Farewell to Ringo – Changing Attitudes Toward Dogs | TVJ News – May 30 2022


    1. Agreed. And as Chis said, some pets are like family. Infact better than some family members: loving, loyal & genuine 🖤🖤💛💚💚

  1. We don’t deserve the loyalty of dogs. they literally give their lives to us. I have had dogs who loyal to me more than family.

  2. RIP ringo ! You have served your master well . You deserve a decent funeral. Many gun men have gotten decent funeral and they were a menace to society… thanks for being such a good guard dog Ringo . Rest In Peace

  3. dog even senses wen u sick or emotionally dwn some ppl walk pass and don’t even ask how ur day going much less worry about ur well being

    1. Man. My puppy whenever I am sick would come and sit beside me and snuggle me. She won’t even leave to go and eat. Love her.

  4. This is very touching. Very Happy Mr. Perry did this publicly. Ppl who don’t have dogs nor like them can never understand this love/bond. I’ve never seen a dog grow old in Ja, majority of the time they get ran over by some amoral lunatic or abused or left to starve. Ja lacks everything a country needs to be “healthy” – love, compassion, grace, patience, kindness, honesty, abundance it’s pretty frightening.. like a bad virus that can’t be cure becus it has gone untreated for so long. God values animals just as he does us & how we treat them matters. Check out Proverbs 12:10.

  5. Too many persons in Jamaica are too cruel to these animals, there are persons that will go out of their way to inflict pain to animals. This needs to stop!!!!!!

  6. They eat what you give them and never complain, they always treat you how you treat them and they alert you when someone is close by when you are deeply asleep and unaware. Underrated animals.

  7. If you open a heart to a pet you will be overwhelmed with love and loyalty. My cat has helped me through some of my darkest days. I adopted a senior dog and that dog loved me so much. You couldn’t contain him when he was running to me. His sight was mostly gone but it was so funny to see him running.

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