GOP senator tries to clarify comments on White nationalists in the military

In an interview with a local Alabama radio station, Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville was asked if he believes White nationalists should be allowed in the military. He responded, “I call them Americans.”
Tuberville is now attempting to clarify his comments, arguing that Trump Republicans in the military are being unfairly characterized as White nationalists.
CNN's Jake Tapper reacts to Tuberville's attempt to clarify his comments and rolls the tape on the senator's past racist comments. #CNN #jaketapper #thelead


  1. Republicans love to quote The Founding Fathers, but it’s obvious they’ve never read a single quote from any on them.

    1. You hold your tongue, you have no right to speak after what your side has done so far.

    1. It used to be that rule #1 in politics was “don’t (openly) be a racist.”

      You can thank Donald Trump for excusing this behavior.

  2. This should be a sound bite EVERY HBCU University should play for recruits!!

    STOP making them rich off your talents and tubberville is how most of them really feel

    1. What’s crazy is that they still need to be told this. Ole Miss is the most blatantly racist place I’ve ever been in my life and I’ve been all over the world.

  3. When I was in the USAF, during the early 80’s, my roommate and I hung a pow/Mia flag in our window, to protest the nazi flag our next door neighbors had hanging on their window.
    We were forced to remove ours, while they got to keep theirs.

    1. Thank you your service to our nation! You are a patriot & an excellent example of exactly what a role model is to all Americans 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. In 2020, Black Soldiers comprised approximately 21% of the active-duty Army, 15% of the Army National Guard and 21% of the Army Reserve. Black Americans serve in the Army at a rate that is higher than their representation in the U.S. population. Maybe the proud boys could become men like black soldiers.

    1. Most black people go into the military to further their education not a sense of patriotism. This country hasn’t earned that from us.

  5. When it comes to mental competency they should test Republicans regardless of age

    1. Can’t believe this guy use to coach young black kids.Go figure.This is the South people.

    1. I do research on a variety of subjects. Ask Google how does Racism affect the Economy.

    2. @Anti – Fascist / Pro – Democracy The governments responsibility isn’t only regarding the economy, it’s also about keeping the people safe and spouting racism does the exact opposite, it drives anger and violence

  6. Dishonorably discharge all who get tattoos of lightning bolts, swazis and iron crosses. They made an oath and broke it.

    1. @Morgan Stevens – when it’s a threat to unit cohesion, it’s not freedom of expression. Smoke that.

  7. Meanwhile he is holding up military nominees over his ideological view of women’s health and reproductive rights. Slows US military ability to respond to geopolitical situations.

  8. He said what he said. No beating around this one. He knew exactly what he was saying and it’s messed up.

  9. Tuberville reminds me of the Marine recruits from southern states I trained with during the sixties “Still fighting the civil war”.

    1. Thank you for your service to our nation! You are an excellent example of what a patriot is to all Americans 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. It is the same old song. My grandfather served in the Army from 1906 to 1912. When his enlistment was ending, his 1st Sergeant told him he would promote him to Corporal if he reenlisted. He further said because my grandfather was from Tennessee he would have promoted him a long time ago if he had not been a damn Confederate Democrat. My grandfather said, “Hell no! All my people were Republicans, and they fought for the Union. It wasn’t easy being a Union Soldier in a Confederate, Democrat State.

  10. Damn didn’t he coach black athletes back in the day wonder how they feel about him now

    1. Athletes in southern schools already know what it is down there. On a personal note, I’m a black man and work at the Senate as a court reporter and have spoken to Tuberville on several occasions and he was always pleasant and polite. That being said, people from the deep south are usually polite even when they hate you. So who knows? 🤷🏾‍♂️

    2. @Sean Young appreciate the perspective sad to say but I’m at a point where nothing surprises me anymore I’ve become immune to a lot in society

  11. Believe people when they show you who they are . Tim Scott must love working with this Guy .

    1. I would say he does because they understand each other. It is not about race. It is about Conservative Values.

  12. When they tell you what they think, you better listen because they are telling you who they are.

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