How 10 months in prison turned into 11 years

There's a warning that more needs to be done to help thousands of prisoners who are left "languishing" behind bars.

The Howard League for Penal Reform says thousands of inmates are still serving Imprisonment for Public Protection sentences – which were abandoned in 2012. Sky's Ashish Joshi reports.

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  1. Imagine how much this is costing the tax payer they should let him out on
    house arrest for a couple of years and give him a chance to prove he is no
    danger to society if he does anything wrong he should be sent back to

  2. meanwhile terrorists have the best ‘human rights’ lawyers, free of charge.
    Killers are given bail to kill again or released early. Judges go against
    the will of the British ppl they’re supposed to serve e.g. Brexit. Where
    are Amnesty International, Liberty on this? nowhere cos he’s not a
    protected victim group. If he converted to Islam inside, maybe he’d get the
    leftists on side, the posh solicitors, out nxt week

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