‘It Was A Mistake’: Rep. Colin Allred On U.S House Members Kabul Trip

MSNBC's Craig Melvin is joined by Texas congressman and member of the foreign affairs committee Colin Allred to discuss evacuation efforts in Afghanistan and the John Lewis voting rights act. 

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    1. @Andros C I only voted for Biden to get rid of the next Hitler. Trump was the only president in American history to drop MOAB. Imagine if traitor Trump had 8 yrs with American’s military? No one could control Trump and he was a threat to the world.

    2. @Randy Wheeler so Trump wanted to take credit for Obama’s economy but wants Biden to take the blame for his capitulation to the Taliban,right ….

  1. If former guy hadn’t made a deal with the Taliban, this wouldn’t be happening. He told them that the Americans would be out by May, but had absolutely no plan. President Biden was lucky to extend it to August.
    He has to keep cleaning up the messes the imbecile loser left behind.

    1. @Paul Machowskitell that to the 3000 + American citizens that lost their lives on 911 and afterwards due to illness from working the site. I get it you are a left leaning demacrat and the truth eludes you.

  2. The Congressmen should l don’t have gone. In addition to their own persons th we y have a retinue and a security detail. If they were captured by Taliban or Isis they would be very valuable pawns. Stupid, unnecessary grandstanding so they could show their constitution that they were doing something.

    1. When the congressman came back they said they were empty seats on their flight why didn’t they get out and make sure Americans were all filled up on that flight

    2. They should have been arrested upon arrival for interfering in an active hostile situation – or shot, either way

  3. I guess this means the deal for the Trump Tower in Kabul is off.
    Really , imagine if this happened on his watch.

    1. It would not have happened on his watch because he had balls to stand up for this country and then know how to listen to the right people.

    2. @Dilbert Hogwash omfg that is ridiculous. It didn’t happen on his watch because he set it up to happen now – see the result? Ya’ll attacking Biden for doing his job and glorifying the POS that created every element of the current situation including breaking the law to draw troops down to 2500 right before Biden took office

    3. @Dilbert Hogwash yeah well said!!Trump had balls,a real alpha male president,nothing more macho than an obese draft dodging pensioner dancing to YMCA n making sexual comments about his daughter,yeeha,he’s so macho !!!!

  4. I guess they wanted to see the disaster they themselves created and supported first hand, without actually helping anyone.

  5. A ‘mistake’? They’re lucky they didn’t get shot for interfering in a military exercise in a hostile theater

  6. What an absolute pleasure to listen to congressman Colin Allred. He’s articulate, knowledgeable and emanates integrity!

  7. So far the US has evacuated 90,000 Americans and Afghanis.
    Does anyone honestly believe Jared and Ivanka would have done better?
    If Trump were still in office he would be denying the Taliban were even in Kabul.
    Thank God Trump is at Mar-a-loco with his half-wit family.

  8. The congressmen who went to Kabul should lose their positions yes it was a mistake an incredibly stupid one. We should all be proud of our troops for conducting this mission well and shame on these ridiculous congress members for adding to it.

  9. A mistake??? They were putting peoples’ lives in danger. That’s not ”a mistake” that’s a crime!

  10. It wasn’t a mistake. It was an intentional, deliberate act in order to bring more discord, division and chaos.

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