1. Understand what inflation means and understand it has nothing to do with the President. Even if Trump was still POTUS, I wouldn’t blame him.
    People don’t understand how the system works.
    Blame the corporations that keep prices high and supply low to make profit and keep shareholders happy.

  2. But it’s okay for the gop to shun truth tellers like Chaney? Right, no matter which side they butter their bread it’s gonna fall butter-side-down. Uniting behind a wanna be King isn’t being united it’s a power grab.

  3. Americans should know that those who seek to take their right of choice away will not grant them economic rights. If you lose your country you’ll have no economy to talk about.

  4. I’m glad they are trying to unify. We have been so divided since Joe took office. He ran on the campaign that he had ability to reach across the aisle and find consensus with the other side. Now he has resorted to fist shaking and name-calling. We were more divided under Joe Biden and we have ever been.

    1. How the hell do you unifiy someone if they don’t want to do the right thing? you can’t force them! there is so much Joe can do!!!! division became a thing after trump!!!!

  5. Gosh the Republicans are so pathetic! Election denying is ok. We will have another Jan6. Like Val Demming said. Dems should call these ppl out on Debates.

  6. Well to be honest even before Trump and Biden there’s always been something wrong with politics🤔

  7. I admire the USA, although the American flag looks like a prison striped mattress with a patch.

  8. Republicans have unified now pass it over here, that must be some good s**t. Don’t bogart and drive!!😂😅🎉

  9. “New Hampshire? Did I ever tell you about how I grew up a Puerto Rican in Delaware?” – Potato Joe Biden

  10. Remember when Biden wasted our strategic oil reserves to try to help his party before the midterms?
    What a clown 🤡

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