1. Why isn’t Herschel Walker Residency an issue. If my primary Resident was in another state. I couldn’t vote in Georgia. So if he can’t vote in Georgia. How can you run for office in Georgia.

    1. Why should the law not apply to walker? He’s rich, and he’s not only a republican, he’s a republiCON politician. In Merika that evidently is how it works, along with them being allowed to threaten poll workers and other government workers, teachers/school boards ect who are doing their jobs/sworn duties, and not going along with how the rightwing feels about certain things. Cause truth and facts don’t matter, which is why no proof was ever shown re: massive fraud. It’s all about their feelings that something illegal must have happened, cause everyone they know feels/believes the same way they do, or they saw it on Facebook. Nevermind that only about 35%-40% of Americans identify as conservative, they should still somehow get more votes then the other side. I guess it’s the new math. If it wasn’t for the electoral college most of the last couple of decades of republican presidents wouldn’t have won. JS.

    2. Voting and running are two different things. It’s always been easier to run than to vote. You aren’t making an argument.

    3. I wondered also why they skipped over that. Maybe it’s because the media spun it off of something not totally factual.

    1. @A DOE: It would seem Democrats would allow citizens of other countries to vote as they appear to not endorse ID and other checks, or even citizenship in some cases. “Every vote should be counted” as they demand would seem to imply that every vote cast regardless of who voted, citizen, resident or illegal entrant or even your pet dog would be counted. Also, the ballot can arrive whenever. Raffles have more rules these days.

    2. @Anon One Well, talk to the RepubliKKKlans… out of some 880 fraudulent votes in 2020, 878 of them were… wait for it…


  2. OK, as an outsider from the UK, can I just ask, why Gabriel Sterling is calling the democratic counties rich, and the republican counties poor(er)? I don’t get it given the amount of money republicans have poured into these elections. Surely if democratic counties are better off, doesn’t that say something about what republicans are doing to ‘their’ counties? In the UK it’s a widely held belief that those ‘with money’, vote conservative (reps in the US), the poorer counties are mainly those held by labour (dems in the US I guess). And I guess the last bit of my question is, why is it not fair for some counties to be able to vote early, when in fact, everyone one who is going to bother voting, is eventually, within the timeline, going to vote anyway, they’re all going to be counted so why does it matter when someone votes?

    1. @STeALtHsVidz I would say California and New York are the democratic rich states and Texas and Florida are the republican rich states. I do not think the US would survive without the tax revenue from 3 of these states.

    2. It’s called Gaslighting. Republicans are notorious for it. I’ve seen Gabe Sterling in several interviews and he’s employed it in almost every one.
      I guess he’s been tapped to lead the Georgia Republican’s disinformation efforts on voting.

    3. @Jose Leon What you think is incorrect. It might have been true several decades ago, but not now. Now, the more educated a person is, the more likely that they will vote for Democrats. And better educated people tend to make more money. Only a large portion of the top 1% of income choose Republicans, just to lower their tax burden. That may not be true for black folk, who tend to vote for Democrats, regardless of income. For whites, who still make up 2/3 of Georgia, the more money you have, the more likely to vote for Democrats.

    4. @STeALtHsVidz Gabriel Sterling is fabricating. Of the 30 wealthiest counties in Georgia, 21 vote republican. The republican-leaning counties are not the largest in the state by population. The larger population counties are in the metropolitan areas (Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Athens), all of which lean democratic. Also 27 GA counties are allowing early voting, none of the republican counties ranked within the top 30 wealthiest allowed it; whereas everyone of the 9 democratic counties among the 30 wealthiest allowed early voting. Only 7 republican counties allowed early voting. Again, none of those 7 counties are among the wealthiest in the state. So, it’s clear that wealth has nothing to do with it. If it did, all of the wealthy republican counties would permit early voting; but none did. Sterling’s so-called concern is a ruse.

  3. I think the moment they saw this genius talking about werewolves and vampires, they might have WOKE UP 🤔😉😂

    1. @eltorocal I live in GA. Believe me….Warnock is corrupt and he’s a RACIST. Should have seen some of his sermons before he took them down.

    2. @kay armstrong If it were true, you WHITE RepubliKKKlans would have projected every minute of every day for the past year.

      I do Not believe a thing you just puked.


      …didn’t think so. But WOW! The proof of Your Texan boy, Walker.

    1. @Sheila Boston That doesn’t sound very “squishy” to me. That sounds pretty concrete. And what’s with the “if you think you’re a resident, then you are a resident’? But, I guess if you’re stuck with a candidate like Walker, your thinking gets to be a little “squishy” after listening to him speak.

    1. @Belly Dancer EmBecause half the state are idiots themselves. I don’t get how anyone thinks an idiot belongs in any government office.

    2. In Georgia “THEY” don’t “SEE” it that way…………….IGNORANCE is really high here…………..like it’s a lifestyle…………lol…..

  4. Sterling said it best: He and other Ga. Election Officials had their interpretation of the Law but the Courts ruled based upon “their” interpretation of the Law. Sterling says: “The Law is the Law and we followed the Law.” As it turned out, the Courts ruled that the Law was being interpreted incorrectly. Sterling did not address a key data point in this interview, that “this Law” was enacted primarily toward Primary and General Elections and not Runoff Elections which already had a much shorter “voting window”. The Courts focused in on the much shorter Runoff “voting window”, in handing down their decisions. The fact that the RNC, itself, participated in the effort to prevent the Saturday voting says it all. This wasn’t about following the Law, this was a direct, concerted “Emergency” effort to ensure that voters, who overall might skew in favor of Warnock, would not have an additional opportunity to vote. Sterling said that the Sat. voting would mostly take place in Democrat-leaning Counties.

    1. @Michael Burgess “bending” is what got us Drumpf… and then the “breaking” started… splattering all over our Capital Walls.

      No difference… just Who are you gonna’ vote into a position of power who doesn’t BEND… and won’t break to the GREED of Big Donor $$?

    2. I am voting for Walker. I can’t bring myself to vote for Warnock because I saw his RACIST sermons before he took them down. He’s just another bozo like Al Sharpton.

    3. @virginia russell So, you thought it fair that election workers had to come in at the last minute on a Saturday when that wasn’t the law to get an extra day? There were already lots of days.

  5. The law said Saturday voting would not be allowed for the general election, it did not address run off elections. Herschel is a Texan and has spent little time in Georgia since college.

    1. @Doogie Bear <------ Holy Sh*t!!! Drumpf spent some $550M in Tax Payer $$ just playing golf... and spent somewhere around 390 days of his 4 "acting" years away from his position as "acting" president. What are you, eleven?

    1. The fact Warnock is having to fight so hard against this guy is unbelievable??? Not really. *For every effect there is a cause.* It is a fact that Republicans no longer have human-DNA and vote against their own best interests. There are genetic and toxic pollution reasons for this behavior.

    2. Formaldehyde is embalming fluid. Only a mortician preparing your body for burial can expose you to formaldehyde. Not schools that make you desiccate frogs and cats without wearing a respirator. The plywood your home is made out of and all the furnishing and carpeting is made with formaldehyde. Which causes permanent brain and DNA damage. And is the reason American healthcare is ranked 37th in the world by the WHO and is four times more expensive than France which is ranked 1st for the quality of its healthcare by the WHO.

    3. @kay armstrong And thank god we we will never see DEMENTED DONNIE ever again in any position of power – his goose is well and truly cooked 💥💥💥

  6. “I still think it’s wrong that more people have an easier chance to vote, because when more people are allowed to vote… the MAJORITY has a better chance to overcome our GOP gerry-mandering and other legal methods of helping the GOP to win elections when the majority of voters are against the GOP.”

  7. The difference with Herschel Walker’s residency is that he continued to claim Texas on his taxes even after he started running for office.

    1. @Michael Owens Yes he did. The problem is these Maga Repugs only want to see and hear all about how brilliant their candidates are, which is a bigly NOT!!! LETS GO GEORGIA!!! ROE, ROE, ROE YOUR VOTE!!!💙💙💙

    2. The Constitution sets three qualifications for service in the U.S. Senate: age (at least thirty years of age); U.S. citizenship (at least nine years); and residency in the state a senator represents at time of election.
      So much for Republicans calling the US a “constitutional republic” seems like the only part of the constitution they care about is having pew pews. Sorry to let them know the military has drones that will turn them into red mist before they even know what’s coming. So much for defence against tyranny. Too much alcohol and interbreeding has made these rural folk mentally deficient.

  8. If Georgia really wanted more residents to vote, the governor would noy have cut the run off vote time by a month. Also he would not have closed voting sites, stopped Sunday voting, and put absentee voting ballots in businesses that are open from 9am to 5pm. Also, by shortening the run off time, military personnel could not send in votes by mail.

    1. @Sheila Boston this part seemed way more unconstitutional than early voting cut offs. An 18 year old is guaranteed the right vote in any election according to the constitution. It should make no difference whether its a general, midterm, special, run off, or whatever. By this logic, why allow new registrations for any election?

    2. …in other words… the Governor would not have implemented MORE Voter Intimidation and Suppression Tactics.
      But hey… that’s just the RepubliKKKlan Way… STEAL It, and Make It Yours!!!

  9. One of the reasons why the polling places are so busy, is they have made it considerably harder to get and drop off absentee ballots.

    1. @Dean Kostas Sure thing… and Europeans get a few days OFF to Vote… and FREE Healthcare… and Voter Intimidation and Suppression is met with Brute Strength… anymore excuses, Li’l one?

    2. @ThisIsSolution Why did all the cases get thrown out of trump appointed Judges court because there was no proof or evidence?

    1. I live in GA and have never had a problem voting. All you need is ID!! I think it’s cheating to have a judge decide on an extra day for certain counties. We have laws! Where is the voter suppression? Because I live in the metro county area?

  10. There has always been two interpretation of the law in this country when it comes to voting and justice.

    1. What it says to this Georgian is that a lot of us have seen Warnock’s racist sermons that he took down. I’ll take Walker over a racist!!

  11. I voted yesterday!! My friends and coworkers voted early.. thank you democrats and Warnock for fighting against the GOP!! 🌊🌊 🌊

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