FCC Clobbers Trump-Supporting Activists Over Racist Robocalls

Rachel Maddow reports on two Trump-supporting conservative activists, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman who were charged with targeting tens of thousands of Black voters with robocalls meant to discourage them from voting by mail, and who were also flagged to the FCC, which responded with a rare, resounding recommendation of a fine of over five million dollars. 
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  1. Wow, looks like the party of “religion” and “equality” doesn’t like to play fair. They like to use fear tactics to push EVERYTHING.

    1. @Wheelman 123 So trump hasn’t held rallies or done any public speaking, no interviews, no call ins. Trump has stayed out of the public since he lost in November? Correct? Oh, and there was no criminal investigation and arrest of trump org either.

      And the best is that there is almost no trump supporters on youtube commenting about him or making claims, they never bring up his name, right?

    2. @Mostly Peaceful Dave But you decided to comment here about how lousy msnbc is and how much they lie. And deleting your post once you’re exposed as a joke doesn’t mean you didn’t say it.

      Next time, watch the video so you don’t look like such a clown.

    3. @T.J. Cunningham Yeah. I did. Because I think it’s funny that all the leftist thought it was ok to do these exact type of things before your election and when it’s the other way around you want them to get the death sentence. You lot are truly the hypocrites of the world mate. Most of you know less about your country than we do. And that’s hysterical 😂

  2. It’s very interesting to see that they believe ALL AfroAmerican s have bad credit or are wanted by the Cops.

    1. …and speak fluent 70s era “jive”…..cause we all refer to some ambiguous GREAT ADVERSARY as ….”The Man”

    2. @dee MAVERICK “Afro” is an anglicization of the Latin prefix “Afr” or “Afri”….an adjective describing people and things from or having to do with Africa. For example the Roman General Scippio Africanus….so it’s not technically incorrect for people to refer to us as “Afro-Americans”

  3. Amazing how Trump voters are so sure that the majority agrees with them yet they gerrymander, commit actual fraud, do robocall shenanigans, pass voter intimidation laws, etc. If you’re so sure your way is the right way, why cheat so much?

    1. @gizzy guzzi : Wrong. The word « gerrymandering » was used for the first time in 1812 to qualify a practice used by what was then called the « Democratic-Republican Party », as opposed to the Federalist Party. Ideologically, there is nothing in common between the present Democratic Party and the Democratic-Republican Part of early 19th century, which opposed the creation of a strong federal government and wanted the individual states to have maximum independence. In fact, this D-P Party was much closer to today’s Reps than the Dems.

      Don’t try to twist a historical anecdote to sling mud on the Democrats, someone might be fact-checking you !

    2. @J Wright “all your kind wants is a free ride , when you people come here you think you’re going to get everything you want , but the one thing you’re going get from me is all you deserve which is a path back to where you slithered here from , scared to fight just lay down and run, we already got enough of that here , you will not come here and take anything.
      When you come to America you will get all we”

      lol, did my screen name trigger your xenophobia, or what? Calm down , Goebbels.

  4. “don’t give your private information to the man” That has got to be the funniest thing i have ever heard in any politial ad. robo call. or print. You would think that ppl would see this as total BS but the ppl are buying into the antivaxxer BS so who knows.

    1. Please!! You know better than that!! GOPQ is behind the voter suppression!! It ain’t going to work though!!

  5. So what’s Wohls response to the fine? Oh..something about some “issues” with Joe Biden…Really? and …something about his mental state…..Really?
    Hey ..Wohl?…it’s clear..that you have…some MENTAL issues…you with your little friend Jack and your stupid plan…DID YOU NOT THINK THIS THROUGH?
    Just how much of a bonehead do you have to be to try something like that…🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. The message actually said “the man”! What kind of 1970’s slang is this? These guys won’t do well in prison.

  7. Nobody says “the man” any more. Gimme a break. And funny how her name is Tamika. I see who they’re targeting.

    1. @Kevin Reagan no doubt, the “man” cracked me up. I dont know any black folks that talk like that… unless I’m watching a blacksploitation flick from the 70’s..

    2. I’m sure Republicans talk like that,,,, you know the party that elected the first black man to senate in 1869,,, the democrats were just behind them in 1993,,, gosh how could that be right the democrats were over a century behind,,,, well the facts are the facts and they speak for themselves. Like the Jim Crow laws by the democrats,,, they have a reckord that is hard to ignore,,,, well I’m sure they will think of something to explain it to the poor people.

    1. Yes, please. And this slimey piece of work continues to interfere with the workings of the postal service. Who knows what disasters he is able to put in place to pervert 2022 elections.

  8. Jacob “Mini Putz” Wohl…needs some time as the live in love interest for a large, male, minority long term offender who will be able to teach him all about prison romance.

  9. 🤣 I love “spikes person” they just happened to chose for their ad too. I bet that was totally coincidental 🤣

  10. When life imitates Blaxplotation movies. It turns out that The Man himself was behind those calls! Shocking!

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