‘Huge setback’: Debt limit talks hit snag

Debt ceiling talks between the White House and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s office have hit a snag, and negotiators have put a pause on the talks, multiple sources tell CNN. CNN’s Melanie Zanona reports. #CNN #News


  1. Social security Medicare has never added to the debt but let’s cut your benefits because a politician spends to much Think about it

    1. You’re making things up “Gary.” But the government spending could probably be cut in half if we got rid of DEI

    2. not even “a politician spends too much” it is “some politicians gave HUGE tax breaks to the people who least need such help”. Also, SS is going to add to the debt soon enough. The fund is being eaten fast. It is a real problem but this bargaining isn’t the solution.

    3. It could be cut even more if Republicans stopped giving massive tax cuts to wealthy people. Us lower income people make up the difference. And…all of the lawmakers salaries stay the same regardless of if they actually do their jobs or not.

    4. ​@John Balnis how many “John Balnis” accounts do you have? Then you accuse Gary of being a fake name? Lol

    1. How about cutting the salary of the Congressmen who stopped negotiating because trump told them to. God help us.

    2. @ Gloria Sanchez. Just Cut The Representatives That Are Holding Up The Bill Paying, And Their King Kevin… Senators Aren’t In This Fight YET…

  2. 14th Amendment: Sometimes you’ve got to make your point with a sledgehammer. If you want to change last year’s legislation, do it in Congress not in the budget.

    1. The rich few are the ones really blocking this. They don’t think they should pay any taxes. They’re better than you!

    2. @Phillip LeechFew? There are many billionaires, and they’ve multiplied since Reagan’s first tax cut over forty years ago.

  3. Law makers just got a raise, let’s start by reversing that. If you are going to cut benefits for your constituents, you should be willing to cut your own compensation as well.

    1. Spot on.
      $30k reimbursements to Congress members for food, rent & utilities, travel, other related expenses for working in D.C. in addition to their annual salaries, benefits, perks.

      Congress living beyond their means unlike a lot of Americans living within their means. Ask Santos.

    2. How about no raise and no taxpayer funded security for them.
      Let them fend for themselves out there in public like the rest of America

    1. That is a last resort.
      He has to try making the republicans act like patriotic americans first

    2. @James Ricker Agreed, The reason why he hasn’t done it yet is to show the American people that he is trying to negotiate but Republicans refuse.

  4. As their employer I say us the American people republicans democrats independents should fire them ALL, the Supreme Court should get the axe too!!

    1. ​@lilah J the Supreme Court is not fine at all. It has become partisan, which isn’t it’s charge.

  5. Just get it over to the Senate, let them ignore it as any reasonable person should, raise the ceiling, and do all these negotiations during budget discussions where they belong.

    1. Yet budget discussions never happen because they just keep raising the ceiling so no need for budget talks

    2. That’s not very constitutional… only House can pass spending bills. And if you think House is impasse, Senate has the 60 minimum vote.

  6. We raised the debt ceiling three times under Trump presidency, and added 7.8 Trillion dollars to the deficit.

  7. Writing a trillion dollar spending bill, and calling it an inflation reduction act is like saying that dying is a good way of reducing your expenses.

  8. It would be nice to turn the clock back 50 years or so to a time when the adults were running our government.

  9. They have alot of nerve getting a raise!! Others can be without their benefits/wages and lawmakers get raises that they surely don’t deserve.I am so sick of this. This is truly a disgusting situation and the government needs to be held accountable for this disgraceful situation. The Lawmakers need to continue working , no more BREAKS or VACATIONS FOR CONGRESS!!!!!

  10. The ironic part of work requirements is that it would expand the roll of government by having a budget set aside to hire people to prevent people who don’t qualify, from getting them. So not only are they not getting as much, of the already minuscule savings, they are just harming people… all so the rich can keep their money…

  11. “Sometimes I wonder if the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.” – Mark Twain

  12. It’s almost like you can predict the news these days. I never thought these talks were going well even when they said exactly that. Because how?

    1. Let’s not forget the Democats don’t even have a plan of there own😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 go democrats 😂😂😂😂

  13. For *ONCE* I sincerely hope the #Democrats do *not* negotiate the debt ceiling. Full stop. 🤷‍♀️

  14. Red Rolled: “Honey, we need to stop spending on nonsense like food and medicine.”
    Wife: “Why? Your parents had those. We’d have more money if your salary hadn’t nosedived back in 2017.”
    Red: “C’mon honey, don’t start on that again. I told the company to decrease my salary because that’s not our money. It’s theirs. And besides, they said it would help them invest in the company and in time, produce even greater profits and a higher salary for me and you.”
    Wife: “How’d that work out? You’re not the sharpest lightbulb in the cookie drawer, Red. You basically spent our money on the company when you gave it back to them. Where’s the return on investment?…any salary increase? Anyways, who told you that? That guy that sounds like a frog whose baseball cap always looks bought in the 1980s and never worn?”
    Red: “Right, Ted Trickledown, the VP of operations. He said they held back on raises due to the pandemic. They said if I just take another pay cut, it will be like winning the lottery, so much money that we’ll be able to afford a Jacuzzi AND a trampoline.”
    Wife: “Did they use the word ‘cash’ a lot?”
    Red: “Whoa! How’d you..”
    Wife: “Shut the … up.”
    Red: “C’mon, sweetie, we have greater freedoms now. We can no longer.. I mean, we’re no longer forced to go to the grocery store. Okay, forget it then, I can’t talk to you. I’m gonna go hang out with the children…I promised them a nice new shiny machine gun for Christmas if they like me more than you.”
    Wife: “What’s Ted’s phone number? I want a divorce.”

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