Hillary Clinton Blames James Comey for Losing Election 11/11/16

Hillary Clinton Blames James Comey for Losing Election 11/11/16

Hillary Clinton, her aides, and democratic supporters are trying to put the blame on FBI Director James Comey for losing the 2016 presidential election. They say James Comey coming out and saying they are looking into new Hillary Clinton emails swayed the election but they failed to say that FBI Director James Comey came out saying they reviewed the new emails and didn't change their opinion not to recommend prosecution.

November 11, 2016



  1. Sorry, the DNC screwing over Bernie Sanders cost the democrats the win.
    Hillary’s pride went right before her fall.

    1. Brian Zielke II
      Bernie would have lost to Trump. Bernie is weak on immigration, weak on the
      economy, even weaker on terrorism (he didnt evem show up to AIPAC lol), and
      nobody would want a socialist. His only supporters are radical marxists who
      are unreliable. Plus his campaign manager lacks the skills Kelly-Anne
      Conway had. and the stealth groundgame Reince Preibus had.

      Sorry, to break it to you. But facts are facts. Hell, even without the
      Superdelegates. Bernie would have lost to Hillary by 336 delegates. And
      Bernie can easily be paid off. Wikileaks showed him agreeing to go soft on
      Hillary. Trump defeated the Bush/Clinton dynasty, the MSM, and took over
      the Republican party. Like a true boss.

      Bernie sucks!

    2. Bernie “The Socialist” Sanders is now enjoying his $600K summer house and a
      fancy car bought by the $27 a pop donations from his dumb “free college”
      supporters, so he’s good and set for life, folks.

  2. Cnn will now try to drift back to trump and bash the looser
    Hillary…cowards…Donald ignore cnn as they ignored you

    1. Good luck trying to suck up to Trump after the last 12 months, MSM. That
      train has left and it ain’t coming back.

  3. Screw CNN!!!! Hahahahaha love to see these idiots report about their
    unavoidable loss!! God Bless Trump!!!!!! God Bless AMERICA!!!!!

  4. Hillary did little campaigning, few press conferences…she thought she was
    going to sleep through this campaign? LOL! AND BTW, no one more racist than
    Hillary. CNN, you are a disgrace! Did anyone tell the children how evil
    Hillary is?

    1. she campaigned for few times because she said we all know the system is
      rigged in our favor so no worries we will win for sure but God said No More
      you’ve crossed my line that’s it… Praise be our God for his mercy and put
      President Trump in the white house, Amen

    1. Yes, indeed. Hillary is the biggest “crap-meister” I have ever witnessed.
      Tuzla, Bosnia was the second to the last straw for me. Sniper fire?
      Seriously? Benghazi was the very last straw. Patricia Smith (mother of
      Sean), she even tried throwing you under the bus.

      Thank God, Hillary is history!

  5. CNN and the pple they r interviewing r enabling n fueling the riots!! U R
    as responsible and accountable for this there was already a HUGE disconnect
    in this country cuz of ALL the democrats keeping each other in high
    positions. I don’t think we even touched the surface. Mr Trump is a man who
    will bring change no matter what. Fair n square n there will be a price to
    pay for all those involved Obama should be worried, the Clinton’s should be
    worried…they r just fueling the riots to keep the heat offa themselves
    but the truth will come out God had more of a part in the election results.
    Mr. Trump sought out pastors proof of his integrity. I orayed for him n his
    family he said he would do the rigbt thing FOR THE PPLE. We should too AND

  6. I am native American, Jewish, Latin, Greek, Persian, Italian and I VOTED
    Tired of the establishment, tired of the corruption, Hillary needs to pay
    for her crimes, show her real color, starting from Wako massive killing,
    then all the dead around he husband election in AR, then all the deals she
    did with corrupted people around the world and getting jobs, Haitian hate
    her, all the corruption with that foundation that paid her daughters
    wedding for $9Million dollars and her condo for other $10M LOCK HER UP and
    let us have USA BIG AGAIN, and if anybody doesn’t like, go back to your
    previous country or get out to Spain like the idiot comedians that
    supported her want to do.

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