1. @Harry Farber “Joe Biden said that if you voted for him, he was going to change the rules about indicting a sitting president.”

      I cant seem to find the quote where Biden says? Do you have the exact quote where Biden made this claim?

  1. What happened to the days when Thomas knew that ethics, honesty, trustworthy behavior, and incorruptibility was your moral fiber; the inner strength to do what you believe to be right. It was an unwritten understanding that one maintains the respect of others by keeping those values. Now, it is whatever the hell you can get away with and if it is not in BLACK and WHITE, the understanding was never heard.

    1. You mean before Anita Hill? I think you got to go way back to find honesty and trustworthyness in Thomas.

  2. Happy Easter🐰…and prayers for OUR AMERICAN DEMOCRACY!!!😔🙏🙏🙏🌬️🌪️🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🗽🗽🗽

    1. 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 🐰 Happy Easter to you tana zinn and your family. Love your comment.

  3. Too bad Al Capone didn’t know to announce his candidacy for the presidency before being arrested. The GOP would have cried political persecution.

    1. @break neck slow Yeah, the rich and powerful usually get a pass. Even though Trump is FINALLY being held accountable they are still treating him like he’s a special little snowflake, I’d love to see them treat him like they did the Exonerated Five when they got arrested

  4. WHEN is someone going to mention the FACT that this investigation started long BEFORE he announced his candidacy for 2024 ? It cant be political if he wasnt in politics when it all started.

  5. Someone heard trump ‘singing’ a Beatles song: ‘Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away! Now they are here to stay! Oh I believe in yesterday…! Meanwhile Hillary was chanting: LOCK HIM UP! LOCKHIM UP! 😉

  6. Let’s all be aware that Desantis was a participant in the Guantanamo tortures while he was in JAG.

  7. Romney’s analysis or poor reporting of this indictment demonstrates why it is a good thing he was never president himself

    1. I wish that was the reason he wasn’t elected. the fact that Bush and Trump were even candidates says otherwise – it’s money, influence, bold misinfo and utter stupidity that are popular among a society driven by those things

  8. It is time for there to be some education about the justice system and the process of getting an indictment . These politicians are making it sound like you can indict someone with no ground just because you feel like which is not true.

    1. Jim Jordan isn’t a lawyer, he just likes to roll up his sleeves and pretend like he is 😂🤣😂🤣

    2. They don’t realize that you need evidence, witnesses, probable cause. Gotta love how they claim that us following the law and bringing a lawful indictment now gives them free reign to maliciously prosecute every Democrat for no reason other than petty vindictiveness

  9. Why are the Politicians afraid of the arrest? It’s because they are all grimey, doesn’t matter if they are Democrat or Republican.

  10. The projection from the GQP is really troubling when they’re actively trying to silence voices & ban books

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