1. it’s not divisive to want people who break the law to be kicked out.. very
    annoying comparing immigrants who are legal and wanted.. with illegals who
    by skipping the long line of honest people wanting to be citizens and the
    honest law abiding immigrants that we live with the criminals that sell
    drugs and commit crimes. We.. want of the illegal people out. The wall is
    going to happen.. it’s already been voted in and funded in part.. it’s just
    called a fence in the law. The globalist around the world will not win this
    one.. the sleeping giant of America has awoken.

  2. He won because people who rarely voted in the past decided to go out and
    vote for him. The politicians are out of touch with the people and Trump
    made a connection. It was a protest against the establishment for the most
    part. I doubt that Trump will do much for the poorest people in the country

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