Former WH Cybersecurity Adviser: Pipeline ‘Should Not Have Been This Vulnerable’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Cyber Readiness Institute Managing Director Kiersten Todt says the pipeline cyberattack raises questions about what "cybersecurity standards" private infrastructure companies should have. 

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Former WH Cybersecurity Adviser: Pipeline 'Should Not Have Been This Vulnerable' | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Our overpaid executives can’t figure out that the internet shouldn’t be used to control such a vital piece of infrastructure. Wow, one pipeline failure puts 1/3 of the country on its a&s. We don’t need money for our infrastructure, huh? America (or should I say Republicans) wake up before it’s too late! Perhaps it already is?

    1. The first Ransomware attack that happened in large scale a few years ago, was almost like the way you asked 😄
      The weakness was identified by NSA, they got hacked and the weakness was leaked online. People who created the Ransomware, basically ordered the code to built around the weakness in darknet and got it

  2. If corporations aren’t willing or able to secure public utilities, they have no business owning them. Let’s talk about the role of privately managed utilities in the decline of American infrastructure.

    1. Unless you know the perpetrator, you can’t necessarily insist that government-managed utilities will solve the problem.

  3. I’ve read & listened intensly to Malcolm Nance speak on the THE PLOT TO HACK AMERICA on youtube….& his book from 3 YEARS AGO… THREE… & yet no one listened…

    1. Not true, the Trump administration did listen…then they told Moscow and the attacks were modified accordingly. And if you want to call that notion a conspiracy theory, look at the facts.

    2. @Tim Hodgetts the TR45H modified security enough to allow more attacks such as the long operating solar winds hack

  4. Corporate attitude towards IT and IT security, in a nutshell:

    When nothing goes wrong: “What are we paying you for?!”

    When something goes wrong: “What are we paying you for?!”

    1. You forgot to mention “while using oldest possible OS/patches available” – Also “always refusing to upgrade when IT security experts beg for it even for years”

    2. Same thing has been said about insurance companies asking for your next premium after paying them six months before when you haven’t had a ticket or accident in years. Instead of doing what is right and rolling over the premium for the next six months because you cost them Nothing!

  5. When you had the Dumpster Administration believe our former enemies rather than US Intelligence, this is what you get.

  6. Why do you think Trump- would eat paper note when staffers would walk in when he was talking Russian!

  7. DOD abandoned their internal intranet 30 years ago and went with the internet. That’s the next ax to fall.

  8. I remember that 2012 initiative. Republicans blocked democrats from requiring companies to secure themselves. Maybe the plan was government (taxpayers) would bail out publicly held as well as privately held essential companies. No surprise to me this is happening.

  9. I believe the people who run the pipeline are going to have to answer some questions from the shareholders

  10. I think start locating all those involved specially the Russian or others coz of money they exchanged their soul to evilness.

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