1. Conway is a reanimated skin bag filled with dead mice. She keeps orphans in her basement and sucks their life essence to remain un-dead.

  2. Everytime I see kellyanne Conway speaking on TV, I flashback to the 90s when tales from the crpyt had a tv series

  3. The Ignorant in chief has he’s dumbies thinking they are above the law WRONG! time to do your time LOCK 👹HER UP!

    1. @Len Cravitz ok trump is president, he has the senate and the doj. So why isn’t the clintons under investigation? If that’s your only argument you are as stupid as trump.

  4. No problem.for her. She is the queen of lying. What is the value of a subpoena, when people get away with ” I do not recall”?

  5. White House Immunity. Good luck on finding that in the Constitution!
    This White House is just making s#!t up.

    1. Commander Starstrider they are just trying to clean up all of the bs, this clown president has started

    2. Norlin Kalamazoo no one is trying to rail road the con man and liar, he needs to respect the rule of law, and he thinks that he’s above it trump should be empeached or jailed ,before this country falls apart

    1. @Rooty Kazooty It’s called “the internet of things”, which are hackable by good old telnet. Don’t you worry you little brain about any of it, it won’t help you anyway.

  6. All of these people are criminals, but there’s zero accountability. So far it’s all Theatre 🎭.

    1. Democrats are still roaming free still trying to “cover-up” all their s– an play tbeblame game

    2. @Mary Hilliard LOL CNN mods are deleting my comments – they can’t handle the truth! :))))

    1. @BigSmartArmed Erm, his profile pic is the ‘character’ hanibal from the movie. It’s not really him……

  7. About time the skull talker be brought to some justice! We the people deserve to see her in court!

    1. For what? She has not violated the hatch act. Not any more then the majority of Democrats in Congress. She is guaranteed her vote and her right to voice her opinions under the first amendment at the very least. She also does not have to answer any subpoena not issued by a judge. Congress’ subpoenas have no teeth. Ask Eric holder and President Obama. Let’s all wait and watch what interference and influence our former flotus/queen brought to bear on the smollit case in Chicago. Unless the MSM finds some more trumped up nonsense to cover the airwaves with to distract the masses. Oh and while we are at it the DOJ might be getting prepared to investigate John Kerry, Diane Feinstein for meeting with Iran, negotiating the interests of their political party over the interests of the United States. Turnabout is fair play

    1. FL TS Your Dysfunctional because your Daddy forgot to use a rubber when hè was Plowin your Mother(His Sister)🤔

    1. Try convincing Trump, McConnel , McCarthy, Graham and the rest of the passing kissing cowardly GOP of that…

    2. The United States of America is not a Democracy its a Republic also Killary Clinton has been above the Law for along time

    1. @Cherkov Binfaggenov Ni? I didn’t know my grandma was a knight. Cool.

      Also, BJS? Big Jew School? Brown Juice Straw? Bash Jehovah’s Scrotum?

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