1. Boom 🤯 and boom you got it you can do that with 💬🧚‍♀️⬆️

    1. @AbstractNotions Did I? And no, they are not the same. Maybe it would help if you studied some history

    1. Just a little more information ℹ️ but it was the ❤️🙏🤯

  1. A man who thinks domestic violence is ok has performed ” wife correction” himself. Give him the pimp hand 🖐 trophy already.


    1. Hey 👋 there I’m on the road I should try and 💥👦⬆️

    2. Hey 👋 I’m on the road I should be there 👏🍅🤜👁️

  2. “Can he survive this?!” Of *course* he can: look at the electorate that made him a candidate in the first place. 🤦‍♂

    1. @adam If you consider Christian Nationalists Evangelicals, maybe. Don’t want to be compared with Christian Nationalists. As Billy Graham ones said, unlike his son, “…both parties need Christians.” A real Christian and evangelical isn’t nationalist, they help people, they share (book of Acts), they have to love their enemies… The Republicans seem to be wandered of these principles, do you agree? How odd.

  3. Walker is a has been football player. Hasn’t lived in Georgia for a lot of years. He only moved back to run for office because of trump. He doesn’t have the integrity or the intelligence to run for any office.
    Warnock has lived in Georgia for years and cares about the people of this state.

    1. Good night 😴 love ❤️ you both so well too sweet

    1. @Wes Foster Wahahahahah. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  4. Someone tweeted once that “Men are pro-life until they get the wrong woman pregnant” and Hershel has got to be the walking example of that.

    1. @Jay Krystofalski The evidence is pretty solid regardless of timing. Besides, Republicans won’t abandon Walker as long as Trump supports him.

    2. The only reason iiiiiit was for the fact i 😁👨🏾😃😀

  5. Herschel Walker is a shining example of why the NFL needed to make better helmets!!!

    1. TNT has been a great source of inspiration for me 💰👦🙏

    2. But I have a feeling the whole world is a 👏💬💋💥💥

  6. It never was a matter of him having classified documents… It was/is a matter of him having documents, period. The fact that there are classified documents INCLUDED within documents that he should not have been in possession of, brings hopefully new, numerous, prison mandatory charges. So all these interviews and speeches he is giving willing admitting to having documents is admitting his guilt. For everyone to hear,and see…

    1. You are the one that said you don’t want me 💰☝🏿☁️

  7. Entirely sick of people, especially reporters, hawking books on news outlets. Credibility drops down to zero. Cashing in on American greed. Yeesh. Makes them look as bad as the people they are profiling

  8. That “total disinterest” bar was up 60 seconds before wolf even asked the question, cnn doesn’t have to be so blatant with their prearranged interviews. Put in at least some effort to appear genuine

  9. It’s not even true that it is considered more acceptable today than it used to be. Even in the 60s and 70s it was commonplace and people hardly ever went to jail for physical fights with spouses. It was joked about and even expected in many cases. In the 70’s, my dad was a cop and very abusive. I grew up knowing that he could kill me in my front yard in front of the neighbors, put me in the back of a truck and drive away and they probably wouldn’t even call the cops on him. So no it’s not more likely to be overlooked or forgiven now. Which is good.

    1. He was the only person who had ever 👦🙏⚒️🧚‍♀️

  10. The fascination with the celebrities is dangerous and I don’t get why people think they are suitable for political rolls… Wasn’t the 40th and 45th enough?!

    1. @L
      If it helps..
      My dad was born in the year Woodrow Wilson was President.
      Yeah. My dad. Not my grandfather.
      I suddenly feel ancient. ☠
      Have a blessed day.

    2. @Susan Reed I feel sorry for you. Anyway, Woodrow Wilson, that was a different time. Today Republicans are like Wilson, Trump would’ve liked him.

    3. Hey there I’m on my way to the ⬆️👦📖📖

  11. Rafael Warnock’s campaign should run an ad asking voters if they can support a candidate who was a celebrated football player to be a US State Senator who hasn’t lived in Georgia for years and overlook the list of Walker’s character baggage and lies.

    1. Com I am not going in there anymore I’m going out of ☁️⚒️👏

    2. Luckily for us folks from GA are not as stupid as not to see thru walker’s bs. They will vote for Warnock for sure.

  12. Being great at football doesn’t make one great at public service. Oh wait, did I say public service? I guess when you’re running as a Republican, public service isn’t part of your job description.
    Silly me. 🤔

  13. So being a great football player, or the host of a popular TV show, is really what we think makes for a great manger of our Republic? Apparently so to the dims. Let’s us all not dims commit to combatting dims, please. Educate them, engage in confrontational conversation, they don’t have to be dim, it’s actually our failure that they are, don’t stay comfortable when so much is at stake.

  14. Sometimes I still feel like I’m dreaming when I see what the Republican Party has become. Such an embarrassment to our country 🤦🏻‍♂️

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