Full: Donald Trump Speech 10/20/16: Delaware, Ohio Rally

Full: Donald Trump Speech 10/20/16: Delaware, Ohio Rally

Full Speech – Donald Trump Rally – Delaware, OH – October 20, 2016



  1. Well I guess he’s not going to accept the results, because he’s going to
    lose and lose badly. All polls, reports, evidence, and common sense taken
    into account, Trump needed a game changer from the debate and it didn’t
    happen. The only newish take-away is the confirmation that one man’s ego
    and petulance (“Your’re the puppet”, what is he 6?) may cause civil unrest
    and tarnish more than two centuries of tradition and the reputation of
    America. He has no respect for one of the pillars of American democracy. In
    the end I don’t think it will matter. I think Trump is ensuring that the
    margins will be large enough that crackpot voter fraud claims will be
    unjustifiable. The real question will be how much of the down ballot will
    he take with him down his solid gold crapper…..

  2. I can’t wait, just bought two of the trumps my pres shirt from infowars
    last night! going to vote today. Make us proud trump please we need you

    1. Jdmsword14 I would love him to win, but I must admit that I’m not that
      confident that he will.
      Bookies pay 3$ for every dolar for Donalds win and for crooked Hilary 1,3$

    2. +Jan Selwa
      Same thing for Brexit. The american people and trump supporters need to be
      extremely vigilant. We’ve seen veritas videos showing the corruption and
      destruction of ballots and votes to achieve their goal of a clinton wall
      street white house. we need to get out and vote, I’m going to vote today
      during my lunch work break. have evidence of your vote and check your vote
      record frequently if possible to make sure it wasn’t altered. please
      encourage everyone you know to get out there and let your voice be heard.
      Good luck everyone we all in this together. Hillary supporters don’t even
      realize the economy is collapsing, we are threatening WW3 with russia,
      dangerous people from around the world are using our porous southern border
      to infiltrate our great nation committing crimes and stealing from tax
      payers to say the least. It is so critical we stand up and put our foot

  3. The question was designed to do to Trump what the Democrat, liberal,
    “progressive” left works so hard to do to all of us … to shut him up
    AFTER the election is stolen by the corrupt, crooked Hillary activists and
    media sycophants. He was absolutely right not to sign on to that. Besides,
    I seem to remember the Republicans demanding that he accept the outcome of
    the primary and support which ever candidate won, promising to do the same
    them selves .. and now, where are they?

    Looks like hypocrisy is not longer an exclusive Democrat party trait.

  4. Thank you for protecting the us by not going along with the “traditions of
    men”! The dems nullify the commands of God for the sake of their own
    tradition. You are a very wise and upstanding individual, Donald Trump!

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