Han Dong says he’s taking legal action against Global News

Former Liberal MP Han Dong says that he intends to launch a lawsuit against Global News. Glen McGregor has the latest.

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    1. You would too if you were accused of something and forced out of your job, even though at this point there is no proof against you. Highly offensive.

  1. If he was innocent, why did he leave the Liberal caucus? These crooks and traders need to be put in the slammer.

  2. for a start, foreign-born “Canadians” should not be allowed to run for any political office in this country.

  3. Yes,law suits take a long time and will drop it at some point because CSIS has the goods on him .

  4. He could have been cleared by a public inquiry, why vote against it then? He should propose a motion for one ASAP to clear his name. Why is he not demanding the transcript be published?

  5. Great. Let’s have all the information exposed to the public. And if he was compromised him and Trudeau need to be held accountable.

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