1. i read quite a few comments how these tanks wont change the outcome of the war, maybe not, but a battalion of Leo’s or Abrams will definitely ruin the rest of your day if you come across them sitting in your T72.

    1. ​@John Hmielewski I was there, too. But this ain’t 1990 anymore. That’s like comparing Vietnam to Iraq (and I was there several times as well.) If you think the Russians haven’t updated the tech since then… that’s hilarious. P.S. The Soviets, (sorry, Russians) are like us and don’t sell other countries the top-of-the-line stuff.
      P.S. Know what the Lend /Lease Act was? What did that lead to? Think…

    2. @Neo2905 It was obvious Russia thought they would overturn Ukraine in a matter of days, it did not need to be said. They attempted to storm Kyiv and remove the government, but they lost Hostomel and the troop carrier planes had to turn back with literally minutes to spare it was that close. Ukraine was a heartbeat away from losing on the day because that was the plan after all. If these planes had landed then Kyiv would have been overrun, remember they attacked from 6 fronts of course it was intended as a lightning strike, You really think they started an excersise like that with the idea they would be in it for months to come? Behave yourself.

    1. Corruption is finally being dealt with in Ukraine. Took Lil’Z long enough though. As for his challenger for presidency, victor poroshenko he is charged with corruption. Same dude is on this channel ! Lol

    2. Biden is a walking reptile, a natural psychopath. And you Americans are zombies, imbecile morons)))) controlled degenerates)))wr4t

  2. Once Russia needed the daft and weapons from 3rd world North Korea , Russia lost its conventional war threat status .

  3. This must be the first time in modern history that Europeans have been glad to say, “German tanks are coming!”

    1. @Chirpy Wiggins Um no. The ordinary Europeans are overwhelmingly in support of providing Ukraine with the simple tools they need to fight their own war. If you seriously are ok with RUSSIA invading a sovereign EUROPEAN NATION with military force your too far gone. Vladimir Putin has successfully scared you enough to sit by as his army murders Europeans. Wake up and understand that supplying those brave Ukrainians that are fighting for their very livelihood and existence. If Vladimir Putin is allowed to invaded Ukraine and take Ukraine HE WILL NOT STOP AT UKRAINE. He’s already talked about potentially expanding his war into other FORMER soviet nations that are now CURRENTLY PART OF EUROPE.

    2. @Mickey Maus yes. I’d add something to the general topic of DE’s decision today to send tanks: part of strategy is sending an impression/message/image of one’s true stance, i.e what they really are committed to. While sad that delays (arguably back to last spring/summer on both US and DE’s parts) have resulted in untold perhaps extra ten’s of K’s of dead Ukr soldiers and civlians (namely those civilians who were unable to leave their cities like Mariupol and were thus condemned to death there–possibly 30K died there and it will take yrs to know as it is dug out bit by bit), it is still nonetheless very good that DE’s true intentions and commitement were well thought-out, bcuz that shows the enemy that this is no symbolic action, it’s the real thing. Tanks of course are useless actually without combined arms effect. So DE is only deciding this bcuz the coalition has likely decided on providing the various parts of what makes up combined arms, ie the 4 parts of combined arms.
      Folks, this is the start of a coalition of defense, and it’s a quite historic moment probably.

  4. As they lay down to sleep forever
    The children’s prayers cease
    Lives shortened by a cruel dictator
    A dove mourns an unlikely peace

    A ruler’s greed cold and heartless,
    A conscience empty as space
    Saddened parents cries bombard us
    As the world offers a warm embrace

    1. indeed! UK led in each big leap, namely w/ the NLAWS but also the tanks at least symbolically. UK has been under target by Ru, including really strong infowarfare stuff, and that is part of how/why perhaps UK leadership knew to move quickly. But in any case, we Yanks are now grateful to you UK’ers in fact, and for the first time in a long long time. Thank u!

  5. I remember when Fareed was Howard Stern’s boss. someone from payroll added a few extra zero’s to his paycheck but, howard being the upstanding guy he is, gave back the extra money. This occured years ago, howard wasn’t anywhere near as wealthy as he is currently. But, what impressed me about Fareed was how down to earth was. I’d like to wish him well.

  6. I’m not sure it means anything. Germany was scared to allow its tanks to be in Ukraine, and needed some US hand holding. So the US is manufacturing some tanks, training on them, and they will be there maybe in the summer. I pray the other weapons we are sending are used better than a hundred tanks that are coming in bundles between now and next summer, cause that is not a good strategy. The Bradley Fighting Vehicle actually sounds like a better option, cause it is lighter, faster and can shoot missiles at tanks.

    1. правильно делаешь, что молишься, только какому богу ты молишься? и что хочешь? что бы больше русских и тех же самых украинцев погибло в этой мясорубке? ты жертва пропаганды и русофобии .

    1. How’s Antifa doing?

      What’s that about doing nothing again?

      Nah we need all that Fentanyl flooding across our open border 🤡

    2. Wise words. Especially in the age of confusion where democracies are being slung mud at and dictatorships -uplifted to the pedestal due to their conniving propaganda and suppression of free speech.

  7. If we in Finland, small country having long border with Russian, have guts to send military support then everyone else should also have.

  8. The fear that the U.S. the UK, Germany, Canada, France, Australia, Morocco(!) & all the other allies of Ukraine is less than the determination to not abandon the Ukrainian people in their time of need.
    Three very loud cheers for America, for the UK, for Canada, for Germany & for them all.

  9. This is what I loved most from CNN, they always do what is right for the whole world to know. Thanks for supporting the resolve of Ukrainian People. God bless America.

  10. Win, Lose or Draw…Zelensky will forever be remembered for his leadership and diplomacy, spoken in same breath as Winston Churchill in the darkest days of the Second World War.

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