1. trump was a lifelong Democrat until he decided to run for President!
    anyone that says “Both sides are the same, needs to explain why trump chose the Republican party?

  2. I am a life Democrat but I fine this low class tactic by the Democratic Party revolting. How stupid we are going to look if it backfires, God forbid. Mesa, AZ October 19, 2022

  3. He voted to impeach trump once…and all the other times he supported trump and enabled him. This guy did the right thing once….once. I commend that one vote. But all the others …not impressed. He seems atleast a decent ish person and isnt currently lying.

    1. Meijer makes a lot of sense, however it’s dangerous to think that a Republican who can sound right is eventually also going to DO right once elected.

  4. Great interview of an interesting individual Jake. I thought the Democrat interference in Meijer’s primary election was disgusting.
    We need great people in congress from both parties. Great people who will work together, and negotiate differences to achieve what is best for “We The People”.

    1. @Practice What You Preach Thank you for your comment and question. I would say that as an independent who is left learning at this time, I am very unhappy with the tactics and quality of the MAGA Republicans, but not so much with the traditional republicans such as Cheney, and Kinzinger.

      The MAGA Republicans led by the twice impeached, defeated, former president and his radicalized followers want an authoritarian style of government with him as the leader. The traditional value Republicans sadly, do not have a leader at this time. The strongest of them have been expunged by the MAGA Republicans.

      In May of 2016 a less radicalized Lindsay Graham said, of the former president “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it.” I think he said this in part because he realized that Trump has no conscience, ethics or morals.

      A quote attributed to Edmund Burke 1729 – 1797 by John F. Kennedy during a speech to the Canadian Parliament in May of 1961: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

      I plan on voting in hopes of helping to save out democratic Republic. Please join me.

  5. Imagine saying “men have suffered because of women suffrage”. It’s like saying billionaires have suffered because of labor movements. The audacity of some people. Women gaining rights hurts YOU meaning YOUR rights depended on others not having any.

    1. @Time Surfer never said that . It’s just factual less women working would bring men’s labor wages up and would cause a labor shortage. Instead of trying to give everyone a job .

    2. @Kyle Luster

      So you do believe in discriminatory practices in the workplace…

      Well crap, while we’re at it…

      Why don’t we discriminate against race, creed, and choice of sexual orientation…
      So only straight, white, Christian males can have a higher paying job…

      ( For those who can’t read sarcasm, I was being sarcastic, on the last part )

    3. @Dilly dilly I don’t believe in it . It’s just a fact less people to work more money need to pay the worker’s.

  6. This may sound bad but I would rather Dems be cynical winners than principled losers. A Democratic Party that wins has the power to act as a backstop against the slide into authoritarianism we’re on, a losing Democratic Party doesn’t. Sometimes you have to make utilitarian calculations.

  7. “Of the people, for the people”… we should all remember that we are both the cause and the solution to our problems. We created them and need look no further than ourselves to solve them.

  8. the next time someone tells you that it is mathematically impossible, ask him to prove it to you mathematically. you must assume that if someone says something like that, he will be able to show you.

    1. @Pint Hunters
      I never understood the answer of a negative number in Algebra.
      Then again, I never understood why it was required in my high school. 5 years of that and never used 1 day at *ANY* job I had since I graduated.
      Gotta love the liberal school system.
      Class of 1991
      Stevenson High School
      Sterling Heights, Michigan USA 🇺🇸
      Oh boy! 👶
      God Bless President Trump and his Administration too!

    2. @Susan Reed The “point” of a negative number result is dependent on the context, or in other words it depends on what the variables are referring to. If the variable is labeled F for degrees in Fahrenheit, for example, then a negative number result would be degrees below zero degrees Fahrenheit. More to the point though, having both positive and negative integers (the sums of whatever equation is in question), that is, sums that are both above and below the number 0, allow someone to analyze various inputs to given variables within that said equation when those results are displayed on a graph. It usually looks like a bow shaped arc drawn on graph paper, known as a parabolic curve. Google parabolic curves and graphs and it you will probably understand why a negative result is fundamentally important. Usually, lay people do not use algebra in every day jobs, it’s the stuff of managers, skilled workers in manufacturing and scientists.

  9. Fun Fact: Of the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump the 2nd time, Peter Meijer was the only freshman Republican House Rep to do so

  10. Maybe we should stop canonizing these folks for doing the right thing once. Even Liz Cheney voted with Trump 96% of the time. Let’s remember they would still vote for a national abortion ban if they were given a chance. It’s probably good for him to reevaluate his Republicanness because the party has been taken over by extremists.

  11. I actually agree with him, I’m strongly against using this tactic and it’s going to hurt everyone in the end. It’s not smart for the dems to put these small-term gains ahead of potential long-term damage. I said from the start that it was a bad idea and I haven’t changed my mind about it one bit. Getting reasonable Republicans elected is still better than propping up anti-democracy candidates.

  12. Look, I can’t be the only dem thinking this: I’m concerned about gas prices and cost of living, but my priority is keeping republicans out of power from now on, or nothing else will matter. We aren’t just voting based on gas prices. So sick of that tired dead horse being whipped over and over this summer. Stop underestimating how much we recognize the Republican threat. They are going down

  13. Let’s be clear, both parties have supported people in their opponent’s primaries hoping they will have someone easier to beat. I don’t condone it but it has been going on for a very long time.

  14. Peter Meijer couldn’t even condemn what Kari Lake suggested. Tells you a lot about him and his allegiance.

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