FBI Thanks Anthony Weiner: 650,000 Hillary Clinton Emails Found 10/31/16

FBI Thanks Anthony Weiner: 650,000 Hillary Clinton Emails Found 10/31/16

The FBI Hillary Clinton investigation has been reopened after 650,000 emails were found on Anthony Weiner's computer shared with Huma Abedin. Anthony Weiner is fully cooperating with the FBI and freely gave them his computer without resistance – October 31, 2016



    1. Don’t fall for this blame shifting BS! Hillary is the main criminal and
      Huma is just another “American???” piece of sh** who follows Hillary’s
      orders. She should definitely be charged also. But don’t lose focus on the
      #1 twat!

    2. +Shawn Anderson
      Comie has already publicly confirmed each and every one of Hillary’s crimes
      and nothing happened. So what difference will any additional and
      non-required proof make? The unfortunate answer is: NONE!

  1. Do these people think that the FBI should delay it’s investigation of
    criminals for any reason whatsoever???

  2. Wow! notice these two “hacks” at minute 10:30… they briefly mention
    Wikileaks and Assange, falsely associate them with “the kremlin”… then
    ignore any discussion of wikileaks content and data. These talking heads
    are, spuneless worthless puppets, under marching orders. What happened to

    1. SirVixIsVexed ,I have lost faith in my gov.The Whitehouse is filled with
      criminals & pedifelia. Just please Lord help us put someone NORMAL in
      there.That place is turning into a Sodom & Gomorrah

  3. Just let the criminals become our president and then indict her because the
    President of the United States has plenty of time to focus on a criminal
    investigation once they’re in office. Has the world lost its mind??

  4. Isn’t Comey the highest level of law and he knows when he is breaking the
    law. Comey is doing his job with new information received.

    1. I Agree, Loretta Lynch Totally Abdicated her responsibilities by saying she
      would Agree with the decision of Comey Before she Ever Heard his Decision

    1. The first national election I voted in was Nixon vs McGovern 44 years ago.
      In all the time since I have never seen anything even come remotely close
      to this insidious mess and that’s with throwing in the whole Nixon
      Watergate fiasco to boot! This is just CRAZY what’s been going on with the
      Hellary bunch and she’s still in the race and in our face shooting her
      mouth off! – UNBELIEVABLE!

  5. Hillary need to be in jail instead of running for the president!!! We need
    to vote Trump/Pence on 8th and get rid all of corruption government in
    DC!!!! bye dumb liberals!!!

  6. did comey reveal this information to the public or did the oversight
    committee release, tell the public about reopening this investigation?

    1. Comey wrote a letter to congress that they were reopening the case due to
      obtaining new e-mails connected to clinton.

    1. Bart De Smet ,bullet in back of head suicide. duh,gov corrupt must think we
      are stupid.I’m not I turned off my damned lieing brainwashing
      NBC,CBS,MSNBC,ABC news.nxt step is cutting the cord

  7. just on a light note, DaM no wonder nothing gets done in DC, they are
    emailing wayyyyy to much seriously 650.000 emails??? can you imagine in
    your own lifetime this many emails let alone in what a 8 yr period!? Now
    seriously, TY Mr Weiner and Mr Comey for standing up to whats right no
    matter how close or not it is to the election! f whatever holder says, he a
    crook from the get go from way back when!

    1. doubleq6969 ,Fast & Furious Holder is at fault for a couple of our border
      agents death. One was brown & one was white..Crime is not prejudiced.
      Holder needs to butt out

  8. Isn’t this the same Comie who publicly attested to and confirmed all of the
    latest list of Hillary’s crimes already before he crawled back under his
    bed to hide? A list of crimes that any one of would see anyone else in jail
    for a long time if not sentenced to the death penalty. So why does any of
    this new crap matter at all regardless of what’s there? It could contain
    video footage of Hillary sodomizing babies with a strap on before murdering
    them and drinking their blood and no one would do a fkg thing about it as
    always. The American people are complete morons and are #1 on the list of
    people to blame! Otherwise they would have made a bunch of citizens arrests
    long ago. PS. Spare me the ridiculous argument that you require the
    criminal’s permission to arrest them. Or the similar “executive privilege”
    total BS! Wake up fools!

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