1. What? Republicans offering any kind of solution or policy other than grandstanding? Stop the madness…

    2. @Joe tuktyyuktuk Democrats dismantled a system that was working and getting better. They broke it and will not fix it or admit they are too incompetent to lead.

  1. “I’m a rich person, telling you what to think, from a company full of rich decision makers, who tell us to talk about a bunch of rich people in DC”.

  2. Impeachment is for prosecution of “high crimes and misdemeanors”. Last time I looked it wasn’t a crime to not be very good at your job.

    1. Remember the CARAVANS IN 2018 during TRUMPS after 2 years into his presidency
      Why didn’t they impeach him for that?? HYPOCRITS

  3. McCarthy should resign from being Speaker of the House and from congress since he can’t do his job at all.

  4. mayorkas and Buttigieg both need to go. you cannot fail as much as they have in their only tasks and still remain employed in the private sector

    1. @Shane Alan Mexico will pay for the wall ..i will release my taxes when the audit is done …..dominion was flippin votes italian satelites were flipping votes …what happened to lou dobbs lol , why is rupert testifying in dominion lawsuit lmao hugo chavez software to flip elections lmao ….chinas bamboo ballots lmao …

    1. Yes. It would require 67 Senate votes to convict and remove. Impeachment is like an indictment in standard law, and requires a bare majority. Big difference. So it’s absolutely meaningless for an impeachment of a cabinet official. It only happened one other time in U.S. History – right after the Civil War.

  5. They’ve forgotten about inflation already? Or they never had any intentions of doing anything about it in the first place?

  6. The things Ken Buck said about Mayorkas tell you everything you need to know about Mayorkas. May Mayorkas never be comfortable in public again.

  7. lmao “Do we have operation control of the border”? Im pretty sure we can amass any amount of troops and planes at a moments notice at our border. Thanks southern states for sending such smart boys to congress!

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