Is COVID still a major threat in Canada? Dr. Tam explains as global health emergency status dropped

Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam says Canada should no longer be managing COVID-19 as a crisis but as an 'ongoing illness.' This comes after the World Health Organization declaring COVID no longer an emergency, saying the conversations around prevention and treatment of the disease are still necessary.

The WHO made the declaration Friday, a statement health-care professionals widely anticipated.

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  1. I loved when Dr Tam did a report about how she handled the pandemic, oddly enough she found that she did an incredible job.

    1. @Dylan Rimmer What is the Covid-related mortality for non-elderly persons with no comorbidities???

  2. Mrs Tam is it Covid or is it adverse effects from Covid Jabs??
    Tam should be watching what is going on across CANADA with NCI the National Citizens Inquiry on Covid 19 The Response by world Experts and Canadian citizens. Tam and Trudeau should be looking over her shoulder.

  3. Dear Canada here in the UK nobody is talking about covid anymore work it out for youself!!!!

    1. @Dylan Rimmer What is the Covid-related mortality for non-elderly persons with no comorbidities???

  4. We should all be up to date with our vaccines and boosters in order for everyone to be safe.

  5. Tam is still a major threat in Canada. I think she falls more into the fungus/wart category though.

    1. And we have to think about preventing her from expressing her opinion and finding treatment for her challenging issues

  6. Only a major threat according to those who use disproportionate measures to control populations.

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