1. Well Real Talk homeboy is speaking the truth the everyone sit back and let vladdy boy do what he wanted now look where we are today America needs to stop doing everything by the book🤔

    1. @james jackovich Except Ukraine wasn’t a member so this would have done nothing.

      Though the EU is as you want, changing it’s stance towards a shared military response force. On the other hand, the EU is also saying they will be more integral with NATO itself. I think in the end there will be no EU standing army separate from NATO, just that this standing army has a dedicated command structure inside NATO.

    2. @Jack McLane If US and NATO countries have their own arsenal that threat is cancelled. Let’s assume they were no Nuclear weapons in this world, the US and NATO would still not fight Russia the leaders know that

    3. @Emil Ilyin Germany have gladly stayed out of having a powerful military
      Invested in tech ended up with better stronger economy for it ! When they have a massive accountability about the Russian invasion they still drag their heels.

    4. @Eric London so what do you propose? to let Putin get what he wants? A bit of help: there is no limit to what he wants if he can get it

    5. If we destroy Russia, the Democrats and Washington won’t have anyone to blame everything on. Hunter’s laptop is Russian Disinformation, Russia blew up their own pipeline, Russia hacked DNC computers, Russian Dossier is Gospel, Russia, Russia, Russia!

    1. ​@Robert Blando We are in a war. Trying to thrust my country into a civil conflict because some guy who stole a Star Trek character name told them to do so… that’s next level detachment. It’s dangerous and it’s right out of the fascist playbook.

  2. Yes, passivity and appeasement didn’t work with Hitler either. Amanpour is, and has been, a true and positive force, an intelligent and insightful seeker of the truth, with an unswerving humanitarian focus. Kagan answered even the tough questions clearly and appropriately, and with tremendous insight.

    1. @Turtle A little further than I would go, but yes. Putin is halfway to Hitler. And Trump is halfway to Putin.

    2. @bradley heights The latter. Putin has concocted 1 pretext after another. When Putin invaded Crimea Nato didn’t do anything. When Putin amassed an invasion force on the Ukraine border same response from Nato. Passivity emboldened Putin.

    3. @dlanska It all began with Chechnya. The West turned a blind eye to what pretty much is what we are seeing in Ukraine. The only difference is that Ukrainians are Eastern Orthodox Christians. Chechnya is Muslim.

  3. Gee I called this nearly at the start of this entire mess. He’s a bully, you don’t back down whimpering like a battered dog. It just makes the bully angrier and more abusive. Hand Ukraine missiles that can hit Moscow and watch how fast that bully pulls back.

    1. Stupid strategy. Hitting moscow would only confirm propagandists that invented that ukraine was going to atack and that russian pre-emptively invaded. It would ralley moscovites to the cause, and moscow and st pete is actually where anti-regime folks live.

  4. “we have been a little too reluctant to provide Ukraine with everything the Ukrainians can possibly use…”. I have been puzzled by the reluctance as well.

  5. We watched this happen in the 30s and 40s, and we got WWII when Western Europe and the US failed to show its teeth. We need to be more proactive in preventing invasions, rather than wasting lives and treasure carrying out our own for selfish reasons.

  6. How about Europe’s failure to become involved? However I do agree the USA must confront Russia and totalitarian regimes when we can. Trump did give Putin his way by pulling out our troops in Syria. In all probability we now we have Ukraine as a result.

    1. Hum …I think we are pretty involved you know the war is at our actual borders. A lot of western Europe countries took Ukrainian refugees and provide them with Weapons.

  7. we were too soft at the beggining, and now what a tragedy!!! al the bloodshed happening when it could have been stopped if we had given Ukraine what they needed to stop this monster.

  8. The reality is that Putin knew Trump would be on his side in this conflict and had plans to do this, counting on Trump to continue as president. That didn’t happen, but Putin was already invested.

  9. I couldn’t agree more with Robert Kagan! My highest respect to this man for his clear and firm stance. One can only hope that eternally hesitant politicians like Germany’s Chancellor Scholz will take his advice. Slava Ukraini from Canada!

  10. The Georgians were the first to open fire on our peacekeepers. In Syria, they acted with the consent of the Bashar government, and in the Crimea there was a referendum

  11. I agree we have to respond , and yes, we did increase aggression through the U.S. being passive.. Furthermore, we have not worked hard enough to help the Russian people know the truth. We sacrificed so many people in Syria, Georgia, and Crimea. Now, is not the time to back away again. We have to stay the course with the help of God and stop Putin. In addition, we need to support people such as Alexei Navalny and to work as hard as we can to keep him alive.

  12. As long as we in the West hesitate, Putin will see that as weakness and a reluctance to fighting.

    Never give an inch to a bully and politicians must defer to experienced war fighters when the time comes.

  13. At the end of the Ukraine war, Russian forces will rank as the most experienced forces that defeated the western and NATO allies.

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