Hear GOP senator’s response to McCarthy’s threat over spending bill

Republican House leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy has told Senate Republicans that if they vote for the bipartisan omnibus bill, any legislation they send to the House will be “dead on arrival” once he becomes speaker. Plus, tension between Republican Reps. Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene has spilled into public view, with the two trading barbs over McCarthy’s campaign. #CNN #News


    1. The U.S. is who let Putin out by Joe’s mouth.
      Obama’s lips let Crimea, Georgia, Chechnya,Biden was Obama’s lap dog pet crook so Putin made the move after Biden hinted to him to make the move.
      Funny how left media leaves out pertinent factoids and background info without opposing view points.
      Mostly the co-host just nod head.
      Unlike Jeff Toobin squeezing out a nut at his coworkers…….. LOL!

  1. I’m thinking Kevin McCarthy should be one of the Congress Members who gets seriously reviewed by the Justice Department for his participation in Donald J. Humpty Dumpty Trump’s attempt to overthrow the United States Government.

    1. McCarthy did have the chance, he right off tge bat chose not too. He had to have his 2 obstructionist or nothing at all. It was in plain view, almost like he packed his bags right away.

    2. @stgeorge28 Are you saying don’t believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law? You do understand that’s how the American justice system works?
      I never said nothing has come up. Again you putting words in my mouth. I just said there hasn’t been enough proof to released to public and committee is taking too damn long.
      Yes I’m ok with Clinton being innocent it was proven. What part of I believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty into that thick skull of yours? What’s with the bs assumptions anyway? Can you not stay on topic? I mean when did this conversation become about me?

    3. @stgeorge28 And again where is proof of that? Where is your proof about your claims about the two he nominated? You know I keep hearing a bunch of claims and assumptions from you with no proof.

    4. @Jackie B. he uses the law to protect his guilt doesn’t mean innocent .
      After he is found guilty he will start another Big Lie during the appeal process ..

  2. I absolutely love that the red wave was nothing more than Trump supporters angrily throwing down their hats after being scammed by NFT’s.

    1. Yet those same psychopaths have elected official psychopaths into office to govern our daily lives! Think about that……

  3. He represents BAKERSFIELD!!!! He’s the epitome of what people in general hate about politicians, slimey, money-grubbing and could careless about his district.

    1. @Kenny Star context has never mattered when it comes to Trump…you probably think he’s a white supremacist

    2. @hockey addict If Drumph said it, it would be labeled as racist?
      Drumph may say it but an educated reaction would be “It was a derogatory comment”…
      No one would say it was racist because you can’t label a disparate group of individuals under that term.
      If the Flying Monkeys were all the same race, then yes; it would be racist!
      Get the drift?
      You can’t even defend the Orange Orangutang (apologies to monkeys) accurately!

  4. I’ve agreed with mitt Romney many times honestly. God, I miss the days when we were running against folks like mitt where if he won you know it wouldn’t be completely awful

    1. Romney may be the only consistent and vocal anti-MAGA, anti-Trump Republican that the crazies couldn’t purge (Kinzinger & Cheney were eliminated). McCain may have been the same, but yeah, there are not a lot of them. They all bowed down

  5. McCarthy threatening Senate Republicans is like the Walmart greeter trying to tell the store manager how to do their job.

    1. @PIPE DOWN it’s never good for 1. For 2 it’s part of negotiating for your own agenda when not in power. Democrats do the same thing.

    2. @JoeStalin You racists see us talking about reality and you come in blurting something absurd. How do you do that without the crushing embarrassment of making a fool of yourself in public?

    1. @Sumiland Still trying to placate Cheeto Jesus, in the hopes he’ll stop intentionally trying to destroy the Repube-Lickers.

  6. Basically a civil war. Senate “republicans” vs house “republicans” lmao if I was Biden I’d be laughing

  7. So funny that Beobert toned down her rhetoric after barely survived her re-election bid by 500 votes in a deep red district. 😂😂😂

    1. Toned down? Hardly. Now she’s on tour with a Republican Representative who traffic’s minors for sex – Matt Gaetz. It looks like Marg and BoBo just swapped men. Seems to be a Republican thing.

    1. SO OFFENSIVE!!!!!!Victims of domestic violence are actually victims….MAGA victimizes.They are willing participants.Battered women, fear ……Maga, idolizes.Women beaten by their husbands have no power,these Magats have plenty.When an abused woman ,breaks the cycle,it takes courage and hard work.All these cowards have to do is say NO to Maga.I ve never seen a worse comparison

  8. “Some Senate Republicans feel they probably should spare the House Republicans from the burden of governing”

  9. McCarthy is not observant enough to realize that bullying is not working in the long run and bullies are doomed to fail lamentably.

    1. @Mopar3188 NONE of the conditions on your fantasy list were the results of any Democratic policies.
      Republicans got us into the mess in Afghanistan. It took a Democrat to get us OUT.
      The pandemic was worldwide. Other nations developed ways to deal with it. All the Republican President did was lie about it and tell Americans to drink bleach!
      Referring to the situation at the border as a Democrat issue shows how literally IGNORANT you are about it and exposes your lack of true concern about the real situation. ​ YOU have NO effing idea what’s going on at our southern border. Or WHY it’s happening. *** If you care so much about it and want to change it… then STOP driving your effing car and convert to a vegan diet FFS. *** Those refugees from Central America are coming north bcoz climate change has made it impossible to farm, impossible to feed their families, impossible to live there any more. Most of them are literally Climate Refugees. And Americans who insist on driving big cars everywhere and eating fast food burgers and steaks are responsible for that. *** If you care so freaking much then DO YOUR PART! Man up and be a responsible citizen of this small planet. OR stop whining about it – make an effort – INFORM YOURSELF. Or… SHUT THE FLICK UP!

    2. Libtards are so easily amused. How many democrats does it take to change a light bulb? None, they sit in the dark and congratulate Biden.

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