1. Many feel abandoned by health-care workers as well and not stepping up to prescribe effective early treatment. Doctors seem to have turned into government technicians.

  2. Could politicians be even a little bit les Hippocrates and say what they see and admit their incompetence.

    1. OOOOoo this is funny as hell ..They got Virus numbers WRONG … 2 years notice of Virus no new staff training …official numbers prove they do not have a clue what they are doing ( See New Alberta numbers underlying conditions ICU ) …IF Someone wanted to destroy any trust in Government …Top Gov Med did an outstanding job

  3. Welcome to our side of the bleeping fence. Vancouver Coastal Health slandered my name to cover up their malpractices, so I feel nothing but to laugh in their bleeping faces like they did to me. Just wait till they find out that they are going to replaced by auto-docs within the decade. 😃

  4. is this not an issue of needing more staffing? hasn’t this been a growing issue for years? This is a matter of opening more positions and increasing the number of nurses and doctor seats in Canadian universities as well, isnt it? wouldn’t that help more then just a mental health hotline and the other things mentioned? feel free to tell me if im wrong honestly.

    1. Just like any government run agent there are massive redundant systems and inefficiencies. Reallocation of existing resources need to be implemented before any more funds can be added. The way it’s going now no way our system can be sustained.

      Every politician throws more money to get elected but it keeps being misappropriated imo.

      I’m in and out of the hospitals several times a month I see it every where.

  5. “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” (Mathew 16:25)

  6. My daughter works in healthcare and she needs a vacation which is not allowed and she’s exhausted

    1. Take heart …The population knows it is bad management and are screaming for HEADS ON A STICK ( Top Gov Med ) … got Virus numbers WRONG … 2 years notice of Virus no new training staff , floor structure ( Yes I know you guys been screaming for 10 years ) … I am now part of your chorus

    2. She can quit. Her degree opens doors all over the world. Tell her to get out of that 3rd world country and prosper!

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  7. What does she mean? I hear all about how bad Alberta and Saskatchewan is. I think the Army is going to help out in Alberta.
    Also nurses shouldn’t have believed their own press about being hero’s. Everyone is replaceable.

  8. Losing respect for all these health care workers that are seeing the truth and corruption and dont do anything. They are a huge part of the problem now. If they dont stand up for the truth then expect the consequences

    1. @Max Weinbach its pretty much slapping in the face bud. If you cant see it ….well then your just what the government wants

    2. @wendy cameron what I can see is poor English on your side. All the best in spreading your message. Lol

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