Hillary Clinton Says, “These Have Been Very, Very Tough Days” 11/12/16

Hillary Clinton Says, "These Have Been Very, Very Tough Days" 11/12/16

After losing the election to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton speaks out and says, "these have been very, very tough days". November 12, 2016



  1. CNN still won’t stop the rhetoric. He will repeal and his solution will
    keep some common sense components. Like pre existing conditions.

    1. Robert S I don’t know why I continue to punish myself. Wonder if I can tell
      my cable provider to block CNN and MSNBC?

  2. No Hitlery cheated. There was tons of voter fraud occurring. She did not
    win the popular vote jackass.

    1. NEWSFLASH for the confused: Who won the popular vote is 100% irrelevant
      because US presidency is not determined by popular vote and this had been
      known from day one before the election.

    2. Even if she did win the popular vote, the population has increased since
      2012 yet she received fewer votes than Romney & Seven Million Obama 2012
      voters chose not to vote at all.

    3. I’m saying it because they are actually floating a petition with what they
      claim are 3M signatures asking for the election to be overturned based on
      the popular vote.

  3. Americans can pay for the wall voluntarily, each brick can have a number,
    refer to the number on a bronze sign which will tell the donor family name
    or a loved one. While there at it build a visitors museum to memorialize
    this historic movement and achievement to Make America Great Again !!! As
    far as the rioters if they still live at home their parents should threaten
    to kick them out and or stop paying for their college. Any kid out there
    that didn’t vote shouldn’t even be protesting and that’s probably most of
    them. All protests should stop the minute it becomes violent like it has,
    kids breaking Windows, beating people up, defecation on signs, burning the
    flag, you name it. The media should not report it just like they refused to
    report Hillary’s scandals and illegal activities. They shoved a skewed
    biased view down Americans throats for months and now people are actually
    afraid of the wrong person. Hilary is the one they should have been afraid
    of in respect to their future. The rest of the world is relieved because
    their media is better at telling the truth then ours. WORLD WAR THREE has
    been postponed because of Trump winning. Hilary and Joe Biden are on record
    spewing hate and threats toward Russia backed up by LIES of supposed cyber
    hacking which has already been disproved. It was us !!!! Inside Intel to
    stop Hilary from being elected to protect us. Obama and Hilary should be
    going to great lengths to stop these riots. Can you imagine rioting in a
    country where you get to vote ??!!!! They have no clue what democracy
    really means.

  4. C’mon be honest. I mean you have to feel at least a little bit sorry for
    Hillary after waiting for this moment her whole life…


    1. lapamful Did you happen to see Huma’s email to her brother back in Sept?
      LOL it’s so revealing and it confirms everything that has been reported on
      Hillary. Kick her? No! Hangmans noose? YES!

  5. Larry Sabato is full of crap. The reason Clinton has the “popular vote” is
    election fraud.
    These fools need to be careful with Trump as he has signaled he will not
    put up with
    the criminal bullshit that is the trademark of the Democratic Party.

  6. Seven Million Obama 2012 voters have spoken by choosing not to vote. Trump
    Will Make America Great. All those tears for Bernie will not be waisted.

  7. The unveiling of the Fourth Reich, and true to form the NAZI-Liberals and
    racist xenophobes violently and aggressively charge the whole tolerant
    world for their crimes.

  8. You did it to yourself…
    You were CAUGHT>>> Lying, Cheating, Colluding, Scamming and NOW the
    foundation is CAUGHT in full RICO !

    YOU did it… an entire career of failures…
    You are out of our political system now you filthy animal… Good riddance

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