Fashion Icon Dapper Dan’s Success Secret: Put Pride Over Ego | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

In this original news report and interview, journalist Ari Melber documents how the fashion icon Dapper Dan emerged from the crack epidemic, gang violence and the polarized politics of 1970s Harlem to build a globally recognized brand – only to watch fashion corporations tear it down. Then Dan reemerged with even more success through an incredible turn of events in 2017, and is now recognized as a fashion superstar working with everyone from Beyonce to Gucci to Anna Wintour, and drawing praise from multiple generations of fashion, music and culture, from The Fat Boys and LL Cool J to Jay Z and Nas to Pusha T. The report adds vital context to the unusual story of this American icon, and is followed by an interview with Dapper Dan himself, who recounts the bullet in his neck, the glorification of drugs in American culture and the complexities of mass incarceration and the drug war.
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Fashion Icon Dapper Dan’s Success Secret: Put Pride Over Ego | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. @Vander valid ~ maybe you need to learn how to spell words. But, we understand you typed it, how it talk it. 😉

      And tell your daddy and his friends to stop pushing their drugs into other people’s communities.

  1. Rich to see and hear Reagan decry the epidemic rise of crime in the US, the same Reagan whose CIA facilitated and participated in the importation and distribution of drugs in the US (mostly inner cities of course….) as a means of facilitating an illegal war against a dully elected central american government. Hypocrite!! Reagan (and his wife Nancy) was the biggest drug lord ever, but of course the “users” were black, so how cares….. Racism coming from the White House is nothing new.

  2. MSNBCannibals(CIA) created gangsta rap to break up families in the inner city and then blame it all on everyone but MTV

  3. Dapper Dan was and is the man!!! I remember his spot in Harlem with the dope rides with rims and rappers and hustlers and Gucci and MCM custom designs that I use to marvel at as a kid…

  4. Wow! This is video is full of so many interesting details, i had to play it twice, it revealed so much!! ~ This should be a Movie!!

    Sonya Sotomayor💕


    From Harlem to Paris Fashion Runways!

    HA! Gucci echoed, called it a homage, then teamed up with Dan….

    And Harlem/NY Fashion Icon Designer, “Dapper Dan” is Dapper! ……So, Dan is that Gentleman, who pioneered this!! ~ “He [Dan] Deconstructed Brands To The Essence of its power.”

    Dapper Dan, says: “….Bury the Ego.”

    📚book: “Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem Memoir.” ~ by Dapper Dan


  6. Really appreciate your doing this story, Ari. I probably wouldn’t have taken the opportunity to learn about the Man and the Culture of those times. It’s fascinating and engrossing and I will learn more about it now.

  7. Dapper Dan has to understand that the rappers did not flip the script, the recording industry holds that distinction.

  8. Thank you fir doing this story .. HIS story ! We need to hear more from him .. especially our young men!

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