Full: Donald Trump Speech 10/24/16: St. Augustine, Florida

Full: Donald Trump Speech 10/24/16: St. Augustine, Florida

Full Speech – Donald Trump Rally – St. Augustine, FL – October 24, 2016



  1. Trump America 2016! America first and Foremost! Vote on November 8th. Start
    voting toady if allowed in your States. Thanks

  2. We need single payer health insurance. I live on 1049 a month, I struggle
    every month. Raising my sons that are two successful business men. I worked
    two full jobs and a part time job. I’m tired of all the government lies and
    cover up. Washington Cabal needs to be destroyed. Our officials are suppose
    to represent America not foreign countries. I don’t want a NWO. I want
    American strong. We want the wars in the Middle East to stop. We are not a
    perfect country and we have non right to tell other countries how to run
    their countries. Please beware of the military complex. Our CIA and FBI
    needs house cleaning.

  3. There are thousands of children of missing every year. There is a large
    Pedophilla ring world wide. Someone has to care about the children. Please
    look into it. It involves world leaders and very powerful politicians. The
    congress stole millions from social security from congress. They should be
    made to pay it back with interest. It was not their money to steal. Help us

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