1. Mind Begs the Question:
      NATO,Corporates capable to Boycott
      Russia over Ukraine/Petro Dollar
      NATO,Corporates not capable to Boycott
      China over Concentration Camps?

    2. @Brent Harrington Trump literally said we should inject ourselves with bleach to cure covid go watch the video !

    3. @Omotayo Satuyi no he was speaking about a technique that used “disinfectant” sprayed within the respiratory tract…

      But go ahead and believe whatever you like.

      (I didn’t vote for trump for what its worth, I just am so tired of the lies and delusions being carried on as truths)

  1. There are so very few people that I admire and respect in this world. Dr. Fauci is one. Thank you for all your hard work and your patience with fools. You will be greatly missed!

    1. Fauci in public: “wear two masks”

      Fauci in emails: “masks don’t work”

      Fauci in public: “The virus came from a bat in the wet market”

      Fauci emails: “I funded a bio weapon with a communist regime approved by corrupt government, and told Trump in 2017 he’d face a pandemic in his presidency”

    1. Fauci 10-7-2020: “I recommended to the president that we shut the country down” – Newsweek
      Fauci 7-26-2022: “I didn’t recommend locking anything down” – The Hill (responding to question about devastating effects of lockdowns)

    2. Well, he does make more money than the president of the US and has funded Pharma his entire career and is still doing so with these innefcctive, unsafe jabs requiring more and more boosters, but ok tomato tomahto.

  2. This man doesn’t have to apologize, he saved lives of those who wanted our Health Professionals to guide us.

    If you don’t believe him and willing to roll the dice with your life then so be it. I will support the Professionals that at least give us the information to choose safety over those that simply disregard it with no provable data while people die.

    1. @wamblue Less than one in a million chance of getting myocarditis ( that’s the actual word, Sparky), versus a much higher chance of permanent injury or death? Only a right-wing 🐑 would rather die than think for himself.

    2. @vincent marino glad you are still alive Vincent with your foolish reply. You didn’t do anything magically thinking you are smarter than nature…. If you can catch chicken pox and shingles you can catch any virus.

      But old people say never argue with fools and that you are.

    3. To be fair 4-500,000 more Americans died because of Trump’s misleading statements, but at least they were Republicans. They wonder why they can’t win elections. They are killing themseleves.

    4. @XVI i personally won’t stand idly by and let yet another nut job yahoo rape yet another goat. They had it hard enough under the TrumpAnon flustercluck. The buck stops here.

    1. @Communication Failure7600
      Curious when did he ” withheld information about transmissibility and origins of the virus”
      All accusations against Fauci- nothing proven-
      Why do you think Republicans are threatening to investigate him- Because all they have now is accusations.
      You blame Fauci of covering up the dangers of Covid-
      When was our President told the virus was extremely deadly and airborne ?

    2. @Elmosweed it’s well known that Fauci among other virologists knew about the furin cleavage site, that makes rapid transmission among humans possible, and is something not found on sars type corona viruses indicating the strong possibility of a lab leak was suppressed, for many months. He also hid that he was funding gain of function research by proxy at the Wuhan lab where any sars like virus that was discovered would undergo modification specifically around adding a furin cleavage site. Look up Matt Ridley’s reporting of this very thing. Your misguided assumption that there is no proof is naive or just willfully ignorant.

    3. @Communication Failure7600 If you had been listening to what health care professionals, including Dr. Fauci, had been saying all through the pndemic, you would have heard over and over again that they would have to update their predictions, etc., on the fly because no one knew very much about the virus. What I’m wondering is why none of you Fauci critics go after the orange monkey for telling all of us it would be over in two weeks, with “maybe one death.”

    4. @Bob Pease yeah, I don’t think anyone was taking medical advice from Trump. But you can’t honestly think that Fauci is beyond criticism. No one handled this pandemic flawlessly and even despite leniency he is well deserving of some serious criticism and scrutiny.

    1. @Trial by Wombat Nothing is coming out soon, so unless you’re working for an intelligence agency or law enforcement, it sounds like you’re promoting more of this misinformation.

      That’s more fake BS, and is the primary reason why most of the country sides with Fauci and doctors over the crazies.

      When he starts making up fictional 💩 and abandon science, logic, and reason, he’ll be ignored and discredited as well.

      Apparently, he cares about his legacy and the truth. You don’t.

    2. @RiteMo LawBks now you’re showing your own willful ignorance.
      Elon has been clear what’s coming out next. We now know it’s a fact Twitter was protecting child exploitation on its site and Elon has been cleaning that up. The people that were supposedly in charge of that quit as a response to Elon wanting to focus more on crimes against children. Seems the FBI knew this was happening as well.
      Don’t be upset with me you haven’t been paying attention

    3. @Trial by Wombat Elon’s not a doctor, or an intelligence agency, and clearly has a Right -wing political agenda.

      You might worship the ground he walks on as fanboy, but I need real proof and not just lies that get MAGA trolls erections that last longer than six hours.

    4. @Trial by Wombat Quit claiming stuff is coming out soon.

      You did the same trick with Hunter Biden, and all that it resulted in was disgusting nudes of a crackhead and his lowest moments.

      I’m not interested in seeing pictures of Hunter’s penis. You and Elon might enjoy seeing humiliating pictures of a cocaine and drug addicts, but I don’t.

      It’s got nothing to do with me, the country, or the COVID-19 pandemic.

      If Doctor Fauci is sending nudes as an 82 year old man, I don’t want to see that garbage either.

    5. @RiteMo LawBks very true. He’s in control of and the owner of a major information source that was working directly with the FBI and having weekly meetings on what information should be allowed or not thereby violating the 1st Amendment.
      Did you have a point there?
      MAGA? What does that have to do with these facts? Are you so partisan you won’t accept facts?
      Elon Musk isn’t even a MAGA person.
      Thank you for being a perfect representation of your side of the argument.

  3. This man has been a hero of mine since the 1990’s. He has saved countless lives working diligently behind the scenes. I will never understand the ignorance of the people defaming him. Pure ignorance and hubris of anyone attacking him.

    1. So many ❄️ snowflake conspiracy theorist nut jobs in the comments. So easily triggered by science and reality. ❄️🫠❄️🫠❄️🫠❄️🫠❄️ They’re melting. Everything one puts in their body has an effect…kale, water, cookies and MEDICATIONS.
      All medicines (and vaccines are included), have side effects. Not all bodies respond the same to everything ingested, injected, or taken into the body in whatever route. A little education would go a long way for you, try it. Or don’t. Darwinism will work things out in the end.

    2. @Rich Hoyle yes, your comment is the perfect example of pure ignorance. Get off the conspiracy theory teet. Try some reality. It tastes so good. You might like it.

    3. @GenRN how is blindly supporting this man different than people blindly supporting trump despite obvious corruption?

    1. @Bethany Healy … go dunk your head, Beth. Not everyone’s a conspiracy theorist. Maybe you are, but not everyone…

    1. @Peggy Duvall Then why not disclose the amounts he received from pharmaceutical companies, if he earned it I mean?

  4. Sending love and thanks to Dr. Fauci, from Canada 🇨🇦. He is so clearly someone who has dedicated himself to improve health care on the planet and will continue in some capacity until it’s his time to cross over. Absolutely unbelievable and ridiculous how some morons have tried to paint him as a force for evil.

    1. @Gary Katzenmaier Fauci Was ‘Untruthful’ to Congress About Wuhan Lab Research, New Documents Appear To Show
      BY ED BROWNE ON 9/9/21.

      Wanna Elaborate? Or is your brain dead?

    2. @Gary Katzenmaier
      APRIL 28, 2020
      NIH Cancels Funding for Bat Coronavirus Research Project. Fortunate timing huh 😭

    3. He literally has killed millions by funding the research that created the virus. And that made even more millions of selling the patents for the vaccines wake up f****** dumbasses

    1. @Mine-Finderi would say that ironically, ‘ok bot’ is a pretty, well, robotic response. But the fact is that robots are now far more evolved and capable of intelligent thought and dialogue than hypocrites such as yourself.

    1. @ElonMusk69 “Look it up.” Sure, I will once you’re argument has more than pathos. Who would that benefit?

    1. Fauci in public: “wear two masks”

      Fauci in emails: “masks don’t work”

      Fauci in public: “The virus came from a bat in the wet market”

      Fauci emails: “I funded a bio weapon with a communist regime approved by corrupt government, and told Trump in 2017 he’d face a pandemic in his presidency”

    2. Yea he lied so much claimed there was no gain of function research. The money he earmarked for this crap is what brought it to the people. If not for the research we would probably never had COVID

    3. It’s too bad he had such a loser as a leader who wouldn’t listen to health experts and ended up costing the US over 1.1 million lives when it should have been less than 200,000.

    1. Colour me surprised. An anti-masker doesn’t know the difference between, “Where” and, “Wear”. How on-brand.

  5. That’s the truth about science, it doesn’t care about your politics or feelings. It is truth. Thanks Dr. Fauci. Thanks for sticking in this long & trying to save as many people as you could.

    1. @tek2095 you think it’s just mere coincidence fauci and all the major cites announced plans to reopen the week of sniffers inguration? No credible person in the scientific community says there are more than two genders. Again name me one credible one. Oh and sex/biology are the same thing. What’s hanging between your legs is fully grown

    2. @Startrekmaniac _you think it’s just mere coincidence fauci and all the major cites announced plans to reopen the week of Biden inguration?_

      _ No credible person in the scientific community says there are more than two genders._
      Credible according to who? And what are their qualifications within the scientific community to make such an assessment about the entire field?🤔

    3. @tek2095 if you think it was mere coincidence than please tell me why it just so happened to be the week of the inauguration? What was it about that week that made everyone say okay? You said the consensus from the science community that there is more than two genders. Can you name a credible scientist who agrees with you? It shouldn’t be that to give me a name or cite a source

    4. The truth is Fauci helped create the coronavirus.

      He is the reason we have been suffering for years. He is responsible for a million deaths.

      This is the truth. Look it up.
      His organization bragged about making bat viruses contagious to humans.

      The truth is he should be arrested or far worst. He is literally destroying the world.

  6. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and integrity to our nation’s health, Dr Fauci. Best wishes for all your future endeavors!

    1. The NIH was ignoring the actual science, censoring the top virologists and microbiologists on Earth, and gaslighting the world with lies; all to deter the public from arriving to the true conclusion that C19 is a man-made bioweapon, made by the NIH themselves.

      This is the ultimate reason Twitter and the Left vehemently censored ANYONE who questioned the bullshit bat-soup origin story of C19.

      Because once the public knows it’s man-made, they are gonna ask who made it.

      -Enter Biolabs in Ukraine

  7. I’ve followed the doctor for almost 50 years! He has so done much for the medical profession, and the public. I’m a retired R.N.

    1. @Mark Valentine NIH funded the Wuhan lab. They were researching how to make bat coronaviruses infect humans.

      Look it up yourself. He then lied and said his organization never funded Wuhan.

      Is that not evil? Does he take no responsibility? How did you not know about this?

  8. This man has dedicated his entire career to serving our health needs. It’s disgraceful what Trump, Republicans, and right-wing media put him through. Thank You Dr. Fauci, for standing strong.

    1. He’s criticized for all the conflicting statements he’s made, inconsistent way of handling covid and its origins, change on mask policy, his authoritarian recommendations and attitude. Idk why you’d act like the critics solely are at fault or as if the criticism came out of nowhere.

    2. @An Acc Seriously? You children just can’t understand that the response to a new pandemic changes with new information. IDK why that is so hard to understand. You’ve had nearly three years to become informed, yet here you are.

    3. @An Acc HAhaha! That’s is what your right wing propagandist are saying. It not too late to stop listening to the right wing propaganda.

    1. @ElonMusk69 Somewhere out there, there are a couple of trees working really hard to replace the oxygen you’re consuming.
      Now go & apologize to them.

    2. @ElonMusk69 Yes, he should definitely be in jail for asking people not to use bleach or hydroxychloroquine against Covid, as Trump had suggested.

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