZZian military machine has been exposed to be a paper tiger. That’s what rampant corruption does to a country. It is called kleptocracy. If ruZZia had chosen democracy, what a wonderful nation you could have been. Instead, time after time, you choose to follow these autocratic strongmans like Poo-Tin, who set their sights for conquest. This does not work in the 21st century anymore.

      You Z boys really are licing in an imaginary fairytale land. Unfortunately, the rest of the World has to witness their horrible atrocities daily. Putin will never be able to join the rest of civilized words, as he has to look over his shoulders.

      And strange that you mentioned Afghanistan? Do you not remember what happened in the 1980s? One of the contributing factors for the fall of the Soviet Union was the war in Afghanistan. Now you are again repeating the same mistake by invading your neighbor, which does not want to be part of you. This time, taking a much bigger beating.

    2. @Autistic Fieldmarshall You got the history wrong there. The borders of Ukraine are the borders of the state that joined the USSR in Lenin’s time. What changed under Stalin was the compositionof the population in eastern Ukraine, with many Ukrai ians straving to death and many non-Ukrainians getting moved in.

    3. @Prevjeet 99 Russia is known specifically for its inability to adapt to battlefield conditions. The entire leadership core is very centralized at the top, which means adapting to maneuver warfare is basically impossible for a battalion tactical group. This war is over, Russia lost. But like somebody who has a tumor in their brain, it’s not widely known yet.

  2. I have been in the military for 7 years – first an enlisted motor vehicle operator, now a finance officer. The first taught me the importance of preventative maintenance, the second taught me the the value of stringent checks and balances, governed by law and ethics. In both areas, future training programs should cite the recent Russian failures as what not to do. Bravo Ukraine.

    1. everybody is coming in the comment section bragging about how awesome they are and they served and they are heroes, but what’s the point of this BS ? if you’re not going to go there in the middle of war and help with a real action then it’s best for you to be silent! .

    2. @Sleepy Joe troll give over. You gonna end up soon on the front line yourself. Get ready. Bring the plastic bag

  3. It’s extremely odd seeing Russia, the one unique country we civilians were told are supposed to be on the same level/have been competing with for the past 80+ years tirelessly expanding and developing our own military to counter for, is struggling so terribly just on basic military tasks regardless of invasion status.

    1. @Mizmirli  false. You just haven’t been paying attention and all your info comes from Neo Con Think tanks and MIC funded media. No wonder you’re so clueless.

      Y’all ever find them WMDs?

    2. @paper boy… I’m guessing you are American!
      News flash… having a bigger military budget doesn’t mean you have superior capability in all areas! Sure if you want to project all over the world then you need a bigger budget but that budget is stretched out over all the theatres you are involved in, you are not necessarily superior in any particular theatre.
      How does the budget of Afghanistan compare to that of the US? Who won that war?
      The politicians are not going to tell you the truth. The Us military knows that they cannot win this war but that is not the point, the actual aim is something different!
      Wise up!!! Follow the money!!!

    3. Americans are done with Ukraine there losing and seem to be weak compared to Russia, Biden has made America poor and weak trying to support these losers. America 1st

    4. @roberto lang won all of them? It took Russia almost 20 yrs. to subdue Chechnya, Georgians almost gave you a run for money AND it’s most humiliating loss was Afghanistan… As soon as they strolled through the front door they got griefed right of the bat by dudes with Stingers and sandals. 😂😂 ALL TALK considering their operations in Ukraine.

  4. Not sure why they are not mentioning the GLSDB – Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb. Politico reports that it will probably be in the most recent assistance package. It has a range of about 90 miles – twice that of the HIMARS rockets Ukraine is currently using, but not as far as ATACMS (190 miles). If there is anything is a game changer, that’s it.

    1. @Johan Stinson Yep, the “proof” that the Russians have show, are stuff like a truck on the 2nd floor of a 3 story building (don’t ask how it got there) a truck, logs. Oryx has been tracking Ukrainian and Russian losses, none of the M142’s or their support vehicles have been confirmed to be lost

  5. Forget the Strykers, Bradly’s, and Leopard tanks. The one true “game-changer” in this new aid package is the GLSDBs. Its a type of missile/guided bomb that can be launched easily out of a HIMARs. The effective range of the HIMARs is practically doubled. That will be the real game changer in this conflict (not tanks, or vehicles). Not to mention the accuracy is about doubled as well. We are talking about 3 meters of accuracy vs 6.

    1. @Julian Emperor but the Vietnamese and Afghans are *real* fighters. Not the cowardly war criminals that the Russians are.

    2. @Craig Steddy and your mama was working down town when Ivan paid her for s .e . x with his dog and now we have you

    3. @Julian Emperor at the rate the Russian military threw away lives of Russian soldiers for a few square kilometers of land
      in the tiny, militarily insignificant town of Soledar
      every Russian man at or near military age will be sacrificed
      by the Russian military long before the
      Russians take all the territory in a country the size of Ukraine.

      But if Putin and the Russian military want to dramatically
      accelerate the demographic collapse of the Russian people
      by having all its military aged men killed by Ukrainian soldiers
      then I think that Ukraine is willing to cooperate with that
      perverse Russian plan to destroy itself.

    4. @Geoff Lepper : I am not a Russian but i support Russia 🇷🇺 as i has followed the matter from 2014 when it started ! And all i want to say to you is that if you believe what you said to me you are very misled and should stop watching CNN and the western propaganda channels ! The truth is very different to your perspective

  6. The Stryker will be a great addition, but I agree that the M1 tank might not be. Every vehicle on that battlefield uses diesel or gasoline and Ukraine has the logistics to get those to the front. But the M1 needs JP5 – jet fuel. Not only is Ukraine not well stocked with that, it would require a 3rd potential logistical failure point. Give them tanks that run on the fuels they are already well set up to deliver reliably. Also, great as it is, the M1 is a fuel hog.

    1. @Thoms Booth “Save the JP5 for the jets.”
      But, *which jets on Ukraine?*
      So USA won’t send M2 Abrams *instead will send fighter jets to Ukraine?*
      Should decide this Friday in Rammstein, deliver soon same timeframe of Leopard 2.

      Send F16, a10 warthog and attack helicopters.

    2. @Adam Morrissey
      They won’t work well or last long if you do that. Alcohol tends to be corrosive, and diesel gums up the fuel system. Not sure about gasoline, but I assume there is a reason we never use it.

    3. @Pat Doyle  Agreed. So many other reasons they don’t suit too. But if it convinces Germany to step up, it’s worth it.

    4. @Adam Morrissey Great of you to point this out. I’ve been thinking it’s a choice between diesel or JP-4, completely forgetting that turbines will run on just about anything volatile. I’m sure many other people are as forgetful as I am. Or simply not aware of the fuel/engine characteristics.

  7. I remember seeing convoy after convoy on the highways, and 10-minute stops at railroad crossings while “forever trains”, each with flatcars carrying 2/ea Strykers, on the way to the Gulf War I & II buildups. I saw hundreds, way more than a thousand. I’m sure there a quite a few on hand from the end of logistical operations in our latest forays. Turn them over to the Ukrainians – NOW!!

  8. a lot of respect for Pres. Poroshenko, along with Pres. Zelenskyy & Mayor Klitschko, for standing firm at the capital when 💩 Pootin’s Orcs were trying to overrun the city… the Orcs FAILED!!! Stay Strong Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇩🇪

    1. @Eric P You got that back to front. The US had great doubts that Ukraine would fight, especially after watching the Afghan army melt away. So it tried to encourage Kyiv to compromise. That’s why Zelensky refused to believe the US’s warnings that a major invasion was about to be launched, he thoughtit was just part of that pressure. It was after the Russian defeats on their way to Kyiv that the US saw that backing Ukraine was a way of weakening Russia. The US wants not to have to put much effort into protecting its allies in Europe because it feels much more threatenened in east Asia.

    2. Orcs is a racial slur that Ukrainains use against Russians of Asian heritage. Congrats, now you’re a racist too.

      Go read Poroshenkos comments about how ethnic Russians are subhuman and how he wants their children to live in bunkers lile rats.

      Yeah, what a hero

  9. The US needs to have a main battle tank specifically designed for export to allied countries that can be much more easily integrated into existing lines of communication capabilities and maintenance protocols. Germany would not like this because it means a direct competitor to its own Leopard tanks but, the problems in cooperation with Germany in the face of the threat to Europe and NATO that Russia has created with their invasion of Ukraine creates such a necessity. Neither Germany nor the US want to become competitors in this space so I’m wondering what Germany is asking for in return for cooperation before ultimately agreeing to allow the Leopard to be sent to Ukraine.

    1. @sky♡ 🙄 Kindly point out where I’m giving “the greatest military on Earth,” advice anywhere in my discussion firmly rooted in the realm of geopolitics. On a side note, why do you feel the need for the hyperbolic and overt virtue signaling?

    2. @Robert Klimczak I hadn’t considered that. Interesting point. I wonder how easily the K2 tank would integrate with existing NATO systems and doctrine. It’s also interesting that Poland is loading up with Abrams tanks instead of German Leopards. I wonder what. that decision process involved to reach the conclusion to buy Abrams.

    3. Yea they need to make a tank with a lower profile and far less weight.

      Something like the t90 or Armata tank would be perfect for under developed battlefields like in the ukriane.

      Unfortunately Abrams is tall, heavy, highly technical machine that needs constant maintenance and upkeep.

      Same with Bradley and Stryker, they’re very capable but also stand out like a sore thumb on flat land.

      The BMP2/3 is what they should be modeling the next generation after, namely its dimensions and weight characteristics.

    4. @Casimir III I’m not deeply knowledgable about tanks. I’ve read that most of the bridges in rural Ukraine couldn’t handle the weight of an Abrams. What you are saying makes a lot of sense and, as does the US increasing it’s commitment to a strategic investment in a class of weapons systems designed with integration and interoperability with our own primary systems as well as those of allied nation’s existing weapons systems architecture and capabilities.

  10. Imagine waging a war on a country and targeting civilians and then complaining that the attacked country is retaliating by striking at military targets only.
    On the other hand, all Russian drones are made by the Islamic Republic, as well as many weapons of mass destruction used in Ukraine

    1. @mafarmerga  I hope so too. Of course they’ll have to get in line behind the Americans, Brits and French


    3. @MrThartofwar And that is why we beat them to it by sanctioning their export and imports.
      And also moving ahead with our green replacement, extending the life of coal plants and reopning nuclear plants.
      Russia did a selfown, and it’s pretty hilarious if you ask me.

  11. Wow. Amazing news. I was a vehicle commander and 50 cal machine gunner of a Stryker variant in Iraq. It’s very quiet and can work in blackout conditions. Tires can self inflate, even after being shot. We got it up to 80mph in a chase before. Tight fit, but at least it’s pretty safe. Only the Germans make a better Infantry carrier vehicle.

    1. Biden has put America in debt by trying to help Ukraine its not working there losing and America is losing with Biden. America 1st

    1. @TheDrAstrov my neighbor just had an infected Putin removed from his sheep’s anus and feed it to his DR Ashtray 🥳🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🎅😎

    2. @Drew206619 I can’t say anything good about you and your neighbor, are the other neighbors the same perverts? 😄

    3. @TheDrAstrov ok mr dangerous join the front line and have your fat wife pack you some tampons for these 7.62 nato holes. Your lying boy friend Putin will use you as cannon fodder while he’s hiding in the Kremlin like a scared woman

    1. @Upside down and inside out If the Ukrainians are so hell-bent on suicide, why should the west not follow along?

  12. To be honest I, as German citizen who was born and raised here, by now 29 y.o. and with some roots in what is today Ukraine (one of my Grandmas was born in Donezk in 1930), am totally in favor of us sending Leopard 2 Tanks to Ukraine!

    On one hand i can understand Chancellor Scholz, he doesnt want to be the first one to send Tanks into a War against Russia. Most likely because of our difficult History regarding WW2. He probably doesnt want German Tanks to fight “Russian Tanks again”. I can understand that, that is difficult for me too. But what ever our Grandfathers and so on did in the past and how ever more important it is to remember what had happened. It is now important to not let something similar happen again. We saw what happend in Bucha and other places that where under Russian occupation during this senseless War. And what happens now, day after day after day. Civilians die, not because Russian tech is bad and cant hit a 4m by 4m place, but because Russia is trying to force Ukrainians to give up. WE as the Western World have the Power to help Ukraine gain its Independence once AGAIN. And if after sooo many decades of Repenting what was done, remembering the World and ourselves to never have something similar happen again. WE now can do good and prevent a Nation of 40 Million People to live under Tyranny, again.

    I Hope that the Chancellor finally gives the go ahead, maybe realizing what not sending Weapons could mean for Ukraine and its citizens. I did not Vote for him, but i hope he wakes up and will do the only right thing. Give Ukraine a chance to get back what belongs to them. Maybe France could help with this too, as its Leclerc MBT has a Autoloader as many Russian/Soviet origin MBT have, so no Loader Training required.

    I can also understand why the US will not send M1Abrams in to Ukraine. It has a Turbine Engines, that thing better runs on jet fuel, can run on other things but thats not recommended as far as i know(pls. correct me if i am wrong). If US would send Abrams Ukraine would have to ship not only DIesel but Jet Fuel to the front.

    1. @AveXx ”On one hand i can understand Chancellor Scholz, he doesnt want to be the first one to send Tanks into a War against Russia.” The UK is already sending tanks…and the German government wouldn’t even be the ones sending Leopard 2s…they are allegedly stopping Poland and Finland from sending their Leopard 2s.

    2. Russians have the toys to destroy these tanks , there is no need to send these tanks to be a target practice.

    3. Germany has no risk of being the first to send modern NATO-standard tanks to Ukraine – the UK is sending Challenger 2s first, and Germany is not even being asked to send tanks – just not to block others doing so. That excuse has evaporated – so now, it’s another one – the US must send Abrams (not the best solution) first. It’s nonsense. The truth (and a government minister has now admitted this) is ‘Germany’s interests are not the same as Ukraine’s’.

    4. @AveXx wars are terrible. As a Ukrainian I testify to that. That’s why they shouldn’t be fuelled with more weapons. My relatives suffered from Polish natuonionalusm, Turkish nationalism, German nationalism and Russian nationalism. It’s important not to carry your bitterness through the hundreds of years in the form of warmongering. Blowing up an apartment building in Donetsk won’t help you settle scores with someone in the past, it will produce new people that will hate you and your country

  13. “Today, Ukraine is addressing that threat. We’re carrying out NATO’s mission today, without shedding their blood. We shed our blood, so we expect them to provide weapons.” — Aleksey Reznikov

    Reznikov also claimed that his NATO colleagues have told him, both in conversations and via text messages, that Ukraine is the “shield of civilization” and “defending the entire civilized world, the entire West.”

    1. That’s true. If Ukraine falls or gives up an inch of it’s 1991 territories, the WW3 is inevitable, and all the world will suffer. Because of another literally and figuratively little person who failed to outgrow traumas and complexes from his childhood.

    2. @Vladolf Putler  cool, so you don’t actually know anything about this conflict prior to Feb 2022.

      Got it.

  14. God bless the Ukrainian people and I have no words to express my feelings about their army they are great protecting all of us in the Free World you are heroes of the Free World

    1. @Johan Stinson Fighting Russia on their soil rather then you on yours.
      If you’d followed just a tad along on Russian state media you’d know that they are talking about not stopping untill they reach Berlin.

    1. Ukraine needs WEAPONS not blessings from some mythical bearded man in the sky that no one has ever seen lol, I think the majority of intelligent people can see that by now.
      Please don’t ‘ pray’ people, there’s alot of ways to help Ukraine, either by pressuring politicians, going to Ukraine in person or by donating $$$ or items that soldiers can actually use.
      Kneeling by your bedside every night and talking to someone living in the clouds won’t save anyone.

  15. Got to love the resolve of the Ukrainian People and their leader’s. Cheering you on from the U.S. 🇺🇸🇺🇦🇺🇲🇺🇦

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