GOP opponent Gaetz says McCarthy will likely win House speaker

CNN political panel discusses Rep. Matt Gaetz, who acknowledged that Rep. Kevin McCarthy will likely become the next speaker. Gaetz is one of McCarthy’s leading opponents and had predicted that McCarthy would never become speaker. #CNN #News


  1. I’m tired if them embarrassing my country. How did these people get elected over and over? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Unfortunately and I absolutely hate to say this, but until a mob descends on them, a mob drags Bobbitt, and MTG all Re-Trump-licans naked through the streets, until something mortality drastic happins to them they will never shut up, this is one of the few times where violance might be the only way… Until DOJ hurries up finally arrestes and swiftly prosecutes people like Trump and Santos these crazy people who have deminishd the value Government will not shut up and hold progress back….. And how can any X service member, anyone who served in the military defend them, that’s the sick part…

  2. Please lean into more that we are talking about a party whose head – Donald Trump – said to ‘terminate the constitution’ and all of the people involved in this story tacitly support that.

    1. Yes please tell me every trump thing for the next two years cnn. Cause if anyone catches on before then and realizes that we are such morons thst we elected bidne to save us from trump and then Biden is sooo bad and such an embarrassment and they are failing worse than trump which is just humiliating but true – then cnn and our media is more screwed than they are now . If you guys had to cover Biden like he was actually the president- you would be done. So I unfortunately understand why we are still getting trump every day two full years after biden is president and somehow the bottom feeders still don’t notice ? I don’t know which is more pathetic.

      This is turning into fairy tale land where none of the fsilures are real.failure is now magically success. Afghanistan was a great success. We didn’t leave 1500 American citizens in a terrorist hell hole. We didn’t blow up 9 children and a father and be told it was the guy who bombed our soliders last year. Inflation is no big deal Barely worth mentioning. Putin invading and us doing nothing is not to do with Biden. It’s actually great because is the only one to stand up to Putin. And thank god Biden being paid those millions from Russia and china and ukraine was made up and trump Putin propaganda because if that was real and our media just acted like it was nothing to see – I would have to just assume at this point these hacks work for our White House and the word journalist had less meaning the word “racist or fascist “ does today….

      But obviously yeah – can we get more coverage on trump ???? Please !!!!????

      Hahahaa I’m a democrat but I never ever believed people could become this delusional or pathetic that we just cheerleader and cover up for one team and scream and our outraged or fake outraged for the other …,, and who keeps winning ? Not us ! But Damn sure pelosi family is worth $400 MILLION. Bidens are killing it. McConnell is worth hundred million schummer is worth $90 and his family is all in million dollar pharma or lobbyist jobs or big tech jobs or a foreign board for some lithium mining cojmpany in South Asia. McCarthy is gonna be worth more than pelosi by the time he’s done – and you’ll still be repeating what they tell you and think you’re winning – stop humiliating yourself now please

    1. Matt’s been angry since Trump refused to give him blanket immunity from every and all crimes. His time will come

    2. It only takes 5 republicans to remove him from the office if he doesn’t follow all of the concessions he agreed to.

      This is why Bannon very insightfully said that Gaetz is the de facto speaker, because Gaetz is in charge of a faction who can remove Kevin the minute he steps out of line.

      This is a win for MAGA.

  3. Feels more like they were trying to suck the air out of January 6th than anything. Always felt like theater.

    1. @Samppa Sam So you are saying the 7 trillion that 45s administration spent, a republican administration caused all of this inflation, right? Yet you complain of spending now, when Biden is paying down the debt previous administration caused, with no way to pay it back, but the present administration can’t spend money for infrastructure and many other things, when it gives people good paying jobs, and brings tax money, back to the government, not to mention helping with shipping cost, not having to bypass bridges and roads, that are in disrepair. Not to mention getting wifi to people who don’t have it, so they can have on line jobs or become entrepreneurs because they have a way to get their products noticed, but sure let’s stay in the 1900’s and let everything collapse, and then complain because it takes 100x as much to fix it, while the world leaves us behind.

    2. @Samppa Sam You don’t help budgets by granting more unpaid tax cuts to the rich. That’s all they have to offer.

    3. In my opinion, this Speaker election crap was all staged to acknowledge the Republicans took over the House on Jan. 6th…anyway. Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a long and bumpy two year ride!

    4. @God’s #1 Child Has it already not been? Drama queens got less than they hoped for and acting out again. surprise.

    1. It only takes 5 republicans to remove him from the office if he doesn’t follow all of the concessions he agreed to.

      This is why Bannon very insightfully said that Gaetz is the de facto speaker, because Gaetz is in charge of a faction who can remove Kevin the minute he steps out of line.

      This is a win for MAGA.

    2. I know !! Thank god democrats don’t do this stuff. Can you imagine – it would be like the Vice President karnela Harris screaming joe biden was a racist and raped a girl and then was his biggest cheerleader and became his Vice President???

      Thank god we are not like republicans

    3. Hot rod – I’m not a fan of Matt gaetz – but I am also not a fan of blow Job cnn hacks who only seem to oddly remember one team and talk about it every second of the day while the other team – they would sooner light themselves on fire rather than even mention Biden or Harris or pelosi or anyone of the past two years of failures and complete embarrassments and it’s just embarrassing anymore to see.

      But cnn is PAID a lot of money to be this pathetic/ they are basically White House employees at this point , but we are not. So while yes I don’t like republicans, I also could never be a blind folded bias hack and be OUTRAGED when this guy was anti McCarthy and now he isn’t and not be more upset at how every single person including our party and the very top has some of the most disgraceful and fake relationships ever seen but you don’t remember or you don’t even see it cause msnbc cnn abc nbc cbs etc would not mention Harris Biden if their lives depended on it.

      Hell-after I saw Afghanistan and then o saw the entire media drop it and never mention it again 24 hours after we left and bidne was never even asked a question and I get frustrated because if that was trump I would be losing my mind and demand and bring it up every second of every day and demand accountability and so would our meida but it was biden and it’s not to ever be spoken about again ? That’s not free press. That’s our press blowing democrats for free and I’m not bought and paid for and neither are you. Let’s stop being fake outraged over what these hacks tell us while at the same time biden fell asleep today and almost drowned in his soup on global tv and cnn runs 16 trump stories and forgot to mention that one and we blindly clap like idiots (obviously that was not real but it’s not really far off from reality eithe if you are paying attention over last two years ). Let’s stop this pathetic cheerleading and want accountability on both sides all sides. And also – gotta stop thinking cnn is even half serious ,… I watch cause I wanna get all sides but wow- anymore, it’s just a trump insane asylum two years after we voted for Biden to save us from trump and Biden can’t even speak ? And is doing horrible ? They are making fools out of us. Trump trump. And we keep nodding whole no one notices Biden just stayed inside for 5 months and no president is history has been less accessible to the press. And no one notices ? Amazing

  4. As a conservative leaning man in thought and practice, I hate just about all liberal stances… But I can’t believe anyone with any dignity, self awareness or respect would keep trying after 14 denials…
    This speaks of thirst for power..
    Get lost mc carthy

  5. The behind closed doors wheeling and dealing to become speaker gives me pause as to exactly what is really going on within our government.

    1. Wait you actually believed government was “good” before all of this? You actually believed that they had great debates in which the best argument wins? Are you Aaron Sorkin?

    1. It only takes 5 republicans to remove him from the office if he doesn’t follow all of the concessions he agreed to.

      This is why Bannon very insightfully said that Gaetz is the de facto speaker, because Gaetz is in charge of a faction who can remove Kevin the minute he steps out of line.

      This is a win for MAGA and a major loss for Biden’s agenda, which will be stalled.

      No more money for Ukraine, or old Kevin will get tossed out and we get to do this all over again!

    2. @Nixon’s Head Being able to recognize and manipulate stupid people hardly makes someone like Bannon “Insightful”, though I will agree, as I stated before, that McCarthy is Doomed.

  6. Shouldn’t George Santos be speaker by now? After all, he fought at Gettysburg, walked on the moon and shot Bin Laden as part of SEAL team Six.

  7. My heart goes to the entire community for Amazons AMZ2023X building up something even my grandpa can understand. This is so smart by them to launch it to shatter the doubts and fears of the common folk which is not even correct to begin with. Everyone knows the state of inflation and recession now and the way out is already in progress. Now it’s just about catching the big fish

    1. Did you just write a whole lot of words, that truly doesn’t make any kind of sense whatsoever???? Like “main subject” is whattttttt?????? 💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Do people really fall for this scamming crap? Is YouTube and Google really so incompetent they can’t stop these fake posts and fake thumbs up numbers? WTF.

    3. @Mr. Tom ikr, it’s so blatantly obvious. That crazy comment, has more likes than comments pertaining to the actual video. YouTube can catch and delete, all other kinds of “comments” for way less.

    4. @Mr. Tom idk if you’re able to see this comment @Mr. Tom, but they’ve deleted your comment now. Smh like wtf 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. The fact that when the holdouts finally voted for McCarthy, they had to give them a round of applause may have been the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen in the government in my life. The next several years are going to be hell for the GOP, and nothing will get passed from the democrats through the house without a lot of red tape in between. Woof.

    1. Exactly, but we already knew this. The GOP are on their own for the next 2 years. Now their supporters will see they are only full of hot air to solve the issues they whine about. Spending money to have the Biden’s and the DOJ investigated. They are so full of anger and revenge.

    2. @Bennie Williams . . . .And the presidential election will be a disaster. Nobody will “win” . . . . especially the United States of America . . . because there IS no “united” since Donald Trump divided the nation with his narcissistic lies.

    3. I just cannot believe how many voters thought giving the GOP control of the House would be good for the country. They have had a slash and burn mentality for years and they are more extreme now than ever


    5. @Ron Zundell I can’t wait to see how they are going to deal with the boarder, immigration, inflation, high gas prices and the debt lol.

  9. After all of this, McCarthy is only going to be allowed to hand out coffee and vacuum the house floor.

    1. @gj0116 Good. Warrants all out for the illegal ballot checkers’ operation two years ago? Warrants out for all the ballot-box harassers and intimidators in 2022? How about those who threatened the ballot counting itself in 2020? It’s a long list. Let’s see some action on it!

    2. It only takes 5 republicans to remove him from the office if he doesn’t follow all of the concessions he agreed to.

      This is why Bannon very insightfully said that Gaetz is the de facto speaker, because Gaetz is in charge of a faction who can remove Kevin the minute he steps out of line.

      This is a win for MAGA.

    3. Isn’t Matt gaetz the dude that cnn and nbc abc msnbc and basiclsly our entire media said was a teenage rapist from “ Anonymous” fbi source and then two years later of nonstop humiliation and ruining him – they just said “opps- no charges …”. Lol. The more I hated republicans and trimp and now I just see one pathetic and corrupt lie crumble one after the other – I now start to think how insane and desperate are these sjit libs that they are doing so bad at leading that the last two years if was trump would be cnn and nbc having to go buy more tv channels cause they wouldn’t be able to destroy him enough 24 hours a day they would need more channels but instead we just got two years of Biden and utter humiliation and failure and no one is even allowed to ask a question or notice ? Lol sorry – I can’t suck D like that for anyone

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