House GOP reveals new details in alleged Biden family dealings | USA TODAY

Rep. James Comer released new details on the investigation into allegations the Biden family received millions of dollars from foreign entities.

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Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., head of the Oversight and Accountability Committee, distributed banking records documenting multiple payments while Biden was vice president. Revelations about the payments and business deals have been reported for years, but Comer and other members of the panel questioned why Biden’s relatives such as Hunter Biden arranged for payments through shell companies if they had nothing to hide.

A White House spokesperson, Ian Sams, said in a Wednesday statement that Comer has been the one helping the Chinese Communist Party by attacking Biden. Sams said Comer used “baseless claims, personal attacks and innuendo to try to score political points” in his “evidence-free, politically motivated ‘investigation.’”

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  1. We believe and are suspicious. Is your answer for now? Is how Hunter got rich? I thought, according to all the Republicans , that today was D-day for the big reveal.

  2. As a 68 year old white guy I’m fed-up with this
    personal attack government we have voted in!!! I thinks it’s time we reload with younger democrats and republicans

    You can’t run a country like this. Our enemies are only getting stronger 😮

    1. 😂 Oh NOW? You’re sick of it? 😂😂😂😂 You can’t take your own medicine is all that is.

  3. And where is the FBI and DOJ‘s in this country? Why haven’t they prosecute these people doing this stuff along time ago to, the FBI and the DOJ is corrupted as well put them in jail as well.

  4. Didn’t know you could still call it alleged when there’s numerous documents, transactions and proof it’s all true. Interesting…

    1. They say ‘alleged’ for liability reasons. It’s about not being sued if they are wrong or lying.

    2. I read the emails there’s 134 thousand democrats can’t read that much it burns that last brain cell

  5. “Alleged” 😂😂😂
    Its not alleged, the entire 30+ minute conference detailed how they now have overwhelming circumstantial evidence and proof in hand, they literally had multiple people discuss and reveal all relevant and publicly sharable key points.

    1. Alleged because he hasn’t been convicted of a crime , do you not understand how the law works in America

    2. It’s “alleged” if it’s the part you support. But prosecute to the fullest extent of the law and convict if it’s not the party you support. Seeing that with Santos right now. (I’m not dem or Republican) just pointing out the hypocrisy on both sides.

    3. Alleged is what everyone is until proven innocent or guilty. Though I get the reason why you’re saying what you’re saying. Might as well call him guilty but the news could be sued into oblivion if they did.

  6. *HAHA That was good getting a Contribute to Joe Bribin Campaign Commercial before watching this!*

  7. Any descent family man or father would be aware of their son receiving millions of dollars from other countries. Especially if they took so many trips together to China and Ukraine. Those are some long trips to not say “hey Son how’s work?”
    Now x that by your entire family getting money wired to them. Let’s see if anything happens.

    1. @Kalerran to prison. I don’t think so he’s going to be your next president. He’s not like you.

  8. Finally, main stream “news” is pulling their heads out of their butts. Too little too late, though, as you conveniently looked the other way to get “your guy” elected. No amount of stunned innocent looks will wipe the egg of your faces.

  9. Now I can see clearly why an 80 year old man BIDEN in failing health would fight so hard for the most stressful job in the World. GREED!

  10. The most notable thing is the lack of “details” or anything of substance, just lIke all the rest of their B.S.

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  12. why can’t Lawmen be accountable for slander, in a court of law, if their accusations and investigations dont pan out?

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