How Finding A “Friendship Tribe” Impacts Your Mental Health

With a little inspiration from fellow host Tiffany Host, NBC’s Joshua Johnson speaks about the importance of finding your “friendship tribe” and how having close friends can benefit your mental health.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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How Finding A “Friendship Tribe” Impacts Your Mental Health


    1. An insurrection with no weapons and no destruction. Wow I need to invest in Vaseline because you lefties live life bent over.

    1. I was told “you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family. No truer words have been spoken..

    1. Not by politics though. 2 different types of thinking determining our way of life needs to be the antithesis of tribalism.

  1. I’ve got one friend. Fortunately I’ve had him for 23 years. I’ve tried making more, but lord, humans are wretched. The bad ones are hateful, hostile, manipulative, arrogant, and cruel. And even the good ones are dumb, cold, self-concerned, petty, and stubborn or just plain stagnant. I don’t need attention, or support, or validation, or approval so desperately. Maybe once every two years I’ll reach out to a person who seems really smart, friendly, humble, compassionate, generous, and creative. But I’m wrong. I’m always wrong. And it isn’t worth making myself vulnerable.

    1. Heya, I want to apologize for the flack I gave one of your comments. I don’t think that was deseved.

    2. @OrcaBob 4337 And I think you saw the word “vulnerable” and started salivating like a hyena. Thanks, but no thanks.

  2. My friend refused to get vaccinated, refused to wear a mask, flew in from Florida, and stood in my kitchen talking to my unvaccinatable 10-year-old. Scratch one friend – up to you if it was over politics.

    1. Your “friend” doesn’t value your child’s LIFE over his petty desire to make a statement in the privacy of your kitchen? LEAVE…NOW !! Don’t come back. Life matters!

    2. Your friend didn’t “refuse” anything. He chose not to get an experimental vaccine. YOU are the bad friend.

    3. He didn’t bend over you did. Tell us why yahoo news and many others say Biden released 1500 covid infected “migrants” into McAllen Texas last week. Does using a biological weapon against your political foes and invading your own country sound like treason to you as well. Or do I only have to tell you Orangeman bad and you will do anything I say?

    4. @No Show Joe respecting your friends wishes is what makes a good friend. Something a YouTube troll would have no idea about.

  3. My family and friends, with a handful of exceptions, turned on me. A sociopath poisoned the well in my absence, and when crisis hit, many ‘friends’ and ‘family’ disappeared. The few who remain to this day have been there for 40-50 years. Two or three best pals is all I will keep. The rest, whatever.

    1. it’s situtations like these where you find out who are your real friends! I also have 2 or 3 and I have known them forever… they are real friends, and they would always be there for me. I love them more than my family.

  4. True friendships require SELFLESSNESS.
    Your degree of selfishness is inversely proportional to the depth of relationships you will ever form.
    Higher the selfishness, shallower the relationships.

  5. It’s hard to stay in touch with old friends or make new ones if you’re working 10 or more hours a day. If you’re lucky your co-workers become friends or as i call them _’Allies In Pain’._ If you’re unlucky you get overworked and underfucked. That’s why I quit.

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