He loves artificial intelligence. Hear why he is issuing a warning about ChatGPT

ChatGPT, the powerful new AI chatbot tool that interacts with users in an eerily convincing and conversational way, is being met with mixed reactions. CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich looks at the risks and benefits of OpenAI's ambitious project. #CNN #News


  1. So, basically it’s like a search engine that spits answers out in conversational mode, and maybe somehow grades the data, and it takes the best search results for its output.

    Well at least it seams better than the broken Russian chat machines running all over YT.

    1. @super hero …and the they will need us no more, after getting mobilized onto a robot….I swear I saw this movie before.

    2. ChatGPT does not create original work. You might be thinking of text driven, AI generated images, which ChatGPT does not do. ChatGPT is a glorified search engine, results vary, no I mean they vary from question to question and if the source ChatGPT happens to pick is dead wrong, ChatGPT will repeat those lies with convincing sincerity. It may give you an “A” in biology, or write you a hack movie script, but beyond that, ChatGPT is a novelty.

      Now look, remember 8 track? That will be ChatGPT, in the new storm of AI enhancements. I love how writers and content creators extoll it will crush creativity. Um right, not to call sports writers hacks, but that is the same argument as, all artists must master “cave drawings,” before eventually graduating to Pixar.

    3. The beauty of chat gpt is the ability to ask follow up questions, or like for example you can ask it write a essay then later ask it to change something in the Essay. I also use to brainstorm and summarize large articles and emails, and if I don’t understand something I ask it to simplify it and explain it as if I was a teenager or something. That’s how I finally understood quantum physics.

    4. @Juantino Anderson ok, but you are coming to “understand” quantum physics, based off of whatever published ideas ChatGPT uncovers, valid or not.

      When there is not filter, no “validity check” ChatGPT will disseminate theories and ideas that have no basis in fact, additionally I have noticed a “breathlessness” to ChatGPT, an imperative to provide definitive answers when none are available, which is exactly the reason Pinocchio got into so much trouble.

  2. What is old is new again! I heard much of the same “talk”, “spin” around Eliza back in the day. Although ChatGPT is great on variations on a theme way better than Eliza ever was — ChaptGPT by its own admission which was not discussed in this video. ChatGPT by its own admission states it uses many of the same techniques Eliza used some 40, 50 years ago. ChatGPT is a tool, a resource. ChatGPT is not, by any means, although this product is being treated as though it were — a life form. Artificial or otherwise.

  3. I literally got out of class and my professor mentioned this. I’m an older student so I didn’t know what he was talking about.

  4. It is important to be aware that while ChatGPT can provide information, it should not be considered a definitive source and any information it provides should be fact-checked. This is demonstrated by an example where a query about a specific film was provided, but the information returned pertained to a different film with the same title. This mistake occurred even though there were different plots, characters, actors/actresses and release dates between the two films. Furthermore, it can be inferred that the model does not have knowledge about the specific film queried and that its source of knowledge might be limited to Wikipedia.

    1. sort of like how the news operates but leagues above the news in that it will provide better quality and more accurate information making it a lot more definitive than news. Plus, there will be more facts about a particular topic!! I think it is worthy as a factual source of information with a a snippet of due diligence to insure correctness

  5. After using ChatGPT, I’d say it’s like talking to an 8 year old child who just found the internet, give it a couple years of learning and more than 75% of office jobs could be replaced by this software alone, a decade from now and it’ll be what’s teaching university courses. You’ll own nothing and be happy!

  6. Chat can somehow memorize what it has generated. And then some other user can ask the chatbot if this text was generated by them. It can simply answer “true” or “false”.

    1. False. ChatGPT retains a memory buffer of previous conversations. ChatGPT gathers information from published sources only, conversation logs are not published. ChatGPT is almost exactly like Google, except it works conversationally, instead of through an interrogative search.

  7. The absolute dream for lazy and not-so-detail-oriented people! May be helpful & quick as a start for everyone. Fact-checking is a must for sure: As my own personal test, ChatGPT wrote the most inflated essay ever and exaggerated my modest accomplishments > hundredfold. Entertaining read 😂. Nonetheless, the effort needed to dig up material and improve & push our ability to be think & being creative, form new ideas, and organize them also diminishes a tad, which may screw with our own evolution & development.

  8. So, Chat GPT says:
    “AI has the potential to revolutionize many industries, but we must also be aware of the potential dangers it poses. From job displacement to ethical concerns, it’s important that we approach the development and implementation of AI with caution and proper regulation.”

    1. what dangers? has it produced dangers already?? Use it if you seek answers but are intelligent enough to do your own due diligence, dont use it if not……..no regulation necessary. However, there will be an equality concerns as the poor will not have access due to the humans that charging so much to use it

    2. @Mr Rey I don’t know what dangers. I asked chat GPT to respond to the video and that’s what it wrote.

    3. @Mr Rey Do the majority of general public do their own due diligence? All the info in the internet suggest otherwise.

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  10. I’ve used it to write a movie script. While it doesn’t fully write one for you, it does give you the foundation of writing one. You can even command it to modify certain responses based on that modification request, and then polish the story from there. It’s incredible technology, but it’s still without limitations. It’s scary and exciting at the same time.

    1. I used it to write War and Peace, then to design me a time machine go back in time and publish it under the name of some Russian guy.

  11. I have a masters in Philosophy of AI, over 30+ years on the field. This does not even pass the “marketing gimic” test of AI. Never mind anything else. Now, for all the morons that think this is AI, well, we might need to reconsider their intelligence for falling for this “mechanical turk”.

  12. Just think what this would mean for the cyber protection and cyber hacker worlds. Two equal opponents matched in a perpetual fight loop.

  13. ChatGPT is amazing but I’ve run across simple cases where it’s wrong due to contradiction even with simple high school level physics questions.
    Prompt “A ball falls from a height of 5 meters. Ignoring wind resistance, is the potential energy before it starts falling equal to the kinetic energy when it hits the ground.”

    Reponse: “No, the potential energy before it starts falling is not equal to the kinetic energy when it hits the ground. Potential energy is converted to kinetic energy as the ball falls. The formula for potential energy is mgh (mass x gravitational acceleration x height), while the formula for kinetic energy is 1/2mv^2 (mass x velocity squared). The potential energy will be equal to kinetic energy only when it reach the ground and come to rest.”

    The response contradicts itself.
    “No, the potential energy before it starts falling is not equal to the kinetic energy when it hits the ground”
    “The potential energy will be equal to kinetic energy only when it reach the ground and come to rest”

    Also, it makes no sense to talk about kinetic energy when something is “at rest”. When something is “at rest” it has no kinetic energy. I would grade the answer as 5 out of 10 were I to get this answer from a student.

    Additionally, notice the strange grammar error ( “……only when it reach the ground and come to rest”).

    When questioned about the validity of it’s response, however, it did correct itself with the following:
    “You are correct, my previous statement was incorrect. I apologize for the confusion. The total mechanical energy of the system, which is the sum of the potential energy and kinetic energy, is conserved as the ball falls. The potential energy is converted to kinetic energy as the ball falls. At the moment the ball is dropped, the potential energy is at its maximum and the kinetic energy is zero, while at the moment it hits the ground the potential energy is zero, and the kinetic energy is at its maximum. The total energy before and after the fall is the same.”

  14. At the moment, ChatGPT is a great tool for generating ideas and giving you direct answers and those answers can be elaborated upon if asked specifically.

    Not the Holy Grail just yet. It seems it can give great information on popular artists history, but lesser know artists it seems to give incorrect information on. I asked about Jinjer, a Ukranian Metal Band and Dimmu Borgir, A Norwegian Metal band, and there were a few inaccuracies.

    Very fun tool. Not really dangerous at all. Just need to keep it out of Schools.

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