How ‘Lock Her Up!’ blew up

"Lock her up!" the crowd at President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Toledo, Ohio, chanted. "You should lock her up, I'll tell you," Trump agreed.

The "her" is Hillary Clinton. The crime for which the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee should allegedly be imprisoned isn't clear. But the chant has become a regular part of the circus-like atmosphere at Trump rallies, a sort of calling card for the movement. CNN's Chris Cillizza has more. #CNN #News


  1. You think just because it’s not true he not going to repeat over and over. It gives him and his minions something to spew.

  2. It’s all about getting and sustaining these bogus investigations that seems to be getting sickeningly familiar. It seems to have become a cherished tradition GOP.

  3. Let’s compare. How many people got indicted from the Clinton investigation? How many got indicted from trump?

    1. Only Nixon’s team had more indicted and convicted than Trump. With another year in office, Trump has a good chance of becoming the most fantastically corrupt team of liars ever to sit in the White House.

  4. Even when these incompetent morons hold power the justice department they control has indicted more republicans and trump supporters than it has any of its political adversaries

  5. FACTS are more people have been indicted in investigations into trump than EVERY trump administration investigation into his political opponents combined.

    1. That’s not a fact , that’s just more anti-American B/S from your bias fake news sources ,who support illegals over LEGAL U.S. ,CITIZENS ! If you have been following the real news lately , it has been corrupt Dem’s that have been duck-walked into court and receiving jail sentences for their theft of tax-payers/government funds!!

    2. @WrizzleDVM No one gets exonerated in America. She is innocent. She was not tried for the crimes. Prosecutorial discretion means she can still be tried until 2025.

    3. WrizzleDVM
      Dude please take your meds! Clinton is not our president and will never enter our political arena again. That ship has sailed.

    1. @Shellbombs Seems to me that you democrat losers obsess over Trump 24/7. Thanks to you clowns, Trump will surpass Jesus in recognition.

    1. Bill Barr—Trump’s Attorney General—is in charge of federal prisons.

      Fun fact: Bill Barr’s father gave Epstein his first job, get this; _teaching at a high school!_ 🤦‍♀️

      And there’s so many videos of Trump dancing and looking creepy (eek) around women at Epstein’s parties.

      So no way Trump or Barr did it, only Killery, who has no access, did it.

      Makes sense to Trump voters 🤷‍♀️

    1. “Let all quarreling (brawling, clamor, contention) and slander (evil-speaking, abusive or blasphemous language) be banished from you, arrogant godless bias dRAT leftists, with all malice (spite, ill will), and become useful and helpful and kind to one another, understanding, loving-hearted)…”, Eph4:31,32

  6. History will tell how DT45 fooled everyone with his lies and conspiracies and got away with it. B4 anyone catches him , he’s already onto the next smoke and mirrors !

    1. He’s been a snake for over 50 years. The Evil One happily sold his soul to Satan and has been a loyal soldier ever since. he has so many scandals, so many balls up in the air, to keep us distracted. meanwhile he is bankrupting the country, the government is filled with unqualified people whose only trying to line their pockets, we are the laughing stock of the entire world and it’s not over with Iran. he will send us to war because he thinks it will help him with his re-election. Remember, he must remain in power; as soon as he’s no longer president, Individual 1 will be arrested!

  7. How does this man get away with so many straight up lies??? And he’s our president??? He truly is a pathological liar.

  8. This is the guy with the phony University, the phony Foundation, and the list goes on. He might as well be talking about himself.

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