ICE source: Texas massacre suspect was deported 4 times

The man wanted by law enforcement in the fatal shooting of five of his neighbors in Texas – including a 9-year-old boy – had entered the US illegally and been deported by immigration officials at least four times, a source within US Immigration and Customs Enforcement told CNN. #CNN #News


  1. Really nice touch playing that triumphant music over the description of 5 people being massacred. Really have the whole thing a cheerful vibe. Good work CNN producers.

  2. Prayers for the family and friends of those who were murdered. It’s just so sad. I hope they find justice!!!

    1. ​@Danny Mancheno So we should do anything to even slow down illegal immigration? You don’t seem very bright.

    2. ​@Gerald they aren’t climbing those walls in masses. They are mostly going around them.

    1. Imagine if Joey didn’t have open borders🤷‍♂️.. They would probably still be alive.. remember that, FJB

  3. A coisa mais estranha que eles acham é que ele foi deportado 4 vezes, quando deveria ser o disparar perto de outras pessoas.

    1. Porque se vc entra ilegal no país vc já está cometendo um crime. Isso quer siEr que um crime leva a outro. E a impunidade por um crime faz c que o criminoso sinta se a vontade para cometer mais crimes.

  4. Imagine if he had been convicted to re-entry after deportation, he would have been in PRISON FOR 10 YEARS…

  5. How can someone who is not supposed to be here even own property and firearms? How come police did not take care of the situation the other times the endangering nuisance had been reported by the other neighbors? People interviewed on that street said they had reported the nightly round firing numerous times and police did nothing about it. Imagine not being able to sleep in your bed at night to be up for work in morning because some drunk idiot is on his porch shooting his rifle into the air all night long in a residential neighborhood.

    1. ​@datboib3432 you absolutely have to have a ID to legally purchase a firearm in Texas, where do you get your facts, or better yet cite it for all of us to see.

  6. My mother’s friend was killed by an Guatemalan immigrant in 2012. US agents found him in Guatemala 2 years later and extradited him. He’s doing life in prison now. Hope that family gets justice

    1. @blankety blank “when he flees his prison sentence”. Who is he?? I’m not following nor do I even know what you are even talking about honestly…

    2. @prandomable you think trump is going to step foot in a prison cell after he is convicted in new york, georgia, etc. he will either try to flee or off himself in my opinion.

    3. @blankety blank who even said Trump is going to prison?? Nobody even brought that up. You brought that up yourself.

  7. This is a textbook case of why our Immigration Laws should be reformed, and our firearm purchase/possession/ownership regulations need revising! This tragedy should never have happened!

    1. @ScholaroftheWorld — Alternate History I guess you’re of the opinion he legally purchased this rifle? 😂 OMG

    2. @Anne Austin No info thus far on how he obtained the weapon. Knowing Texas as I do, he probably purchased it across the counter, since there are fewer restrictions on firearm purchases in that State than many others! Welcome to Texas, here’s your gun!

    3. @WHO RULES THE AIR? EXACTLY  People will always argue the problem is guns. But just like common sense, it all depends on the person using that gun. Paddock was suffering from anxiety and was being prescribed huge doses of Valium. Add to that he was a heavy drinker. The Las Vegas shooting was a huge massacre. But the difference between these two seperate cases was one was a US citizen, the other was not. And the non US citizen had been deported 4 times already. Now process of elimination…was he allowed to purchase a gun? No. Would he have been able to get a gun if he was not in this country illegally? Nope.

  8. I think kt was the Police Chief who put him straight when he said it didnt matter about their status the fact that it happened in his county and that the guy is a monster, was at least a rebuke.

    1. @Sedrich McCollum Border Patrol has the Tunnel Rats team, HSI investigates these tunnels, Coast Guard and CBP Air and Marine Agents patrol bodies of water and the coast… give them the money to fund operations, and don’t bog them down with processing family units.

  9. I used to work for a small Verizon contractor in my early 20’s doing office work / billing. We had a guy get deported and like a week later he showed up for work and we were like WTF!? Then 5 months later he got deported again, this time it only took him 3 days to get back – he said he knew the route better the 2nd time.

    1. If any rival nation wants to take out the US from within, only got to ask the Cartels as they’ve been honing this skill since the Democrats made it easier for their business to thrive.

  10. I work for a plant nursery, our field workers get deported 3-4 times a year and they always show back up a couple weeks later.

    1. @Nicole I agree.. Joey can and will be held accountable for the open border crisis.. that family’s blood are on his hands🤷‍♂️.. FJB

    2. @Nome N Clature As much as I am loathe to credit Bush or Clinton, I remember a serious push to do exactly that by site visits and enforcement actions against the management hiring those who may not work in the US.

    3. @Ray Harvey It is actually. Work is getting done in America by Mexican men while white Americans sleep all day.

    4. @Nome N Clature Call them yourself, you will see they don’t do anything, why? they know those workers are needed, since Americans are too lazy to do that type of work

    1. Yeah…and there are more like him getting a free pass at the Southern border! Go figure!

    2. Deported 4x and still able to get access to a gun? I wonder if gun laws in the US have anything to do with that…he should have never had access to a gun in the first place.

    3. @BronzeBellaBria How do you know he didn’t bring a gun with him from Guatemala or Mexico? Maybe he’s drug cartel

  11. It seems the local cops there need to be investigated for lack of response as there were 5 911 calls about this guy shooting off his guns,yet nothing was done until after he kills 5 people, and now they can’t find him.Aren’t the cops supposed to serve and protect and not ignore and deflect?

    1. @Oliver 101 yea for the guy that shot 5 people right? Not the guy who had his wife and son brutally murdered.

  12. When you’ve got a revolving door on your southern border it works both ways. There’s a reason why they can’t find this guy. He’s in Mexico.

  13. Esto es muy difícil de oír, es una tragedia, un hecho incomprensible.. porqué matar de esa manera a gente inocente? Dios le de consuelo a todas los familiares y amigos de las victimas . 🙏😢

  14. Im done trying to say how ridiculous that border, illegal immigration, and this dumpster fire of an administration is in everything it does. Especially, when it comes to these people.and this subject matter.

  15. *❤️❤️❤️The most important thing in the world is been accomplished by people who keeps on pushing despite the difficulties.*

  16. Maybe the Governor said that to highlight how committed he was to see justice served even though they were illegal?

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