1. ‘’If we nominate Trump we will get destroyed and we will deserve it’’

    – the last honest remark from Lindsey Graham

    1. @Jason Milton Christian country full of racist, bigots..and liars.
      Isn’t lying against one of the Ten Commandments?
      …bearing false witness is too.

    2. @Jason Milton ?..family values with child sex traffickers in the White House.
      ..and a former president that suggested grabbing women’s private parts.
      Real trashy.

  2. George Santos has a Twitter account? Did he pay the $8/month to verify his account out of his pocket, or did he charge it to the Republican National Committee?

    1. @Kurt if this wasnt likely sooooo spot on Id be laughing not gasping… watch what happens when they follow that money.

  3. One has to wonder how many other documents are out there from other individuals not in the picture now. These documents seem easier to take and keep without notice than books from a library or certainly clothes from Target. It seems national secrets are not so secret after all.

    1. Right?! We have the CIA turning up facts to help protect this country at the risk of losing their own lives and then we have entitled EO’s dropping these docs in their desks, basements, closets and garages without anyone in authority noticing. We are a hot mess.

    2. @Gottlieb Dee
      I don’t have any secret documents. Also I’ve never seen this disregard and disrespect of our country’s position in the world either. No accountability at all and if I’d J-walk in my little city I could be arrested

    3. Isn’t there a book, like at the library, that keep track of these documents? Don’t call them top secret and them treat them like your grocery list.

    1. @Rowena Burke Yes he is. We have a lot of Eisenhower Republicans who are Jewish ✡️. The article in our local paper didn’t tell the lies of his Jewish heritage. Overall most Republicans really were duped.

    2. @Lorenzo Blum Stop trying to make sense out of things!! The rules of the MAGAverse is whatever we say it is… As a Conservative, I am 100% OK with George Santos being in Congress. I can go to sleep happy at night because we Won. He is in a Liberal district and the voters in his district should have researched him if they now want to Cancel him. Keep Santos in !! We need the Votes and we need our Leader Pres. Trump back in office soon… We Can’t Wait!!

    3. @Jason Milton Exactly. We need our fascist leader Donald J Clown to rule America again. Steal more top secret nuclear documents to sell to his foreign buddies, lie that it was the FBI who planted them, lie that he won 2020 in a LANDSLIDE, appoint 84 FAKE electors to overthrow democracy, create another record-breaking tenure of the worst employment record in the history of the USA Presidency since Herbert Hoover, rape another 26 women, sell more 3rd rate trading cards to his lapdogs, instruct his children to wine and dine with Russian spies, hire disgraceful deadbeats and criminals like Rudy, Sidney, Michael, Steve, Paul, another Michael, Paul, Rick, Alex, Bill, Ryan, Jeff, Omarosa, Scott, David, John, another David, Rob, Taylor, Brenda, Tom, Sebastian, Ben. Love it! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. If Santos had half a brain one would think he would just lay low and wait for the heat to blow over. But nooooooooooooooo…the ego kicked in.

  5. If you lied on your resume, your employer can legally end your employment immediately, without probation or compensation. Why would we hold our political representatives to a lower standard?

    1. Santos was elected because people believed he was something he wasn’t. Apparently Republicans don’t think that is deception, so they will do… absolutely nothing.

    2. @Ron Lau people did vote. That is the point. They voted based on lies.
      It is not about competency.
      It is about trust.
      You cannot trust someone who never tells the truth.
      That is the point.
      Santos represents and cares only about himself.
      There is nothing he has shown that that he will actually represent the people who voted for him – all due to lies.
      Does anyone really know if his name is actually Santos? He’s gone by a few other names.
      I hope Brazil asks for extradition for all those phony checks.

  6. G Santos has no shame and is bringing US politics to a new level of mediocrity. Everyone should be doing all they can to remove him from congress

    1. The ‘everyone’ that you refer to are his constituents. ONLY they can recall him. Congress, including McC, cannot. If he has committed campaign fraud, provably, he’s toast. Fingers crossed.

    2. Why should he feel shame? The ex-President Trump told over 30,000 lies while in office, what’s different between Trump and Santos? Santos is Gay, but they can’t attack Santos on that, they would look like bigots. So they are attacking Santos over lies, when they couldn’t care less about his lies.

  7. Thank you for blessing yourselves by honoring us with, Adam Kinzinger, a great American Patriot. 💯🇺🇸😍

  8. Best wishes Adam in your new endeavor and whatever you do. Thanks for your leadership and integrity 👍🏽👍🏾😃🇺🇸

  9. Thank you, Adam Kinzinger, for your service to Illinois. Good luck in this new chapter. We need more leaders like you.

    1. @Red Fan he did the right thing by his country and his conscience. And he always knew it would cost himself and his loved ones. Yet he put YOU first, and you need to ask that question?. 🙄

    2. @Red Fan  resigning is not the same as losing your job buddy, thats quite a leap you’re making. God bless Adam for his courage and, more importantly, his integrity (something completely lacking in the GOP). He just decided not to represent unappreciative aholes like you

    3. Old trick sell outs like to point the finger at each other their is a 50/50 chance that people will believe one of them is the good guy.

    1. @IYamWhatIYam I don’t think that’s accurate. He can be expelled by a two-thirds vote of the House, or pressured by his constituents and colleagues to resign.

    2. Yeah, boy. The locals sure didn’t mince any words at repub HQ in Nassau. Yikes! ‘santos – do not come to the district you serve, and never ask to speak to the local party in any way’.

    3. @IYamWhatIYam seems I heard there’s no recall rule in his district.. so his voters will have to tell him to leave, he said on tv tonight that if his voters tell him to resign he would… yeah, right… another lie

    4. @fitforfreelance
      His Democrat constituents ONLY his Republican constituents knew he was lying
      they’re Republicans….. they didn’t care

  10. I love Adam’s use of his own terminology in naming different groups. He is elaborate and makes it easy to understand. He should be invited to the show more often.

  11. I don’t ever want Kinzinger to forget that we know he is an honorable man and appreciate him standing up and speaking out.

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