Hear from a voter who backed Sen. Feinstein for decades

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office confirmed that the California Democrat experienced broader health complications following her shingles diagnosis, contradicting an earlier denial from the senator herself. CNN’s Manu Raju and Dr. Sanjay Gupta have the latest, followed by a report from CNN’s Kyung Lah who talked to some of Sen. Feinstein’s voters. #CNN #News


    1. perhaps…but maybe she does not remember it? Or did not realize the problems she had? To say Lie, is to imply deliberateness, and I do not know if that is a valid implication.

  1. 00:00 – Discussion of Senator Feinstein’s health issues related to shingles
    00:13 – Senator Feinstein’s initial denial and later confirmation of having encephalitis
    00:22 – Growing concerns about Senator Feinstein’s ability to fulfill her duties due to her health
    01:02 – Limited comments from Senator Feinstein regarding her health problems
    01:45 – Evasion of questions regarding Senator Feinstein’s ability to perform by fellow senators
    02:10 – Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, who is a close family friend, is collaborating with Senator Feinstein
    03:47 – Speculation on the potential replacement if Senator Feinstein resigns
    04:18 – Dr. Gupta provides insights about encephalitis and the diagnosis challenges
    05:43 – Complications arising from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome
    06:31 – Impact of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome on the facial nerves
    09:01 – Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s announcement about Senator Feinstein’s retirement
    09:29 – Personal choice to resign and discussion on age limitations
    10:01 – Concerns about Senator Feinstein’s legacy and representation of California

    1. She’s got either dementia or alzheimer’s. Mental health is not a reason to keep someone from serving, and physical health is also not valid. The only important thing really is cognitive ability. She’s been having severe memory issues for years.

  2. This is not an issue about a woman or not. It is about retirement and fitness to serve. She should definitely pass the torch to younger generation, for democracy’s sake. No one, however good they have been, should cling to power endlessly!

  3. Why would a democrat like Dianne lie to us? It’s not supposed to be this way. 😢😭They’re trained to be honest. 😭

  4. Whoever is responsible for this womans wellbeing is guilty of elder abuse! Her mind has been gone for a while now, she’s not making her own decisions, and this is WRONG!

    1. Cognitive tests, lol your no smarter than an ape? Because we are apes who think we are humans? 😅

    1. I’m not so sure its her who is clinging to power, but maybe instead those that want her to stay in power so they can tell her how to vote on bills.

    2. @Tonya That seems likely given that the only reason McCarthy isn’t expelling Santos is that he wants Santo’s vote on bills. Both sides are making poor decisions in both of these cases. Of course one difference is that she’s ill and Santos is a criminal but the effect is the same.

  5. Bruh why the hell is everyone in the government in general, either WAY past or nearing retirement age?

  6. Sure, the “complications” may have prolonged her illness since this February, but the *real* problem, her cogntive issues, go back at least 4 years – that’s when her staff started chaperoning her whenever she went for a walk on her own, out of fear for what she might say on her own. And there have been video clips of her behavior in committies that show her cognitive decline. She’s too far gone to realize how far gone she is.

  7. This is horrible we need to hold these people accountable! Cognitive tests and term limits are a start

  8. Prayers for the Great Leader 🙏🏼 Californians Love & Respect Sen. Feinstein. May the Lord Bless her with Tranquility and Wisdom.

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