Full: Third Presidential Debate. Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. October 19, 2016

Full: Third Presidential Debate: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton October 19, 2016

Final Presidential Debate 10/19/16



  1. Hilary: ‘The supreme court should be for the people not for
    corporations…’ yet Hilary is OWNED by huge donations from companies and
    some awful countries. Says one thing…means another thing

  2. this is what i dont understand you look at all this coments and we all
    agree on the same thing vote trump so why i dont see hillarys supporters
    saying good things about her.?? cuz there is nothing good to say about her.
    she’s a Big time liar, Crooked, Criminal ect.. emails, Benghazi, clinton
    Fund.. at Haiti.. i mean the list goes on and on she’s not fit for
    president of US.. Trump is not perfect but he deff. makes way more cense
    then hillary. on everything she Corrupt we all know that she’s another
    puppet of the NWO Royal Family she will finish what Sr. Bush and son
    started with help of saudis blowing the world Trade Center” 911″ she follow
    special interested pay for play. i mean c’mon everyone how can be possible
    this women cant not be president with just the emails investigations we all
    know about.. jesus help us.. she will destroy what is now USA ..poor and
    middle class will disapear slavery will begin welcome to the NWO in my
    opinion thank you Vote Trump please lets end the Corruption in the Capital
    god bless us all.. amen

    1. Hey Razion.,your last line made me fall off my sofa…..I choked by my own
      laughter…….But you know what? Mr Trump got quite professional…he is
      composed to the point,that Mrs.Clinton got a little nervous…….

  3. the 2 that should be in the supreme court are judge andrew napolitano &
    judge jeanine pirro both look to our Constitution

  4. Can Trump ever just answer the questions without blaming everything wrong
    in the world on Hillary Clinton? To me Donald shows his lack of
    understanding of how the US government works, for a Senator of New York to
    be blamed for not “fixing” everything is outrageous! She presented plans,
    he didn’t.

  5. you know back in 1987 first off who cares about what was said or done 29
    years ago hillary u have nothing to say on what we need to hear.trump i
    dont like some of the things you say but you have my vote

  6. He’s an idiot…point blank!! I mean, neither one of them have a clean
    record on a lot of different things, but he’s just stupid!!!

  7. Boooooring… I liked more the debate where they stand and walked around
    the stage. I was for the first time in the USA, Boston, when I saw this
    debate. Americans are very different from Canadians. I found them less
    friendly then Canadian citizens. Everybody in USA seem to make their own
    business and don’t care about others. People don’t give money to the
    houseless and you have to pay for everything in Usa. Want to use bathroom,
    you gotta pay for it. Soon they will ask to pay for breathing American air.
    Maybe it’s just Boston that is like that, but I had a very bad experience

  8. Why does he say his company is worth “many, many billions of dollars” – if
    you own an asset, you know its value precisely. My home is work X amount of
    dollars, for example. If his company is worth multiple billions of dollars,
    wouldn’t he say “my company is worth over X billion dollars.” It just paves
    the way for a lot of speculation, along with every other piece of evidence
    pointing to that his company and he are actually worth very little.
    Bragging often is a form of hiding the truth.

    1. The Trump brand name itself is worth the billions. He has received billions
      of dollars in free media advertisements. Look at the news each day whos
      brand name is on the headlines? The whole world knows his name, and thats
      not even considering his business. Hotels, golf courses, casinos, books,
      etc… Even if he was not worth billions he is now. So, for you to believe
      that Trump is “worth very little” should not be taken serious.

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