Former US Ambassador to Ukraine on report Wagner offered intelligence in exchange for territory

Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch speaks with CNN’s Jake Tapper on a report that the head of the Russian mercenary group Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, offered to share intelligence on Russian troop positions with Kyiv in exchange for the Ukrainians ceding territory around the embattled city of Bakhmut. #CNN #News


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    1. And blood-black nothingness began to spin, a system of cells interlinked within, cells interlinked within cells interlinked, within one stem. And dreadfully distinct, against the dark, a tall white fountain played.

  2. Pregozin has been to Africa his units are stationed all over to protect the gold mines . Weird he would deny that .

  3. We should have accepted the deal, verify Wagner’s information, conduct strikes on those positions, loosened up on Bakhmut, and then leak the information on the deal for maximum effect.

    1. @James2 This story is absolutely true. It was shared with both Israeli and US intelligence, and both have records of it.

    2. @RelaxingRetroGamesAs Stephen Colbert says-it may not be true. But it has a bit of truthiness in it.

  4. Man now they got the leader of the Wagner group pretending to be the news reporter on CNN.. here we thought Russians espionage skills were actually not that great, that’s really impressive!

  5. About the Ukrainian “counter” offensive.
    First: Russia isn’t on the offensive rn (only Wagner is and some DPR units near Donetsk City). So it ll be a Ukrainian offensive.
    Second: Keep in mind there is a delay (for tactical security reasons) between what happens on the front and what we hear about it. Meaning that the offensive you hear about on a specific date could have happened the day before. This allows Zelenskyy one simple thing: if the offensive is launched and fails the same day, he doesn’t have to report on it until the next try. If the offensive succeeds, he ll know it one day before everyone else and will be able to claim the offensive has started with the guarantee of its success as it would have already happened the day prior.

    Now about what this “counter offensive” has achieved SO FAR:
    – Russia swapped from an offensive stance to a defense one. Meaning that Zelenskyy promising us an offensive actually stopped the Russian offensives. In a way, this is a successful “propaganda” counter-offensive which bought a lot of time for the UA to rearm and hire fresh blood
    – The Western people are held in thinking that Ukraine can make one big push and win. Thus, the Western support continues to flow into Ukraine and Western population carry on believing in Ukraine final victory.
    The very idea of a counter offensive, even if it never happens, is the key of the UA defensive success this winter. You don t have to defend if your enemy fears you might attack

    1. Lol, no offensive.
      Just the final loss of bakmut.
      Russia hit another US weapons supply depot and blew up all those dollars in flames. 🤣

    2. @Noneshere well that was just a drop in the bucket if that is in fact correct doubtful what good does it do for the russians anyways the orks have no weapons tanks or even basic equipment and just a wisp away from joining the rest of their comrades currently being torn apart by wild dogs and being feasted on by the crows😂😂🤣🤣

    3. @Noneshere Poor thing, such a rough cycle. Keep losing, cry out excuses and IittIe victories… only to lose again and again.

  6. 😂😂😂😂
    Prigozhin quickly denied it because that might make him accidentally fall off a high-rise building or be forced to gulp down a glass of radioactive milkshake, courtesy of V.P. the Great of Russia.

    1. Either Prigozhin or Putin will voluntarily jump off the window before the end of 2023, is it good news?

    2. If this is psyops to wind up the infighting .. it’s gonna be a fun summer for the Kremlin 🤡🤡🤡

  7. Prigozhin does resemble Max Schreck in his starring role of Nosferatu which was a silent movie (. 1922).

  8. I wonder if Prigozhin has ever heard about General Wallenstein and what happened to him.

    1. I’m sure all of these high level actors are very aware of the deeply treacherous history in which they are ensconced, no?

    2. @lobopix Dunno, he was a criminal who started a catering business and is now playing Gereral. I doubt he ever cracked a history book. War is business to him and he hopes to parlay that to power. That’s the only history he is interested in.

  9. Man, these are the most ‘default’ answers to his questions you could ever give. She basically didn’t say anything new or relevant….. probably just there to promote her new book 🙄

  10. Funny, I was going to mention this yesterday. After all, he IS a mercenary. Therefore, the US can just buy him, right? It’s a pay raise.

  11. 6:05 Trump: “i dont think in terms of winning or losing”
    also Trump: “I like winners………….not losers!”…………..also Trump: “there will be so much winning you guys will be tired of winning!”

  12. The sheer amount of approving and cheering comments by ordinary Russians under videos about the atrocities committed against civilians and prisoners of war in Ukraine were no less shocking to Ukrainians than the war itself.
    We somehow got used to the war, but the realization of who we have been living next to all this time without even knowing it is still terrifying.
    Those barbarians called themselves our brothers.
    Imagine what they would do to you, who they call their enemies, if you let them.
    Not supplying weapons to Ukraine under the pretext of achieving an early peace is like allowing a violator to violate his victim in order to end the violence as soon as possible.
    *You are very welcome to share this message

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