1. Why would a gas explosion have fire? It was said to be an explosion, not a leak that ignited. An explosion would have removed the O2 and put out any fire. Explosions were used in the first gulf war to put out the oil wells that Saddam’s retreating troops had set on fire.

    2. @Joseph Fuller it’s almost as if rapidly combusting gases burn so fast they don’t have time to set fires if there is a sudden loss of fuel

    1. Jay Are Goes Hard mall? There wasn’t any malls that got bombed. It was an empty establishment that happened to have a gas leakage.

    2. @Nickibeebs LoL, whattttt???????. No what your saying the accident………

      was just an accident.

  1. Dude, the word you’re looking for is “consequence”. Whether the gas leak was the cause or the consequence.

    1. @little wn hot water to clean and shower but its not through pipe lines but rather through local sizable gas tanks supply, by neighbor need, which makes it a lot more dangerous in case of an explosion

    1. michaelthemovieman OMG! Who cares what political affiliation people have?! Where’s your humanity? What if this happened to one of your loved ones? This is so sickening!

    2. michaelthemovieman Stop spreading this propaganda. Step away from your computer and come out of your basement. Educate yourself. Knowledge is power. Calling others “sub humans” only proves that you lack social skills, have lived sheltered, think you’re superior because of how little culture you’ve been exposed to, and believe in Nazi ideology. Am I wrong? If so, STOP using the term “sub human” to describe others, because that’s where the term comes from! Don’t be so ignorant!

    1. Traitor Trump seems to care about Israels infrastructure since he gave them $50 billions of your tax dollars to help update it!

    2. Dr. Merlot your wrong, it’s the democrats who wasted $7 trillion during Obama, hardly any of it helped our infrastructure, went all in the politicians pockets!

    1. @Jesus Christ XD it’s always time for jokes until it’s not. Then we curse and make jokes later.

    2. @Mark Russell Hahahahahaha !……that was just you being created……you can run but can’t hide for long .

    1. Well a city line going into any building would be most likely a city problem anyway, but you should probably look up the history of malls in America. A lot of people don’t realize that malls started off as government programs and most malls were built by the government or at least by contractors hired by the government. Malls in America we’re supposed to be an attempt to get all of your shopping done in one area in your own community. That’s why you will notice around most malls (especially old ones) there are buildings that are either currently used as or obviously used to be Apartments.

    2. Alex Gregg incorrect as gas explosions can have a number of causes outside of infrastructure including human error. Next you provide a logical fallacy in comparing US infrastructure with private infrastructure. The two are not one in the same. Basically your entire retort is lazy, full of redirects and ignorant of facts to base your initial conclusion on. Hope this helps, good luck.

    3. @Retrograde Beats are you claiming that there’s a private highway and private lines running into this? I can guarantee you from years of working with the city planning construction projects that’s not how it works. But what do I know it’s just my literal job. Also you should know that this wasn’t the only building in the area that’s happened to. In fact the mall is not the first reported place this happened, but rather the LA Fitness adjacent to it and other businesses on that block. They have already said that the explosion was due to ruptured lines but have not confirmed how the lines were ruptured. So let’s use Occam’s razor here and ask ourselves what is more likely that multiple businesses all went up at the same time because of a flaw in the construction of the mall ( which was probably initially built by the government or at least contracted through ) ;or that the infrastructure of the actual city lines in that area which have not been maintained well at all ( like the rest of the country that’s why we keep having bridge collapses at a higher rate than ever before) did what they do when you don’t maintain them. This is actually pretty similar to what happened a few months ago and Illinois with a bunch of manhole covers just blew off the ground in a neighborhood.

    4. Alex Gregg i claimed no such thing that is a complete strawman so everything else after your first sentence is null

  2. Here come conservatives and the right blaming Democrats lol I swear they love blaming them for everything 😂

    1. @Muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber – You seem to be selectively blind to Trump and Little St. Thomas Island , aren’t you ?!?!?!?!??!?! Paid for this or a mere sychophant ?

    2. @Garry Miller No, they DID kill because of their Liberal ideology of hating Trump, but we know that makes you want suck the shooters’ cocks, fact-denier.

    3. @aurora t Make me, you rapeable gash. Besides, the people complaining are little Liberal fascists, so their opinions, just like their lives, have no worth, which is why this accident is making me so hard. Dead Democrats are ALWAYS a good thing and, as is often the case, other Democrats do the job for me, be it from the mass shootings that they are solely responsible for causing or for idiocy that led to this explosion.

    1. @Jeremy Harmon You should read Youtubes new policies. They requite you to be respectful and polite.

    1. @gmkbelanger They are too cheap, yet some counties in Fl can afford tanks for their police depts smh. What a pos state.

    2. Likely because dogs dissipate heat through their feet. Vests can cause overheating too. Police dogs are well cared for & their health is paramount. They are very expensive pieces of police equipment!

    1. Don’t worry. They have step-on paw adhesives now. It’s like they walk around with a placemat stuck to the bottom of their feet.

    1. @Bea Long Really Did you know these people came here seeking asylum. Did you know that MS-13 originated here in the USA did you know when Trump deported them back to El Salvador at a time when there was no good police force. When the country was corrupt as hell, these people had to start fleeing their country and sending there children with other people because they thought that was there best choice just to be turned away to die? Yeah that’s what I thought. You do not research instead you believe all the BS you are told. Get real I am so tired of all these bullshit lies.

  3. I think dogs who help to find survivors are brilliant. They do dangerous job- their sensitive nose suffers but they do what they must to do. My applauses!

    1. @trainwreck told ya Someone should had gave your parents a condom and saved us from your stupidity

  4. Prayers to them people..There sure have been a lot of these gas explsions all over lately…just saying , all be blessed..

  5. One hell of a has leak to cause that big of a boom, think someone would have smelled it, if that’s the case.

    1. This has foul play written all over it, but I’ve been wrong before won’t be the first time. 💣💥

    2. For the 2 ppl that said gas is odorless don’t know what they are talking about. Natural gas is odorless yes when it’s mined. By the time it gets ready for use and pumped to a location to be used it has been mixed with to make it smell. So ppl will be able to smell a gas leak. Thats how 90% of gas leaks are identified due to its smell. I work with this stuff everyday.

    3. I would go with , it was holiday and place was not open , thats why there is not lot of dead people all over the place .
      I think in Plantation they need to have their own propane/natural gas tanks , not sure on that .
      Florida state Utility provider map is a bit crappy , when it cant be zoomed , but the tip of Florida is marked as gray area , with no Utility provider .
      Did you know that there is no known cases where a electric oven has exploded and taken half a building with it … not a single one .

    4. I agree my boyfriend was working in the fountains the shopping center next to the building across the street who were also effected. They felt it all and even their building got damaged and were forced to leave I went over right when I heard to make sure he was okay and help them get out.

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