Gove on mistakes, Tory Leadership, Boris Johnson and Brexit

He helped lead Britian out of Europe. But then saw his leadership bid and cabinet career end amid reciminations over his spectacular falling out with Boris Johnson. Michael Gove still thinks he has something to offer at Westminster – and has been elected to serve on the Brexit select committee – but earlier we reflected on that moment Boris Johnson abandoned his bid for Number 10.

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  1. Brexit! Worst mistake by GB!! Look at the fall of the British £ – and that
    is even before triggering article 50!!!!

    1. *satanists use signs symbols colors numbers and dates*

      To what end? What is gained from using signs and numerology? What’s the

    2. nadja me that’s not a bad bad thing, the FTSE 100 has jumped to 7000 and
      the fallout of brexit being announced is over. I live in the U.K, I’m a
      remainer. However what’s happening on the continent and how utterly useless
      the EU is at making a deal on trade.

    3. The turkey’s voted for Christmas sadly many of them who voted to leave will
      be hurt the most when inflation kicks in and their pay/benefits don’t keep
      up with price increases.

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