1. Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to Malice that which can be adequately explained by Stupidity.”

  2. You just invited him on with an audience of explicitly his fans and he ran rough shod over your single moderator…. What even was the point of this?

  3. Please, for the love of god allow Biden to debate for the next presidential election that would be hilarious.

    1. ​@Kian Makanvand airports in the War of Independence, who owns Greenland, trashes our allies, extolls our enemies and drinks covefe.

      Who is this?

    1. I still can’t believe I tuned in. You hear one trump interview you’ve heard them all. You think I would know better

  4. I recently started to watch cnn and the news segments. I like the reporters, I even liked Kaitlin Collins a lot she was my favorite but she failed tonight… so did CNN.

    1. And she kept calling him Mr. President, in the present tense.
      She should have just called him Mr. tRump.

      Oh she failed *BIGLY* !!!

      And she was weak and intimidated by him when he uses his usual BS verbiage, like “you know, you all know, you are disgusting” and the like.

    2. ​@Blondie SL thats how previous presidents are addressed though _°-°_/
      You wouldn’t say “Mr.Obama” or “Mr.Bush”
      Trump was president whether you liked it or not, and he’ll FOREVER be referred to as 🎉PRESIDENT TRUMP 🎉

  5. This is a scary sad fact check thingee. Happy to see so many calling CNN out. The Town Hall was surreal. The moderator seemed to just sit there and do absolutely nothing to keep it integral to an actual thing the press should be broadcasting

    1. Ever hear anyone out talk Trump. When he has the microphone ya can’t shut him up. Look what had to be done in last debate, his microphone had to be turned off so Biden could speak.

    2. @Louise Collard Did you just say for Biden to speak? 😂 What has Biden ever said that was coherent?

  6. Next week’s show stars OJ Simpson talking about his new book “If I did it”
    Don’t forget to tune in for the upcoming Jeffrey Dahmer town hall where he gives a solid explanation and cooking tips on “My humans-only diet”.

    1. We would love to tune into Biden answering questions. Lol but we know that will never happen.

    1. When they have to have somebody come on and tell us what’s true and what’s not true when we know for ourselves you know they blew it

    2. Cnn should do some self checking go around and ask they’re non white workers how they truly feel about this. And I know trumpers are gonna eat this up and I’m not a trumper. But it’s deserved. We talk about diversity and being open on this side on the liberal side but are we really? Nobody took in to account how minorities feel about this?
      Given this guy a platform when he invited racist groups to the Capitol. When that officer was in Congress explaining what happened to him. Officer Dunn the black one we all watched it how he was called the N word to his face while Protecting!!!!!
      Trump called those people there and now cnn you give him a freakin platform unreal…

    1. I respect trump for going on cnn.they always say everything he says is wrong but the left are angels

    2. How could they not know how this would turn out, and why didn’t they prepare better questions to combat his tired old talking points. So dumb.

    3. They’re checking they’re social and see the pure red backlash that’s exactly why they’re looking like that

  7. “I’m not asking you to fact check everything he said that was false because we only have a couple more hours”
    That just went completely under the radar

    1. ​@lary johnson Whatever I think he was just commenting on the fact that the tapper was basically saying this guy lies every time he opens his mouth.

    1. Why not? Why are you people afraid to listen to opposite views. Even if you believe some one is lying at listen and rebut.

    2. ​@Patricia Maduwubait interferes with the brainwashing. Other opinions are mentally painful. There is only one way. Seriously look at their reactions.

  8. Has to rank as CNN’s most shameful moment. The fact that they have not put the entire video of the townhall on their You tube website shows us how embarrassed and worried they are from the fallout. Just short snippets of this PR disaster so that hopefully the public who did not see the whole thing will not take too much notice of it.

    1. ​@Peter pumpkin eaterwhere is it? I only see clips. I might be missing it can you direct me so I can watch it?

  9. I hope you’re happy. The decision to give him the platform was, every way you look at it, despicable.

    1. Can you explain why it’s despicable instead of repeating what you seen others say who refuse to elaborate?

  10. That “mediator” got her cheeks metaphorically clapped live on air in 4K by the Big Don 👏👏👏👏😂

    She’s probably gonna make up false accusations and try to sue him one day 💀💀💀

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