House approves John Lewis Voting Rights Act along party lines | USA TODAY

Republicans opposing the legislation say it is part of a partisan strategy for Democrats to federalize election rules to their advantage.


House Democrats voted Tuesday to revive federal oversight of state voting-rights laws that had been weakened by recent Supreme Court decisions, but the measure faces an uncertain future against Republican opposition in the Senate.

The House voted 219-212 along straight party lines to approve the legislation named for the late Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., a civil-rights icon. The bill aims to restore Justice Department review of changes in election law in states with a history of discrimination.

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  1. The House needs to pass the Fourteenth Amendment Protection Act, which reduces the number of Representatives and Electors of very state in proportion to how many people are excluded from voting by their restrictive laws versus their census population. Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment must be protected!

    1. Yes New York and California need to pay! In both of them you cannot cast a ballot at a polling location you are not assigned to by your residential address. Exactly what CNN is saying makes Texas and Florida “restrictive”. How much should both of their elector counts reduce by?

    1. ​@Rolling pebble What have Democrats changed, specifically?

      Alternatively, Republicans have passed at least 16 mail voting restrictions in 12 states will make it more difficult for voters to cast mail ballots that count.
      At least 8 states Republican-controlled states have enacted 11 laws that make in-person voting more difficult.

      There is a long list of things Republicans have done this year to restrict access to voting. Can you come up with even a single thing Democrats have changed?

    2. @Tim Chaney You conspiracy theorists keep saying that. What you haven’t done is produce a shred of evidence.

    3. @Rolling pebble Republicans are in charge of a lot of States buddy, they’re passing all the laws, and making all the changes so that they can cheat to win.

    1. Trump’s own head of the FBI said the 2020 election was the most secure in US history. Zero proof of any widespread voter fraud has been found, keep coping.

    2. @Vick Vick Sure lol

      Way to completely ignore everything I said, that’s what you people are best at – ignoring objective reality in favor of paranoid delusions. I look forward to you guys moving the goalposts for the next 3 years.

      I’m sure the evidence will come out any day now! /s

  2. Well if the commies in the picture at the start of the video wants this then you know it’s not about voting rights.

  3. If anyone is curious… the bug will be history when Nancy stops coordinating her masks with her wardrobe. Currently, she’s heavily invested in designer masks for many months to come. We’re ruled by an egotistical nut!

  4. I just feel the wish of the people don’t get trampled on, you put a law to have people walk around with stuffs and you saying we can vote without IDs, who does that

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