House passes Inflation Reduction Act, sends it to Biden | USA TODAY


  1. I think all members of “the house” should have to pay our bills because in this bill they gave billions more to pay for Ukraines war….

  2. There you go Nancy make that money!! So happy for you. If we the people don’t start standing up to these crooks then WE deserve to have OUR money stolen from us.

  3. I would like to personally thank all members of Congress for coming together to assist the WEF in the implementation of their worldwide financial global reset. Your work will be remembered for generations.
    You will own nothing and be happy. Or else.

  4. “When I first saw those photographs I had a very intellectual response, which was ‘Wow!”—Kamala Harris when talking about the Webb telescope

  5. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! If inflation is ZERO (as Biden proclaimed yesterday) why do we need the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’?

  6. Yayy!!! 80,000 plus more IRS Agents… Just what we need. American Citizens are expected to live within their budget, but the government can’t do that, so lets hire more agents to bleed even more money from the common man.

  7. Someone please explain to me how spending (another) $370 billion of OUR money will reduce inflation???! Guess who’s paying this back?! Inflation (2022) is nothing more than businesses, landlords and government taking the money back they lost the past two years!

  8. Climate change bill! How is climate change incentives going to change inflation? You cant make this make sense! Lol

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