Full Vice Presidential Debate 10/4/16

Full Vice Presidential Debate 10/4/16

Mike Pence vs Tim Kaine – Vice Presidential Debate – October 4, 2016



  1. my God Tim Kaine is creepy. he reminds me of the crooked guy from the movie
    Billy Madison who tried to screw Billy out of the company screw the

    1. Andre Corbeil Kaine began by totally failing to answer even the first
      question, and every one after that, he ignored the question and merely
      praised Clinton, and laid into Trump in a vicious way. He began
      interrupting during the 2nd question..what a total and utter prick. Can
      anyone possibly believe and vote for this ticket? Jesus Christ, help us all.

  2. And Hillary honestly thought that Pence would get wrecked. Check her
    tweets. She was that confident.

  3. This moderator was truly bias giving klain more leeway and allowing him to
    keep interrupting senator pence and only rushing pence. She is why most
    Americans don’t trust the media. Pence still destroyed him.

  4. Pence is respectful waiting for the other idiot to finish speaking. Kane
    interrupts all the time with his scripted garbage. Trump and Pence are
    presidential material. I Hope Americans can see who the jokers are before
    Nov 8.

    1. Caroline In Sydney HEAR HEAR…Kaine deserved a smack for in the
      mouth..interrupt interrupt interrupt. The most moderator was very pro
      Kaine. It was a complete charade.

  5. why in the world is pence wearing a blue tie and kaine wearing a red one!?
    please someone explain to me?

    1. Jesus Perez I noticed that too because red is definitely the color of the
      Republican Party and blue is the Democratic Party (even if the meaning is
      backwards). In the Trump/Clinton debate, Trump was wearing a blue tie and
      Hillary was wearing a red dress. I hope like hell they’re not sending
      signals to us saying that they’re all the same and Trump is one of “them”.
      I always read too much into little things like that 😀.

  6. Who is the voice for the unborn fetuses of America as they get dumped into
    a dumpster in the back of a abortion clinic?

  7. So Tim Kaine’s point: “Vote for hillary cause she’s a woman.” These people
    have a mental illness and is why they attract other’s who have this
    problem. Mike Pence couldn’t have made himself look any better. He won by a
    landslide, all Trump has to do is crush it on sunday and we should see a
    drastic change in the polls.

  8. Did Kaine receive debate coaching from Joe Biden? Jeez you don’t win a
    debate by not letting the other guy talk…

  9. Kaine is like a interupting Lizard and the moderator is completely biased
    in her supplementary questioning.
    People are not stupid, they are seeing through, the Democratic record of
    failure and the Hillary LIES and the insults.
    Pence comes across as dignified and perhaps TOO polite.
    Trump/Pence will win by a landslide!

  10. If you can’t stomach voting Trump then for God’s sake vote Pence. Kaine is
    a slimeball and once Hillary faints for the final time that’s who you’ll be
    stuck with.

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