Intelligence memo flagged possible ‘violent revenge’ after ‘freedom convoy’ protest shutdown

Intelligence memo flagged the possibility of 'violent revenge' after 'freedom convoy' protests were shutdown. Kevin Gallagher reports.

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    1. @Cole Parker AKA Philipe Did you create your account when you were 4 years old ? Created in 2016, you dont look more than 11 years old.

    1. @Mike Foehr lol who are you talking about ? No one by that name lives in Canada 🇨🇦. That shows the mentality of you freedummies. No wonder you failed

  1. Like the intelligence about the weapons , and the International involvement?

    1. @Jumbo Me 😂😂Wrong .
      RcMP have already admitted there was no international involvement. Keep up .

  2. I find this news anchor really hard to understand, she keeps enunciating her words strangely like she’s trying to make a point

  3. VERRRY nice PR counter to the release of the diplomatic progress with the convoy before the Emergency Act

  4. …so something that didn’t happen is news? New non-information from these non-reporters about non-events.

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